Wednesday, September 30, 2009

American Police Force Corporation Takes Over Small Town Police Force

There's something very strange going down in Hardin Montana.

Three black Mercedes SUVs, occupied by American Police Forces, arrive in Hardin Montana displaying a logo on their doors, "City of Hardin Police Department".

The city has not had a police force for three decades. The city is now under the
jurisdiction of the Big Horn County Sheriff's Office.

Who is this American Police Force Corp.?

When and why were they formed?

Who is funding APF?

Here is the LOGO flown at the American Police Force Corp website; which you will note is also inside of the above City Police Emblem:

and now here we find that the this American? Police Force is using the small coat of arms of Serbia:

Serbians taking over a jail no one else wants?

What the SAM hill??

Hardin has tried unsuccessfully for 2 years too import prisoners from other states and so it has sat empty.

Where is this American Serbian Police Force going to get it's prisoners?

The town of Hardin did express interest in accepting Gitmo enemy prisoners last spring to be housed in it's newly built, and in bond default, empty prison. Could this be a SHhhhh transparent administration secret midnight op too move Gitmo prisoners while ignoring national protest against Gitmo terrorists being housed in the United States?

The company lists as its headquarters a building in Washington near the White House that holds "virtual offices." A spokeswoman for the building said American Police Force never completed its application to use the address.

They have a one room suite in Santa Anna, California.

Government contract databases show no record of the company.
Security industry representatives and federal officials said they
had never heard of it.

an Associated Press search of two comprehensive federal
government contractor databases turned up no record of American
Police Force.

Spokesmen for the State Department and Defense Department said
they could not immediately find any records of contracts with the

An attorney for American Police Force, Maziar Mafi, describes
the Santa Ana, Calif., company as a fledgling spin-off of a major
security firm founded in 1984. But Mafi declined to name the parent
firm or provide details on how the company will finance its jail

"It will gradually be more clear as things go along," said Mafi,
a personal injury and medical malpractice lawyer in Santa Ana who
was hired by American Police Force only a month ago. "The nature of
this entity is private security and for security purposes, as well
as for the interest of their clientele, that's why they prefer not
to be upfront.

Why all the secrecy?

Who's cutting that first check come Feb. 1, 2010?

Heya now here's a thought - APF hands over a check to the city and tells them, now this check is for a 2 million more than what we agreed on - so when you cash it you keep your part and give us the other 2 million...just kiddin'.

So they claim to be a spin-off of some big son company.

Whois - says APFO set their godaddy website up on May 15, 2009.

I'd take a flying guess at Triple Canopy as parent Co. but from what I read they came out of Chicago in 2003, not 1984. Ditto wrong year for Blackwater...hum

Why will this American Police Force Corp, according to this Captain Michael from Montengro, be spending 17 million to train police and military?

Don't we already have cadet agencies and boot bases that do those things?

Doesn't the National Guard train first responders?

I got the feeling, while thinking about people showing up in Mercedes SUVs all spiffed up as Police vehicles, that someone isn't on the same page as the town and seemed to have jumped the gun.

I thought maybe a language barrier if this is indeed a foreign entity - looking at the website it appears to be written by someone who misspells a lot, like yours truly. I thought maybe they could have made a search tracking mistake and pasted in portions of text from perhaps their parent company.

Take this sentence for example that I just plucked off their page; Police Officers are responsible for protecting and serving the public and are entrusted with substantial authority to carry out these responsibilities...

Well sonofagun if google doesn't tell me that APF just ripped that text right off of the pages of other police websites.

Here's some more text from American Police Force site which appears to be ripped from the XE-Blackwater website:
Our extensive tactical firearms training facility, the U.S. Training Center is capable of providing a wide range of instruction and training for all types ...note word for word text.

Well, can't say they are definitively from Blackwater either since we know for sure they aren't from the text-ripped police web sites.

Are these guys for real?

Where'd these guys come from?...and I don't mean California.

What's going on in Serbian paramilitary Baucus land?

see also:
The Billings Gazette Oct. 1, 2009

Investigating Obama

"The North American Police Force " Immigration??...The Security And Prosperity Partnership Of North America ...Maziar Mafi is also an immigration lawyer...hummm;

Monday, September 28, 2009

Baucus Obamacare Bill: Participate or pay $25000 Fine and 1-Year in Jail

Obama's national monopoly board - do not pass go - go directly to jail and/or pay 25,000 fine. That ole community chest card can really derail your ole choo-choo sometimes.

If they don't get you with the 1900 fine for not getting into the obama ponzi redistribution health plan, then they get you by using the IRS to fine you $25,000 smackaroos and/or 1 year in jail -
-best you hope for a conservative judge at your sentencing.

Anyone who has an IRS fine, penalty, and interest bill, can tell you that you will never become free of serving the state.

Want to explain to the 14.9 million unemployed (tryin to figure out how to put food on a table for their kids) how they are suppossed to pay you bloody leechs to stay out of jail?

Where in our constitution does it say or imply that the Feds have the right, duty, or function, to force people to purchase health care?

This bills pay, or Pay tidbit of choice leaked out when Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) received a handwritten note Thursday from Joint Committee on Taxation Chief of Staff Tom Barthold confirming the penalty for failing to pay the up to $1,900 fee for not buying health insurance.

Wanna bet it will also still be a $3,800 fine for a family?

Is it any wonder that the dem's voted against allowing Time in giving the public 72 hours to read the bill online? The democrats don't even want lawmakers to have time to read the bill.

What happened to Obama's, erm, transparent promise to put bills online for 5 days?

Seeing right through the St. Obama halo is not allowed.

Although insurance companies do need reform, especially our doctors making our health choices, the gov plan takes even more doctor/patient/ choices away via cost saving sub section Deny this, and sub-sub section Not-covered that.

The healthy pay to take care of the sick.

So the healthy become the Provider.

Choose the deductible plan you can afford, that covers none of the things you actually come down with, and you'll have to pay even more out of pocket costs. Ever open a 'balance-billing' envelope when you thought you were covered? So don't forget that government supplemental plan you still can't afford either.

A government clerk will decide whether your health treatments are cost effectively 'worth' covering.

Sounds like insurance business as usual.

Not a whole lot of new reformation there - other than - I can't think of an insurance company that CAN fine me 25,000 dollars, or have me jailed, for non- payment of my policy or for canceling my coverage.

What was that crime again? Mandatory socialist resister?
Career health evader? Three strikes health protester? Share the draft care dodger?

Now remember, if you make $187,000 a year you too can have health insurnace just like the bill readers in Congress have!
Tell you what, send you're PaY Czar over here and sign me up for your salary and I'm sure I could then afford health insurance.

Get it? Cost! Affordabilty! Not Force. Not Fines.

Why does our whole Health Care System need to be socialy revamped, costing trillions, while a one page change to 3 or 4 under, or over, regulated areas to lower free market costs is all that is neccessary?

And what is the HURRY that these democrats can't take (what Baucus says would take) 2weeks to rewrite the Finance Committes Health Bill in legaleese? and put it online?

What is this get it passed NOW HURRY all about? Afterall each of these bills had within them this Obama sticker that provided the bill/s wouldn't even take effect til after the 2012 elections; in 2013.

Why 2013?
What's the Hurry?

Well there's the 2010 elections coming that could 'change' the Democrat's power position, in both houses, and cripple their chance of pulling off this, and other, radical transformations of America.

You know there's more in the bill they don't want you to know about. You know Obama's fabrications effecting peoples "keep your Doctor, keep your plan" would be exposed before election time if instrumented today.

And then there was Olympia Snowes (R) comment: - "If it takes two more weeks, it takes two more weeks. We're talking about trillions of dollars in the final analysis. What is the rush?"

What I didn't hear (and I waited, stuck here tryin to roll doubles to get out of jail) is anyone in the media commenting on Olympia Snowe's words: " We're talking about trillions of dollars in the final analysis..."

Really?? I thought it was a new and improved 856 billion?

The Democrats KNOW it's wrong. They know it's bad news. They know from Town Halls and Tea Parties, and the infoBlogs, that they can not give the information toting mobs the time to tell the public what is in store for them.

