Saturday, June 4, 2011

REP Weiner Won't Deny Image is of Him #Weinergate

I've seen many twitter postings, and a few write ups, that @repweiner s (Anthony Weiner (D)) account could have been accessed by a yfrog email exploit... without being HACKED.

I don't know what these persons idea of HACKED must be but certainly if you send me your yfrog email information, or I GUESS IT, it's just like you sending me your 'password'. And if I USE IT, without your OK, I'm hacking you. duh.

After this email exploit was explained the left jumped on it- Mystery Solved!!
Weiner was hacked without being hacked!

The writers illustration, and allusions, of why Weiner didn't do it is to use an example of how someone else could have done it by giving his own email addy information as a challenge.
...Here's the info you need to break into my account, now, see if you can do it.

WOW!! You did it!!!

See, Mystery solved!

You can't make this up.
But they do.

Now don't go off half cocked. Revealing exploits are great catch. Even yfrog shut the application down until they've worked it out.

[update: Yfrog confirms that e-mail upload feature “has not been compromised in any way via HotAir ]

So, please, don't try to say the way this was done is explained and Mystery solved.

Because they miss a couple of points of IF.

IF someone guessed Weiners email addy/ PIN number.

An awful lot of things had to go on here for IF.

Somehow that part of the alleged exploit keeps getting swept away.

And then, you have of course, Weiner not being able to deny that it's a randy pic of himself... soooooooooo

Soooooooooo, Apparently the pic didn't just come from random space, someone Else's hard drive, or downloaded off

It's hard enough to believe that someone went to all the trouble to hack, guess, or dream up such a 'silly prank'and then out of ALL the images on the net a shockjock prankster could find to send & offend- it was THAT lame/tame/ image in shorts.

And because ole Tony won't confirm nor deny it is an image of him - we can be fairly confident in 'certitude'that Tony must have taken some pics of himself at some point.

Which means once again dear reader - either randy pants sent it himself, or someone Hacked into his personal image files.

Now speaking of IF.

IF Weiner keeps denying that he sent the pic (and "IF" actually did not) but is not denying that it's a pic of HIM - then someone had to breach a Congressman's files to get the image. An image Weiner had.
What else did they get IF so?

Are we to assume he/she/ knew right where to go to find a silly randy pic of Weiner and didn't take, or look at, anything else??
Are we to believe that someone went to all the trouble to whack INto Weiner's account and didn't change his password so he couldn't get back in?
To Believe that within 4 minutes of supposedly someone Else being in control of the Weiner account, Weiner was then able to log in and post?
Can 2 people be logged in at same time?
And 4 minutes? Weiner has stated that he SAW the post pop up and he immediately deleted it...(but doesn't post his faceBook was 'hacked' until an hour later? (note: recheck for exact time- i think it was hour)
He Doesn't bother to notify the girl, hey FYI I didn't send that. I apologize, I was hacked?

Why is Weiner shrugging security off? Why isn't he concerned and calling for an investigation?

It is obvious that Weiner can't deny image is of him because if an investigation were to be had and found he had lied he'd be in even bigger do. He wasn't able to stall long enough to discover if he was covered or would be further exposed.


There are other anomalies to this and I'll run updates.

I find it amazing [but certainly not out of character] that the Left ignores the subject of the story and the bottom line. They belittle and snort at those trying to figure out 'the IF mystery' while putting 2 n 2 together. Accuse them of making chit up, and then without fact, begin inventing an Alinsky rendition of camouflage, pointing fingers at others.

Refocus. Polarize. Freeze with Bullshit.

Get people fighting among themselves. Get people defending themselves. Make the Tweiner topic about 'others'.

One of the reasons we put time in on twitter is to Retweet information. Information that others find interesting or important.
We follow people who share our values; and in some cases we follow people who do not have same values so that we know what the other side of issues has up it's sleeve.

I like catching anomalies of logic and pointing out hypocrites.

Take for instance @jesseclee44- Obama's new White House Propaganda star. His job is to make you believe in Barry's Leninist projects and how they are working out so well; mine is to stalk his comment trial & repost, with comment, his lyin' Bull.

If, for instance, I repost something that Jesse puts out there moments after he posts something, it is twitter NORMAL having done so - and not an indication that if jessec is whacked tomorrow that it was "I" who did it.

Ohhhh, be afraid. Be very afraid...Who among you has no dirt. We will come for you if you report; So do not be the first, second or third, to Retweet anything. To do so will make you our refocused Joe the plumbered target.

What was it Obama said? I don't remember, something about wealth, but dang what's with Joe's taxes?

Weiner, who only followed back 98 people at the time, was being watched and his affinity for following young girls was noted and commented on. It's a fair comment.
We all make comments when something does/doesn't appear right or wrongo.
Weiner, himself, is on record that he likes to send zingout hash to others.

To accuse others of having been involved in Weiners screw up just because they kept track of, and saw his posts within minutes of a post,does not make them a 'suspect'.
To ask questions of others to try to figure out the truth of something does not make them suspects. To repost something someone else has posted does not make them suspect. It makes them simply people using twitter as intended.