Friday, February 6, 2009

First order of WH Business: Obama Seals all of his personal Records

Transparency lasted how many minutes?
January 21, 2009 - whats his hurry?
Obama signed an Executive Order 13489 sealing all of his records...revoking Executive Order 13233 section 6

Sec. 6. Right of Congress and Courts to Obtain Access.

This order does not expand or limit the rights of a court, House of Congress, or authorized committee or subcommittee of Congress to obtain access to the records of a former President pursuant to section 2205(2)(A) or section 2205(2)(C). With respect to such requests, the former President shall review the records in question and, within 21 days of receiving notice from the Archivist, indicate to the Archivist his decision with respect to any privilege. The incumbent President shall indicate his decision with respect to any privilege within 21 days after the former President has indicated his decision. Those periods may be extended by the former President or the incumbent President for requests that are burdensome. The Archivist shall not permit access to the records unless and until the incumbent President advises the Archivist that the former President and the incumbent President agree
to authorize access to the records or until so ordered by a final and nonappealable court order.

update: restores executive order 12667??

I'm not sure after reading through this many times if this is only for Presidential records- or includes personnel records??

let me know if you have a good handle on it. Thanks.