POLLS are up to 56% against Obamacare; 68% of seniors are against the health care bill/s.

Democrats have decided that they don't represent the people.

If they can't get the majority to quietly surrender, and agree to their demands, then they threaten to nuke the people into involuntary submission by the force of 50, fine us into subdued compliance, and jail non willing participants too negotiate from their knees.


So much for freedoms. So much for choice. There goes Liberty.

If the restructuring continues on the path of the last ten months without continued exposure and resistance, Obam will one day stand with that, I am the one we have been waiting for smirk on his face and be able to say...
"This is not the America that I remember..."

Yes, the CPUSA and the dreams of Obama's whole Hope pack await that day.

All of you traitor transformation lawmaking sob's need to Stuff your 'change'.

other insights into the bill:
The Baucus Bill: The Worst Policy in the Bill, and Possibly in the World Washington Post

$529 million Taxpayer outsourcing: Gore backed green bucks to Finland Auto maker

So we have Obama repaying Soros by giving a 2 billion buck investment too Brazil for drilling off their coast for that nasty oily stuff, and now we have Gore-backed Fisker Automotive getting $529 million too build hybrid sports cars in Finland that will sell for about $89,000.

Green car jobs to Finland.

Oily petrol for Brazil.

Since the Dichotomy? of the two ideas seems hypocritically split the only thing belonging to both wholes is the players?

Who benefits?

Fisker's Automotive Inc. top investors include Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, a Silicon Valley venture-capital firm of which Gore is a partner.

Aren't the green here - green now players supposed to be building all these windmills... over the pond too?

Talk about spreading the wealth.

Problem is we're broke. In the hole. ka-putt.

Why are we sending taxpayer dollars out-country when we need manufacturing and jobs right here?

Why wasn't the 2.5 billion Soros-Gore thank you for contribution bucks put into the US infrastructure? Energy-Education-hey I have an idea! Small Business! Jobs!

Who exactly is going to be able to buy this, $89,000, save the world car?

Why these pushy greenies just don't get it. When you make things affordable people will buy it. You don't have to shove it down people's involuntary throats.

I'd love to have solar photovoltaic pumping sun through my wiring - but at 30 or 40,000 bucks it just doesn't make economical household sense. Won't be alive long enough to pay off that investment. Especially since Barney Franks and small d crew lost me 280k in equity as their Banking regulations forced the housing market to plunge into a social justice death.

An 89,000 dollar Eco-stimulus-car will be great for the Gore backed Corporation, Gore, Finland, and the sporty green global elite, but how does outsourcing half a billion dollars benefit the economy, and jobs, in America?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Obama's Teacher Goons go to far: Keep it in your own Home


These messiah worshiping teachers are in our schools indoctrinating young minds. Preparing them for Bammies youth groups and future Soros owned democrats.

Videos of corporations as a symbol of a military tank that are bigger than your government - the job of the government is to take care of you. Corporations are toxic. Don't become a part of the greed 'problem'. Consuming is bad. Affluence is bad. Capital is bad.

Make no mistake; Propaganda is what it is all about. Indoctrination. Forming the young mind politically. Capitalism versus Serving.

...“That’s when the saturation process begins.”

The job of the government is not to take care of you.

In Russia maybe...and...Dear, proletariat, how'd that toxic collective work out for you? Got bread?

These touchy-feely language police have changed the textbooks in our schools so history has been re-written to define America as a terrible place with all it's where have I heard that before? Oh, yes, from the One who stands in front of foreign countries and apologizes for our history.

These children, who have no idea what is occurring, are simply signing a song taught to them.
That's not the teacher's motive though. You can be sure they won't be taught to sing Jingle Bells or Silent Night and will never see a manger in the school.

Negative American views, political views, sexual views, have no place in our k-12 schools.

It is bad enough that 70% of our young people in universities are saturated by liberal-socialist-Marxist-commie-luving professors whose primary existence is to teach bitterness and rebellion and frame a structure of old glory destruction.

I heard a lady tonight say that even if you home school that your child will not get credit unless your child reads 2 male penguins doing the backdoor tango.

Leave our kids alone!!

When is this BS going to stop?

Tolerance of the intolerant has moved the pendulum of freedoms til the concept is nearly out of reach.

Barack Hussein Obama - Mmmmm-Mmmm-Mmmmm -

Transformation in progress.

The principle of this school in New Jersey was asked if she would do it again and she said she would.

There is no inoculation- no escape of the L1d1 disease- Until we get rid of the lot from the bottom up, and the Top down.

[Make no mistake. There are republicans who have sold out freedom and liberty and our children's future to keep a buck coming into the reelect til. Ask McCain about his own Soros bucks. Ask Bush about grooming the bailout way for Barack's social institutional take-over agenda.]

We must put some sanity back in our schools. The fourth "R" - reformation - has to go.

America has become a land where liberals demand our children stop saluting the flag, under god, while demanding that they must have the freedom to piss on it.

Their definition of Liberty is without standards of value, honor, respect, integrity, or pride.

We must start taking our country back from those who hate her, and from those who teach our kids to hate her as well.

NEW PARTY Alive n Well: Oganism to re Organization

I tried building this in a web page builder and moving the Tables here- but just can't get tables to work- so had to make an image of it.
Clicking on the below image will take you to a larger image that can be read and cross referenced. I did the best I could by trying to use COLORS to show the connections in the various 'fronts'.

What I had tried to show here, by doing searches for street addresses- or telephone numbers- in some cases email (though I didn't show them here) is that one begins to see a pattern emerge.
Same addresses for different Organizations.
Old familiar names now running new species of the same stripe.

The pattern I wanted to show in this case is that the New Party is still alive and well- they are simply operating under NEW Names with the same old management pushing the same non-dead 'fusion' platform and issues.

image by greybeard

I have more Organizations (Democracy Summer etc.) that I could add to these connections but this is probably sufficient to show the Links from one to the other/s.
The one thing I will be adding are url's (one here) of several docs I saw yesterday (4 I think) showing that ACORN/WFP (Bertha Lewis if I recall)is paying New Party's Verizon phone Bill.
Also of note that makes me scratch my head - the payments to some entity called NYOSCI seems to be a huge recipient of 'rent' (wonder why it costs so much with so many organisms in the same office). Maybe that explains why the 'rent' payment seems to be different payment amount evertime. Sometimes even on the same day......
Wonder if NYOSCI is anything like ACORNs Consulting Services Inc.-- bank drop box...

I'll re track down the other doc's - had to shut down yesterday and lost them.

For those webpages I read (while studying this fusion march) who say 'fusion' is dead because the Courts shot it down and so the New Party dissolved --- not so, as you see in above image --- they just put on a new mask.
And then we have Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski who signed A fusion bill into law on July 23, 2009.

Yep, Ted Kulongoski was/ a NEW PARTY member and it was pay back time to cousin Working Families Party. (refind the New Party page with Kulongoski member name on it)

From the bottom up- and from the top down.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Obama WAS a "New Party MEMBER": a "Party within a Party".

I have wanted to write on Obama's link to the Marxist New Party and to the socialist DSA and just can't get to it... there's just so much to try to keep up with. Fortunately hundreds of others are on top of Mr. Obama and his Wiley ways of shrugging off his bogus past as just conservative lies and Internet noise.

Having seen on other sites that there is a New Party web page showing Obama was a MEMBER (and not just an unaware 'candidate' supported by a left wing socialist group)I tried to find a page that stated MEMBER of- not just the words 'candidate' - but MEMBER.

Keep in mind I had seen copies of such pages at other sites but I always like to try to find my own and confirm the root source.

Links at other pages listed at many websites:

Well there is no speculation - he was a MEMBER.

I'd like to write up paragraphs of what this New Party goals are but most has been said everywhere else. I read a lot that they have gone belly-up in 1990. Not so, active in 2008 minimum.
In order to build an organizational and financial base the NP sponsored house parties- Ayers- house parties- Obama - hummm - do you think?

The one thing I don't find much anywhere is their written goals to infiltrate the Democratic party and build a coalition of a "party within a party". (re-find the link on their site that explains their infiltration techniques using the Democratic party voting base to get their own (small d) members in.)

...a "party within a party".

Look around - this they (and similar octapie) have done starting nearly 2 decades ago with school boards, city councils, county boards, and have moved right up the elective ladder. There is a very long list in nearly every State of their victories. (upload list and put in url here) Obama is on their member list. If you have a problem with that you should take a look at who's sitting on your child's school board.

Why I'm getting this done today is because once again there was a concerted effort to erase Obama's background, as has been done on so many websites, that once carried information detrimental to Obama's history.

If you go to (using IE) and input and then open Feb 05 97 what you then get when you click on the What's New! Link is a BLANK page .
If you don't want to go through those motions go direct here...

Internet Explorer returns a blank page, yes?

Now, using the same url but using Firefox you get a not so blank page that looks something like this instead:

N e w  P a r t y

A Fair Economy.   A Real Democracy.   A New Party

phone: 1-800-200-1294

227 West 40th Street,
Suite 1303
NY, NY 10018

Site maintained by:

© 1996, The New Party

The blank whats_new.html page using Internet Explorer made me scratch my head - maybe it was my version 7? Reboot?

So I opened Firefox and got something completely different, as shown above.

innocent looking ...nothing here- go away.

wth? so I opened the SOURCE and there the page content was. The html was being blocked from being loaded.

Skimming down the contents of the Source, you can see the html urls that would have been links on the mal-jacked whats_new.html page...had it been allowed to loaded up.

Sooo much obscured transparency with this Obama and his pals, eh?

In your browser address box - remove whats_new.html and tack on too the end of the url octup.html or elections96.html found in the Source... and the hidden links that you would have seen on the what's new page... loads up.

According to google the following urls may be the first urls anywhere on the net; I doubt that. Hyper-Links may be out there under the guise of 'click HERE'. But it's possible. Hey, maybe Wikipedia will put Obama back on the New Party list now. Doubtful too.

Illinois: Three NP-members won Democratic primaries last Spring and face off against Republican opponents on election day: Danny Davis (U.S. House), Barack Obama (State Senate) and Patricia Martin (Cook County Judiciary.


NP member and State Senate candidate Barack Obama won uncontested.

So as I mentioned way up there somewhere this is nothing new as far as the text...I just wanted to show a of couple web pages that had been hidden.


update 1/12/10: octup.html -- elections96.html checking again and these 2 hidden/removed pages are unreported still.

Regulatory czar Sunstien: Obama's beliefs should be LAW

Sunstein's 2006 Yale Law School paper:
"Beyond Marbury: The Executive's Power to Say What the Law Is." (pdf under 300kb)

Should be renamed, "How to shift Judicial review too a Regulatory Branch of Government."

or: Obama and not the courts to interpret the law - you decide.

excerpts from Obama's Regulatory Czar's paper:

Suppose that in hard cases, the search for “legislative intent” is often a fraud, and that when courts speak for that intent, they are often speaking for their own preferred views... then there seems to be little reason to think that courts, rather the executive, should be making those judgments. The President himself should be in a better position to make the relevant judgments, simply because of his comparatively greater accountability. And if specialized knowledge is required, executive agencies have large advantages over generalist judges.

"The allocation of law-interpreting power to the executive fits admirably well with the twentieth-century shift from common law courts to regulatory administration if the governing statute is ambiguous."

" the face of ambiguity,the key questions are not for those with legal training, but instead for other professionals."

There is no reason to believe that in the face of statutory ambiguity, the meaning of federal law should be settled by the inclinations and predispositions of federal judges. The outcome should instead depend on the commitments and beliefs of the President and those who operate under him.

Yes- what hypocrisy! the inclinations and predispositions of the judicial many should not interpret law - no- instead we should leave that to the ONE and the radical czars who operate under him.


Do you begin to understand why certain types of people were chosen for the roles they must play in the fundamental transformation of America?

Obama: says, "The role of a justice is to favor the weak over the strong. In the most difficult cases, the determining factor is not what the law in question says, or what the Constitution says. In those difficult cases,' " what matters is "what is in the judge's heart."

...In those most difficult cases...parsing ambiguity...
...the determining factor is not what the law in question says, or what the Constitution says...

...or what the Constitution says...

And Obama's beliefs should determine the Law?

I would say this is a prime example of why we need the separation of Executive and Judicial Branches of governing, with strict review of constitutional factors, circumscribed in their powers.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Obama to Bail Out Newspapers! Define fascism

This guys plan becomes more clear everytime something is introduced.

There will be free speech for none but the Obama core when this all gets in place.

He's right it's gona take his civilian security force to nail down what our military can't. After he weakens our military of course. It reminds me how khomenhi took out the Immortals with his green bands.

these notes to be fixed later---- One can't keep up with all the 'changes'.

Take over of banks - refusal to except payback dollars - remain in charge so long as the taxpaper owns them- sophist - taxpayer doesn't own them - Obama does.

Let's not forget this PAY Czar we are hearing about.

The slippery slope- gov. demands books n salaries of other non Tarp banks.

Government Motors - firing GM's CEO - putting the union 'workers party' ahead of other lien holders on owed funds - according to Ezekiel - don't give bail out unless they support health care plan.

These appointments of radical czars with one world industry take over ideals.

take over of:
industry - Energy- health care- Banks- media - Education- Security - Housing

as to media:
We already know about Obama's Czar that will take over the TV broadcasting because the liberal point of view doesn't get as many viewers as conservatives we learn the next step is to prop up failing newspapers.

Another mandatory tax, that isn't a tax, with or without a dictionary, forced upon us?

Sunday morning with the Obama Iron Curtain: "I am concerned that if the direction of the news is all blogosphere, all opinions, with no serious fact-checking, no serious attempts to put stories in context, that what you will end up getting is people shouting at each other across the void but not a lot of mutual understanding."

He also indicated that readers should be made to pay for online news content in the near future:

What I hope is that people start understanding if you’re getting your newspaper over the Internet, that’s not free and there’s got to be a way to find a business model that supports that.” he said.

Maybe what Obama needs to understand is if the newspaper put their content on the net for FREE then doh it sure as bleep is free.

People- it won't be long before internet information that we all enjoy now won't be FREE. A charge for every click. Bet on it.

They charge me for every click I have to stop writing. You have to pay for every click you have to stop reading.

Slick isn't it?

As to serious fact - sure - we can get the facts from Soros/Obama Factcheck or the Obama Disinformation White House czars video propaganda station. Or we could chek with Buffy Wicks. Have we got the new Internet Czar yet?

What does blogosphere 'opinions' have to do with NEWS---->|<---- papers, their sales, and mutual understanding?

So we are suppossed to fund another failing industry?


"Newspaper Revitalization Act." introduced by Senator Ben Cardin (find bill)

Obama said he would be happy to look at bills that could give newspapers tax-breaks if they were to restructure as 50 (c) (3) educational corporations.

So we are to be re-educated by Obama's taxpaid take over of failed liberal newspapers who then answer to the government to provide us with "serious fact" - who the Dem's tell us they have the right to control because they gave them money.

All we can hope for people is the Republicans keep standing up to say NO YOU CAN'T.

Write them on this one too people. FREEDOM is slipping away.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Valley HOPE Forgot: Turn The Water Back On!

Sean Hannity is in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta valley today where farmers are standing in food lines because the radical environmentalist who control the democrats, and the liberal judges, have shut farming down.


Because they have chosen a 2 inch fish, this time, over people's lives.

Obama's Cabinet Secretaries, who have gone and looked at the delta bread basket, turned dust bowl, have gone back to Washington and done nothing. Nothing.
This acreage grows 12.8% of the US produce yet the pumps to fallow fields stay off.
- I'm a distant homeboy - and haven't even heard of this inhuman political tragedy thanks to the silent voice of these people we call the liberal media.

Once again- thanks to FOX and Sean Hannity.

The water remains turned off while the farmers are losin their land; Crops can not be planted. Orchards are withering. Employees who have worked 30 and 40 years have lost their jobs and stand in line to get food in crates from China. Some are in line @ 3 in the morning. Most start their day with a prayer. Unemployment is at 15.7 % because of pumps being controlled by the swamp house of Pelosi and friends. In some areas unemployment is 41%. You know they go to bed with prayers too.

The community food bank is feeding 30,000 people every month.

Why is this happening?

Do you mean to tell me that in the United States of America - where we've gone to the freakin' moon and build lil transformers to wheel around Mars - that we can't come up with a protective-pump that doesn't suck in a 2 inch smelt and get the water back on, and people back to producing and taking care of not only their families needs, but ours?

The canals, less than a mile away, are FILLED with water. This human tragedy is powerless against the enforcement of this liberal Democrat man-made drought.

There are few green jobs in this, now brown, valley that Obama's HOPE forgot.

The helplessness that these farmers and families must feel!

When, oh WHEN are these radical environmentalists and these philosophical biased-visioned federal judges going to be replaced by COMMON-SENCE!?!

Congress is not representing people's blood sweat tears and dignity. Humanity. Families. Economy. These X lawyers in Congress are representing a green ideological Sunstien minnow.

With Congress approval rating sliding to 27% you would think common sense might only come when people stop putting them back in office.

If they are not serving and representing our interests then replace them from the bottom -UP. That is, after all, HOW they started this radical "party within a party" take over of our system, beginning decades ago, and how we have arrived where we are now @ 'change'.
Candidates with some strict constitutional backbone might get this end-around negative regulated Interstate Commerce Clause pump turned OFF too.

These environmentalist have grown branches like an acorn who's discovered a cadillac payday in federal Funds for expansion.
What hoot-owl-fruit-fly ant-tick liberal Cause can we come up with next to suck another billion dollars out of the life, liberty, and freedom! of people by social-engineering Americans back into caves.

But I digress- as usual.

Congressman Devin Nunez (R-Ca) says Pelosi has killed 7 attempts to get the water turned back on this year. She won't allow it on the floor.

The people have written letters to Obama and he has turned nothing on, and as usual has answered to no one.

Obama's HOPE-hype seems more like tryin to wrestle out a mental kidney stone.

Do you want your food coming from China??

The people in Huron, California don't.

Somebody must, because 400,000 acres of food producing land lies dry and unseeded.

Best see who in Congress has chinese carrot stock.

How about we get someone in Congress to write up the Farmers Endangered Spiecies Act, cause it appears the threatening framework of the EPA evolution is coming to that.

We can't even go down to the rivers and fish anymore and now they want control of our fruits n veggies too? Regulated to the death of freedom of choices.

Governor Schwarchenegger says he has written many letters and has been scolded by 2 of Barry's Secretary's. Every attempt he has made to get the water turned back on has been thwarted by liberal Democrats, and liberal judges, who kow-toe to environmentalists.

Once again we get to this vicious dollar circle where politicians feed taxpayer funds to radical special interests, who then feed the dollars back to the politicians at campaign time, to put them back in office.

Schwarchenegger says he would use the "God Squad Provision", which holds PEOPLEs Lives OVER that of animals (animals that Obama's Regulatory Czar, Sunstien, wants to get lawyers for) but he said it would take years to enforce it. The provision has only been used 5 times and failed four of them.

Schwarchenegger says, this Valley shut-down will impact far more than 38 million California people - from the farm to the cannery, to the truckers, to jobs lost, and at the market across the nation.

Rob Rivett, of the Pacific Legal Foundation, (representing Jim Jasper -- a farmer for 60 years) said something like -- "to preserve liberty we must put a check on the federal government."

...not to forget for a moment, life and pursuit of happiness...

Alan Autry - a former Fresno mayor - said Pelosi wants the land for solar farms.
(Hey, Nancy, when is the last time you sat down to a candlelite dinner and ate a nice fresh savory solar panel?)

Autry went on to say: "turning this water off is not just bad politics, it's an act of domestic terror."

These folks are hard working Americans. What do they need to do to get heard? Start a village Bucket Brigade Party?

Comedian, Paul Rodriguez says, the only thing growing here is a good crop of despair!

Sean Hannity says, Mr. President- turn the water on NOW.

Informative websites regarding the delta issues:

other speakers:
Ainsley Earhardt - Fox correspondent
Inga Barks- KERN Radio AM 1180
Alan Autry- former Fresno mayor - Sign this patriot up for Congress.
Devin Nunez (R-Tulare-CA)
George Radanovich (R-CA)
Jim Costa (D-Fresno)<<- he must not be doing a bang up job- each time he spoke he was boo-ed

California's man-made drought - WSJ
Dust Bowl photo from -beetlebabee blog
Sacramento fish screening project -Family Water Alliance

Obama's Cap and Trade: $1,761 dollar Postage Stamp

Remember Obama telling us that the Cap n Trade bill would cost us "the same as a postage stamp per day?" (find video) and Henry Waxman saying it would cost 40 cents a day? (find video or statement)
[ WOW! CBS had a story? - Some good figures here . ]

Did Obama appoint a Treasury Business czar?? The transparency in this Treasury report has been redacted in many 'costs' areas. Why? Doesn't look like inter-agency memos to me. What cost figure are we not supposed to know about? Would they redact 48 cents a day?

excerpt from Treasury report:

..."it will raise energy prices and impose annual costs on the order of ...shhhhhhhhhhhh.hh... dollars."

If you can see right through that loooooooong redact dollar box - then I guess you could call it transparency.

Remember Obama saying 95% of you will get a tax break...

He must have meant payroll tax, right? Cause everything else on the table is going to be taxed no matter your income.

Glenn Beck just showed a Department of Treasury letter which stated that Cap n Trade would cost up to 200 BILLION a year... costing you $1,761 bucks a year, or a 15% tax hike (don't forget to add that to your mandatory $3,800 basic free health plan now, or that fat tax on your Pepsi and cupcakes ...etc etc )

Kind of reminds you of the CBO report that says Obama's 900 Billion dollar health plan is way off...and a couple trillion off in second decade. But instead of health care not costing a dime (or $3,800 min a year, or pay your fine) this one will only cost us 40-48 cents.

Better run down and buy up all those "forever stamps" while they are still under 2 grand.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

All the President's Czars: Republicans call for Vetting and Immediate Transparency

Blackburn Introduces Czar Resolution
Tennessean Calls For Certification Of Qualifications And Duties

Press Release [Even with a Press Release - ZERO returns - you can see the media will keep people uninformed. 8 hours later= 1; after 26 hours 2 news returns ]

"All Presidents have a right to staff their administration as they see fit within the confines of the Constitution," Blackburn said. " Where I have concerns is when a President shifts duties away from officials who are subject to Congressional oversight to those on his personal staff who are not. These aides wield extraordinary influence and the American people have a right to know who they are, why they are qualified for their jobs, what their conflicts of interest might be, and what their job descriptions are. The President has an obligation to disclose this information."

Many "czars" have already disclosed the relevant information and been subject to public scrutiny through the Senate confirmation process. Blackburn believes that all "czars" should be subject to equal disclosure and is calling on the President to disclose the same detailed information for these special advisers as he would for a nominee seeking Senate confirmation

Thank you:
Marsha Blackburn (R-Tn) - H. Con. Res. 185
Patrick McHenry (R- NC)
Paul Brown R-G)
and over 100 co-sponsors, today, are writing several bills calling for a Czar recall!
(will look for the other bill/s -- Rep. Scalise introduced the Sunset All Czars (SAC) Act, HR 3569; )

Czars write policy, and have not been vetted, and is a circumvention by Obama of the Constitutional process.

Obama must be accountable to the people for the infiltration of self-interest radicals into the positions of power that will 'change' peoples lives through non-transparency and dodging the Constitution. Our Reps must be accountable to the people for 'the changing' of America.

I believe it was McHenry (R-NC) who said about this Czar resolution, "this is in response to a cry from the people."

Resistance is working.

They may be listening at last.

Restore America to we the people.

Dismantling Obama's radical take over - one day at a time!

just heard on fox- 3:30 - that the White House has responded by "calling out" these Congressional people... will have to find the letter @ fox I guess)

update: Sep 17, 2009 - The house today voted 345-75 to totally defund ACORN.
172 dem's voted to whack the ACORN mob. That leaves the 75, who join the senate child sex slave 7.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The 'Defund ACORN Act' : Obama asked to terminate ACORN Funding

from Rep. Boehner's website

Here is the text of Ohio's Rep. John Boehner's letter, sent today to Obama:

Dear Mr. President:

We write to you today in the wake of new reports of potentially criminal activity involving associates of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) to respectfully request that you use your authority to publicly disclose and terminate all federal funding to ACORN and its affiliates. It is evident that ACORN is incapable of using federal funds in a manner that is consistent with the law. Immediate action is necessary to ensure that no additional tax dollars are directed to ACORN. Simply put, ACORN should not receive another penny of American taxpayers’ money.

Congressional pressure, coupled with the impact of recent media reports, prompted the U.S. Census Bureau on September 11 to end its partnership with ACORN. We support this decision by the Census Bureau, and believe it is vital that all other federal agencies with ties to ACORN follow the Census Bureau’s example by severing all ties to ACORN and its affiliates, whether those ties consist of partnerships or the awarding of federal funds, including federal funds distributed through state and local governments from federal block grants.

This is a matter of common sense and respect for taxpayer dollars. Last year, millions of Americans were outraged to learn their tax dollars were being used to subsidize an organization linked to multiple instances of voter registration fraud and other illicit activity. An analysis of federal data by the Office of the Republican Leader determined that ACORN has received more than $53 million in direct funding from the federal government since 1994, and has likely received substantially more indirectly through states and localities that receive federal block grants.

The Census Bureau has made the commendable decision to sever ties with ACORN, and it is now critical that all remaining federal entities with ties to ACORN do the same. We ask that you use your authority to ensure that all federal funding of ACORN is publicly disclosed and terminated immediately. To facilitate this effort, the Republican staff of the Oversight Committee has compiled a complete list of the corporations that form the ACORN Council, and we would be pleased to share it with you and members of your administration.

We thank you for your attention to this request.


He's never answered the questions about the communist czar Van Jones hiring - and He hasn't responded all week to the ACORN corruption or to the government housed child sex slave consultation services provided.

I can hear it now though - These are not the people ---I , uh - trained!

"The only way for communities to build long-term power is by organizing people and money around a common vision."- After Alinsky Chapter 4 by Barack Obama

Monday, September 14, 2009

Senate Votes to Cut Off ACORN Housing Funding

The 83-7 vote would deny housing and community grant funding to the ACORN organization.

Monday, September 14, 2009
WASHINGTON -- The Senate voted Monday to block the Housing and Urban Development Department from giving grants to ACORN, a community organization under fire in several voter-registration fraud cases.

The 83-7 vote would deny housing and community grant funding to ACORN, which stands for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. the rest here.


Only days after The US Census finally woke up, (after continued media exposure @ FOX) now the Senate has moved to cut ties to ACORN's Housing Funds.

Thank you, Sen. Mike Johanns, (R-Neb) [Amendment # 2355 to H.R. 3288]
Thank you ]

Pelosi's days of funding ACORN, despite objections, and rejection of all those who have tried to move directives to investigate ACORN and cut off ACORN funding, may at last be coming to a questionably acceptable head. The question now remains will Pelosi and the CBC even allow ACORN pet associates to come to the floor regarding this amendment?

We shall perhaps see what happens in Pelosi's House today.

As reported here by the Washington Examiner Republican Rep. John Boehner of Ohio is introducing in the House today the Defund ACORN Act. (and it's affiliates?)

Republican lawmakers are beginning to listen- and stand up. Finally.

It's quite clear that a great many in government have become lobbyist of their own special interests. Themselves.

Today, even after all of the evidence that ACORN is a house of criminal ills over the years - - and the recent exposure of "How To" establish, and manage, a child sex slave government house of disrepute - still, still, 7 Senate facilitators voted to keep funds going to this criminal organization.

The Child Sex-Trade-Seven are:

Roland Burris (D-IL)
Robert Casey (D-PA)
Dick Durbin (D-IL)
Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY)
Patrick Leahy (D-VT)
Bernie Sanders (I-VT)
Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI)

Looks like ACORN still has some 1600-Street-shareholder enablers minding the store of re-election dividends.

Add these disgraceful 7 to the list in 2010.


update: Sep 17, 2009 - The house today voted 345-75 to totally defund ACORN.
172 dem's voted to whack the ACORN mob. That leaves the 75, who join the Senate child sex slave 7.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

What Bill? There is no Bill! -- Talking Pinhead Propagandists

We've been told over and over what the Health Plan is all about by Obama and crew -

YET, the Obama bobing TV heads response, (include O'Rielly in this case) to people's townhall anger, over and over is - people's reaction is so ridiculous. What BILL? There is no bill! Nothing has been passed - there is no bill. What's this mobs problem?

Yes, these ARE bills - they may not be LAW yet, but these are BILLS.

The architects and pundits would like everyone to shut up and go home because they say the people have no basis for an argument with bills not yet set in concrete.

I see, so the thousands of pages they have written up can not, therefore, be questioned until after they have actually passed their, therefore, unopposed bill into law?

Gee, nobody complained. Government controlled health care must be what the people want.

Nothing inside these 'reform' bills, written and scheduled for law, would change without opposition.

Despite the misdirection to change the way people understand this issue one of my questions would be - - if this is a no bill-bill, (just practicing our penmanship, folks) and nothing in them is by design what the Obama SD leftist Party actually propose in them to be law, then how the hell does Obama come up with his 900 Billion dollar price tag?

A tally for how much 'it' will cost without an already structured material list?

Think about it.

Friday, September 11, 2009

TWO for Beck! U.S. Census Bureau Cuts Ties to ACORN!


Integrity of Census Should Not Be Jeopardized.

U.S. Census Bureau severs all ties to ACORN mob.

You can bet the exposure yesterday of Beck's "How to set up an Acorn whorehouse" finally tipped the Bureau over.

Yes, how to get your own government house, avoid paying taxes, and traffic in children sex slaves.

quote from Census Director’s letter to ACORN’s Maude Hurd:
Over the last several months, through ongoing communication with our regional offices, it is clear that ACORN’s affiliation with the 2010 Census promotion has caused sufficient concern in the general public, has indeed become a distraction from our mission, and may even become a discouragement to public cooperation, negatively impacting 2010 Census efforts. While not decisive factors in this decision, recent events concerning several local offices of ACORN have added to the worsening negative perceptions of ACORN and its affiliation with our partnership efforts.”

Thank you, Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe!
Thank you again Glenn Beck! Thanks Sean! Thank You, Fox.
Thank god for American patriots!

Thanks also to Congressmen who wrote a letter to the Census Bureau back in May:
Patrick T. McHenry
Ranking Member

Subcommittee on Information Policy,
Census, and National Archives

Lynn A. Westmoreland
Member of Congress

John L. Mica
Member of Congress

Jason Chaffetz
Member of Congress

Thanks to Michelle Bauchman also.

A.C.O.R.N. == A Criminal Organization Requiring Neutralization.

The BILLIONs, from the Obama stimulus bill, going to ACORN, ought to go a long ways towards absolute corruption of our entire system.

This Stimulus bill (and Cap n Trade) was apparently written by domestic terrorist Jeff Jones of the APOLLO ALLIANCE along with deposed communist Van Jones--- lil Jeffrey made sure ACORN got billions of dollars in the Stimulus bill. Obama, and the Dem's, gave all of them to us. [and any Republican Rep. who doesn't stand too protest and protect our country and our founding principles gave them to us too.]

ACORN can use Daffy Duck and Elvis to funnel lots of those billions right back to their political bankers, come campaign time, too put them all back into office.

Don't forget, Obama’s presidential campaign paid more than $800,000 to ACORN so they'd "get out the vote"...for him. The stimulus bill should save Obama some bucks in the next ACORN flushed campaign go-around.

The Obama Census, to be ACORN filled with non-existing or dead people, whose several purposes is the distribution of FED dollars, AND establish Congressional Redistricting, has been dealt a minor set-back. Minor because they'll be back, with a new name, sportin' the same face. A face that is still out there with other names.

Will America continue to be shoved down into the belly of Obama's Alinsky beast?

WHO will stand up in Congress and shut down the Billions given by 'you the government' to this exposed corrupt criminal organization; AND, too shut down all the other pet-rackets drenched in corruption supported by Washington!

Taking Back America, one day at a time! Thanks to patriots!

a prayer for the 9-11 victims and families - and bless our troops - and America.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Obama's health care Speech- GOP Rep Wilson calls a liar a liar

Rep Joe Wilson Yells Out "You Lie" During Obama Health Care Speech!

What spurred Joe to lose his cool momentarily, only a few sentences after Obama had called others liars, and shout out, "you lie!" was the Obama statement that 'illegal' immigrants are not covered by the plan.

And now Rep. Wilson is being called out for being 'disrespectful' - but Obama isn't.

I seem to recall the Dem's boo-ing Bush during his 2005 State of the Union speech...still waiting' for that apology...hope I don't turn blue (no pun intended)

Obama can stand there and admonish and call people distorters and liars - but lord help anyone non-liberal to protest or speak up.

Joe's belief is held by millions of us.

Someone standing up finally. Joe 'the stones' Wilson. Way to go Joe.

It's time someone stood up and called Obama what he is.
A liar.
And that's just the short of what he is.

You can be sure that the Dems will try to use this too rally together to shove the public health option down our public throats.

Wait a minute--------I thought the whole "we have to get this done now" emergency - was to cover the uninsured - but according to Obama 9-10-14 million uninsured illegals will not be covered???

There will be those who will argue with you using Section 246 of the bill that contains language to the effect that illegal immigrants will not receive “Federal payments for affordability credits”:
Nothing in this subtitle shall allow Federal payments for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States.”

Yes that is in there- but what is NOT in it, and why?

Well, that's in there for those who would object to a continued rising cost of health care due to illegals. You are supposed to read it, digest it, and move on.
It's called bamboozle politics in my book. They can tell one side of an issue not to worry (illegals are not covered--abortions are not covered) while they whisper in an ACORN type house "How Too" get around and game the loop holed-eligibility system. SHhhhhhhh - we left that particular provision unenforceable. Please send contributions cause we're alookin' out fer ya.

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) says this about H.R. 3200, the Obamacare bill approved just before the recess by the House Energy and Commerce Committee chaired by Rep. Henry Waxman, D-CA:
Under H.R. 3200, a 'Health Insurance Exchange' would begin operation in 2013 and would offer private plans alongside a public option…H.R. 3200 does not contain any restrictions on noncitzens—whether legally or illegally present, or in the United States temporarily or permanently—participating in the Exchange.

Illegal immigrants are covered by loopholes; Not just covered, but written in such a way to allow for illegal immigrant fraud which the Republicans tried, in 2 amendments, to address, and the Dem's voted them down. (1. find Heller Amendment; 2. find the CRS report) The Hispanics caucus made sure the Dem's understood- without loopholes- no community cooperation come election time.

Why else did democrats block the amendment too a verification requirement? They did the very same politic obstruction by throwing out a Republican amendment that abortions could not be covered by federal funds.

Why make sure that there are loopholes?

There is to be no verification of proof of citizenship other than a Social Security number- and we all know how that has worked out in the fraud department. Anyone can fill in a non-verified number, and certainly have. To the tune of Billions! The Republicans tried to make verification of citizenship a requirement- the Dems'said - No way!

The other thing in the health bill specifically covering illegals is the provision that if even ONE person in a household has US citizenship (like a child born here) then everyone in the household is covered.

The illegals who don't use the actual left-open for fraud (please vote dem) HR 3200 loopholes - will still be using the health care system...and who pays for it? And how do loopholes bring national costs down?

[Update: On Friday, 2 days after Obama's speech, Senate Finance Committee and Obama said they would move forward to close these loopholes and require verification - this would not have been done without Joe Wilson]

Besides, of course illegals are still covered - it's called "EMERGENCY ROOM".

Were we not told that the largest costs of the present system is the Emergency room use?

The question I have is, are they paying for it ?... if so-> fine.

Obama's statement that illegals won't be covered begs these other questions - even if this wasn't (but is) an obscured HR 3200 lie - if they are NOT covered then who the hell pays for 9-14 million uncovered illegal immigrant health care users then?

How does this non-covered illegal immigrant plan then, Mr. Obama, reduce fraud, premiums, waste, and costs to the rest of those in this ponsi care?

Besides, let's be real, Obama isn't to concerned with the whole illegal immigrant not-covered-lie because he plans on granting amnesty anyway.

Sooooooooo, clearly we arrive at what IS, is.

Passing this Obamacare is a very bad idea. Insurance reform you bet - Obamacare- forget it.

Another lie was when Obama said, "Not One dollar would be taken from Medicare to pay for the health plan"................"lie"

Congress Has already passed - The Comparative Effectiveness Research Act. It was hidden within the stimulus bill. And, The Comparative Effectiveness Research Commission is in HR 3200 health care bill.
The Comparative Effectiveness Research Act would establish **a new nonprofit corporation outside of government as the locus of CER, **financed through a contribution from Medicare of $1 per beneficiary, with annual increases tied to medical inflation; private plans would be required to contribute $1 per covered life beginning in 2013...
and of course we all know of the 500 Billion in cuts he plans to make in medicare to help pay for 'his progressive friends' ultimate goal.

Obama says the plan will be paid for by 622 billion (previously known as 500 billion) taken from medicare savings in waste, fraud and lack of efficiency...

My questions:
How will you find these cost savers?
Why haven't you found these dollars before now and paid down our deficit, or kept our system from failing?
How do you pay for this plan if you can't find and stop waste and fraud?
Have you found any of this money yet?
When has government ever been efficient?

Then he also said that the plan will not add one dime to the deficit...
The Non- partisan CBO has already addressed that Obama lie.
(if i recall from memory (re find facts) his bill will add 239 Billion to the deficit the first ten years- and over a trillion the next 10 years)

Then we have Obama referring to Sarah Palin's death panels charges as bogus and a lie.
He can call anyone he wants a liar. But don't dare call him one.
You can call it what you want - but the Ezekiel Cost Effectiveness Panel is already set up and it's purpose is to find ways and means to deny care, too the very youngest and to the oldest among us, to save dollars - Clearly too deny care will kill people. There are other programs also.

What was it that Obama said?? Oh yes -paraphrased - Do you really need a hip replacement? Go home, shut up, and take a pain pill.

Obama: "There is going to have to be a very difficult democratic conversation that takes place..." about those at the end of their lives who account for 80% of health care costs.

A democratic conversation...about those costing money in a health care system...share the sacrifice and get out of our pie.

What kind of conversation do you want with me?? Go home and die? who decides?

No longer a doctor patient conversation to save, or prolong, a life.

So please, wake up. It is precisely a democratic death panel, for costs control, determining when you cease to receive medical care.

How long will you refuse to hear his words?

Here's one problem I had with this campaign rally- trying to imply in a disdainful partisan speech to the nation that it's the uncooperative Republicans responsibly that.... more uninsured people will 'die this month' because of wild claims of government take over --delays and division-- and distortion of truths that are scaring people.

pssssst...the democrats are in control of both houses not the republicans.

There are no wild claims - a government take over of health care is precisely the purpose of those who want it, in order, they tell us, to control costs. Call it what you will- it's a take over of health care by government that is scaring people.

Delays and divisions are in Obama's own party- and distortions and lies about what is in the Democrats plan/s, by the Dem's, has people divided. Dem's standing before people lieing about the plans, and not listening to the people who have actually READ the plans, has people angry.

Republicans Insurance Reform ideas are afforded little or no consideration. Their stance against a government run system is blocked out.

Obama could stand there and disrespect the right even calling them wild, bogus, liars in front of the nation, but Mr. Joe shouldn't call a liar a liar.

Obama ought to get his own House in order and stop blaming everyone else, per usual.

Pelosi's - No Public Option, then No Bill says She Can't Pass Bill Without Public Option.
Obama's says to us - you will get a bill anyway despite public opinion.
"They can't stop us." Screw you.

Slap the right and tell them your door is always open...with pre-conditions...

Even Ahmadinejad gets a better invitation than that.

In the entire "perils of too little government" spiel he just continued to ignore that the people don't want bigger government.

There was nothing he said to bring costs down.

There was little he said to bring people together.

In fact the net is already ablaze with Obama's cybergoons attacking Joe Wilson for calling Obama a liar.

Joe was right though - Obama lied.

Rep. Wilson has apologized for his spontaneous outburst - Obama, with his well prepared disdainful partisan text, has not.

Making false representation is fraud.

Mr. Obama, you continue to misrepresent what is in the plans - and since you have- it is the people of America who will call YOU out.

"I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors. I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face!"
-Obama Sep 18, 2008

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mandatory health care: All aboard the Obama Progressive-Marx-Express

Fines proposed for going without health insurance.

WASHINGTON – Americans would be fined up to $3,800 for failing to buy health insurance under a plan that circulated in Congress on Tuesday.

It would require insurers to take all applicants, regardless of age or health. But smokers could be charged higher premiums. And 60-year-olds could be charged five times as much for a policy as 20-year-olds.

Now there's an affordable health Care Reform program for you.

Aren't the smokers, who can't get covered, already paying for Children's health care through taxes?

Now here's a thought...hum, if smokers can't afford to get covered, or show up uncovered, who pays to cover the uncovered? Do our premiums continue to go up as they do now for the uncovered? And, if you are an Old smoker do you have to pay 10 times more than a 20-year-old smoker? What if you're a 30 year old second hand smoker?

So many questions and so little time.

Well, sigh, at least I will stop hearing from these people who have the belief that health care will be FREE.

Oh yes, the rich will pay for us...

Oh they will pay alright - until they decide, like a company moving overseas, that they can get the same service cheaper somewhere else.

Ok, that was just a very bad example, slap me, since the rich -elite- and Government won't be forced into the same system as those of us who don't want it. At least not the 'mandatory' it.

They really don't seem to understand that at a $3,800 dollar fine I could go out and get coverage right now.

I can't afford it, you blooming elite idiots.

The problem is it is too expensive - it's a simple matter of economics - I make X amount of dollars a month that pay my Bills, pay other mandatory entitlements, provide for necessities such as FOOD. I don't spend dollars on things I can't afford because it's just not in the budget - and I just don't have a printing press or anything China might want.

If you actually Had an extra magical $316.66 a month appear, after this shove down your throat obamacare, that would mean a couple of things would have to occur:

- your employer would have given you a 2 dollar an hour raise (2x8x20)
- and , he/she also had to give Everyone he/she employs a minimum 2 buck an hour raise who is uncovered.

But wait again - I forgot, you have to subtract for State N federal taxes:
- so now you still don't actually have the $316 you need...
Did I forget Social Security? yes- let's make a long shorted payroll story short...
- You either need to get a better paying job somehow.
- get a second or third job, somehow.
- get a raise of over THREE dollars and hour for health entitlements and not 2.
- give yourself a raise.
- decide what doesn't get paid.
- buy less and less, including foods. (that will feed the economy,eh?)
- join obama's civilian army
- or pay a fine.

Isn't it great how many choices you have??

Choice is good!

Where would you be without a government freedom exchange pool of choice?

Don't worry so much though cause some will be able to get help thru tax Credits - I love the philosophy of tax credits, don't you? - we're gona let you deduct what you already can't afford, and don't actually have in your pocket, that you can subtract from the other 6 months of taxation.

And then, they tell us, there are the lowest income who we will give supplemental subsidies too.

So what changed the low income status of non-paying health users to being a payer? Oh, that's' right - these supplemental subsidies. Dollars that the gov takes from other paying people's care dollars (the haves) and give those dollars to those who aren't paying now (the have-not's) so they can afford to pay now.

Isn't that the same thing that occurs now without all the extra supplement paperwork?

People not paying their medical bills are blamed for skyrocketing health care costs and premiums that we all have to cover now...presumably the idea is the poorest will be covered and paying their own care (so long as their malady is cost effective) with other's pyramid dollars that paid their way in.

All things being equal- they still aren't paying for their own care.

And your costs haven't gone down!

Talk about bamboozle.

And how are they going to force you to pay into this system?
Well one thing is they indicate that they will attach your Bank accountants (this of course is to capture any of those couch tomatoes, or 15 million unemployed, that they couldn't get their hands on thru payroll)

Hey, and just try telling this leech bureaucracy, when you are layed off, to lay off your bank account.

Good luck!

Then there is the intrusion into your IRS tax records to make sure you are actually an honest volunteer.

And why is it they'd need to know how much your income is thru IRS if you get to CHOOSE whatever plan you want, or keep the one you have?

Slap me, the tiny slippery step would be of course so they can figure out how much to Fine you. Do you want interest with those fries?

Of course, those paying for their chosen insurance plan won't be subject to IRS data intrusion, right?

Bly me- did I forget to mention with all this red tape (no pun) that the government bureaucratic workforce and paperwork will not decrease as they've told us?

Isn't part of the billions in savings they've told us they'll get, to pay for this trillion dollar plan, is to reduce paperwork?

Taking from one paperwork group to give to another group who are examining health treatment requests to decide whether or not they are cost-effective and can be approved for payment....(is it true Marxism if they take from the smaller paperwork group to give to the bigger paperwork group?)

Shudder. I can almost imagine standing in a DMV kind of line for my doctor appointment. Here's your paid-up registration tag, show it to your doctor and have him call me in the morning.

But back to your employer - who does he have to get rid of to cover all these higher wages?

Best count n save your Acorns, son.

Ain't socialism sweet?

Your budget is being hijacked and steered into the typical government bankruptcy formula. Spend what you don't have.

If my MS calculator typed letters instead of numbers it'd probably say, KMA.

The other thing that this fine signals to all insurance companies is a threshold that they now know that they can charge you...

People's choices Will be to pay a fine of $3,800 for a family and not be covered at all.
- or op into a government plan @ $316 a month, plus or minus. (3,800 divided by 12)
- pay an insurance company this base signaled threshold, plus plus plus
- And any of which, we all know, will be a bare minimum of coverage not including co-pays, deductibles, and that wondrous 20% Not-Covered EXTRA secondary plan you'll need to pay for.

Where in any of this is 'affordable' addressed?

CHOICE. Right.

Shared-sacrifice. Right.

Penalties for failing to get insurance would start at $750 a year for individuals and $1,500 for families. (You know that will go up every year) Households making more than three times the federal poverty level — about $66,000 for a family of four — would face the maximum fines. For families, it would be $3,800, and for individuals, $950.

Now I can also tell the people who seem to think the gov health plan is only going to cost them 50 bucks a month (they heard this on a liberal radio station) that they are still nuts.

My choice is to pay my doctor 60 dollars for my ONE doctor visit every 5-6 years.

Do the math.

I'm my 'families' keeper first - anything to do with being my brother's keeper would be my charitable choice, not a government mandate.

And while I'm between beer breaks - How funny is -"And we're agona force insurance companies to provide care for "PRE-existing conditions". Now aren't we precious?

Sure they will- and the insurance company will simply tell me; "Son, we have to cover you so here is your $4,000 dollar a month option...btw, are you over 60?"

Are these socialized medicine spinners slick or what?

Then we have this newest Demo income brainstorm to help pay for this reformed government health spun take over.
The complex plan would make dozens of changes in the health care system, many of them contentious. For example, it includes new fees on insurers, drug companies, medical device manufacturers and clinical labs.

To TAX Insurance Companies? - (will a gov competitive Plan be taxed?)
But here's the beauty of these social know, the same ones who are taking 500 million from those seniors who are covered by a broke gov health plan to cover costs for those healthier people who don't yet have a broke gov health plan. I couldn't make this up. It just keeps getting better.

[9/09/09: Niel Cavuto just said the Insurance FEE is 6 Billion.]

What happens in any industry when Costs and fees go up - and a TAX?
The Insurance company will simply raise your premiums and deductibles and cover less - DoH.
Drugs aren't expensive enough already? Testing labs and their machines will cost more because of raised fees. Creating regulations to increase costs, not lower them.

So where exactly are these drafted health plan savings again? Best to ask Ezekiel, the Obama Rationing Undertaker.

And what happens if they don't get their complete cost saving human factor?

Dun-dun-duuuuun... in circuitous steps they get their plan anyway (by stacking the tax-fee-based regulated deck of industry failure) by applying the Olympia-Pelosi Trojan 'trigger'.

Progressive social engineering at it's finest.

Btw, who the hell does this Olympia Snowe think she is anyway - Arlen Specter?

Moderate Republican my ass!

The bottom line is, nothing they are doing is too make health care affordable for anybody.

instead - it's a Marxist 'yes we can' restructuring of America. One movement tool is the social eugenics-boxcar-express.


Monday, September 7, 2009

HR 3226:the Czar Accountability and Reform Act of 2009

H.R. 3226:
2009-2010 Czar Accountability and Reform (CZAR) Act of 2009

Have you heard of it?

Unless you keep up daily with the major op-ed websites, like Michelle Malkin for example, or you accidentally type in some search keywords that pop up unknown information, like I did, of course not.

Here again, out of Georgia, plus 34 republicans standing up to try to protect America from the Obama czarist radical policy take over.

The Bill:
To provide that appropriated funds may not be used to pay for any salaries or expenses of any task force, council, or similar office which is established by or at the direction of the President and headed by an individual who has been inappropriately appointed to such position (on other than an interim basis), without the advice and consent of the Senate.

Sponsor: Rep. Jack Kingston [R-GA1]
Rodney Alexander [R-LA5]
Michele Bachmann [R-MN6]
Roscoe Bartlett [R-MD6]
Rob Bishop [R-UT1]
John Boozman [R-AR3]
Kevin Brady [R-TX8] Paul Broun [R-GA10]
Virginia Brown-Waite [R-FL5]
Dan Burton [R-IN5]
John Campbell [R-CA48]
John Carter [R-TX31]
Jason Chaffetz [R-UT3] Howard Coble [R-NC6]
Mary Fallin [R-OK5]
John Fleming [R-LA4]
Scott Garrett [R-NJ5]
Kay Granger [R-TX12]
Peter Hoekstra [R-MI2] Samuel Johnson [R-TX3]
Steve King [R-IA5]
Doug Lamborn [R-CO5]
Robert Latta [R-OH5]
John Linder [R-GA7]
Frank Lucas [R-OK3] Jeff Miller [R-FL1]
Joseph Pitts [R-PA16]
Ted Poe [R-TX2]
Harold Rogers [R-KY5]
James Sensenbrenner [R-WI5]
John Shadegg [R-AZ3] John Shimkus [R-IL19]
Michael Simpson [R-ID2]
Lamar Smith [R-TX21]
Donald Young [R-AK]

If your own Representatives aren't on this list, please, write them.

You can bet with the left Democrats, running both domiciles, that a bill like this will never be passed. But at least we can see who stands up and supports our constitution and who resists Obama's progressive-Marxist-express.

a poll at open congress - support- yes or no

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Georgia to Secede from the Obama Reformed Union?

Atlanta Journal Constitution
Update II: GOP senators plan move to stop health care reform in Georgia
1:15 pm September 3, 2009, by Aaron Gould Sheinin

A group of Republican state senators on Thursday said they want to amend the state’s Constitution in an attempt to stop Democrats in Washington from enforcing health care reform here.

Sens. Judson Hill (R-Marietta) and Chip Rogers (R-Marietta) were joined by about half a dozen colleagues to unveil their plans. The resolution would be introduced when lawmakers return in January.

The proposed amendment would, Hill and Rogers said, would allow Georgia to invoke the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. That amendment says that any power not explicitly granted the federal government in the Constitution is preserved for the states.

Hill and Rogers argue that the health care reform bill being debated in Congress would violate the 10th Amendment and that their state amendment would protect Georgia from having to participate in any federal reform.

“The 10th Amendment protects us from such federal mandates,” Hill said. “United we stand to protect Georgians, united we stand to protect these freedoms for Georgians.”

But when asked if the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution, which grants Congress the right to regulate and enforce matters related to interstate commerce, would interfere with their plan, Hill could not say.

“The 10th amendment allows any state to preserve their own rights,” Hill said. “We’re saying this is one right that is preserved for all Georgians and is not delegated out to the United States government.”

Asked if Medicare, which is government-run health care for seniors, would also then be unconstitutional, Hill said, “That’s a good question. I don’t know yet. We’ll fight that battle when it comes before us.”

He and Rogers said the Obama administration and Democrats in Congress want to force Americans into government-run health care and that that would be bad.

“Don’t come to Georgia and put this on us,” Rogers said. “We don’t need more government mandates. In the United States of America, and particularly in Georgia, you ought to have the freedom to purchase health care if you like.”

But when pressed about details of the Democrats’ plans, Rogers and Hill were less certain. According to Obama himself, the government option for health care would be that - an option. Consumers could keep their private insurance if they wish.

But Rogers isn’t convinced. He said to ask “our friends in Canada” if they like government-run health care.

Hill said that the Democrats’ plans would indeed allow consumers to keep their private insurance - but only until the end of the year, and then all private plans would be cancelled and consumers would be forced into the government-run plan.

Hill said that was in one of the draft versions of the plan being considered in Congress.

But Obama said his plan includes a number of consumer protections, one of which requires private insurance companies to renew any policy as long as the policyholder pays the premiums in full.

Update 4:10 p.m.: Later Thursday, meanwhile, U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.), who returns to Washington next week to continue the debate, met with about 200 Georgians for whom Medicare is not just an abstract.

In front of nearly 200 seniors at the Park Springs assisted living center, Isakson said while he opposes Obama’s plan, he completely supports Medicare.

“I want to preserve Medicare and see that it’s as good as it can be,” Isakson said.

Update 9:28 p.m.: This statement just came in from Sen. Judson Hill (R-Marietta):

“This constitutional amendment enables Georgians, who qualify, to continue to have the freedom to participate in government health care plans such as Medicaid, Medicare and Peachcare. We are not challenging the constitutionality of any existing government subsidized health care. This clarifies any comment which might imply otherwise.

“I have also offered legislation which would provide a financial scholarship for low income children on Medicaid and Peachcare so they can have private health insurance to give them better access to doctors.”

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Obama's Communist Advisor Resigns!: Van Jones 0 - Beck n America 1

... Saturday - September 5th 2009...FOX reports:
Van Jones, Obama's communist Green jobs Czar, Resigns.

That's ONE for Americans!

You can tell from his resignation text that he probably used the words in the letter as they were actually told to him (as he joined all of the past Obama unnnnnnnn-conscious-wee-weed-bus-pavement-jockeys) - Sorry, we just have no way... to expend precious time and energy defending or explaining YOUR past.
You know if you don't resign that these opponent mob ass***** will keep digging' til they find out we actually knew all about you clear back to your radical Oakland days. (Opps Valerie!) You have to go, but we'll see to your benefits retirement package, health care just like we elite get, and we'll make sure to continue funneling shadow funds to your various commie organizations thru our Acornish sub-orgs.
Take one for the flipper! Hail ' O ', Comrade!

IF Obama didn't actually give this anti-capitalistic racist communist his walking papers then one would have to continue to ask - why not?

Can't wait for the LINDA DOUGLASS disinformation video!!!

...and to the republic for which it stands...Thank you Glenn Beck - and all others.

Now for the rest of the nest.