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REP Weiner Won't Deny Image is of Him #Weinergate

I've seen many twitter postings, and a few write ups, that @repweiner s (Anthony Weiner (D)) account could have been accessed by a yfrog email exploit... without being HACKED.

I don't know what these persons idea of HACKED must be but certainly if you send me your yfrog email information, or I GUESS IT, it's just like you sending me your 'password'. And if I USE IT, without your OK, I'm hacking you. duh.

After this email exploit was explained the left jumped on it- Mystery Solved!!
Weiner was hacked without being hacked!

The writers illustration, and allusions, of why Weiner didn't do it is to use an example of how someone else could have done it by giving his own email addy information as a challenge.
...Here's the info you need to break into my account, now, see if you can do it.

WOW!! You did it!!!

See, Mystery solved!

You can't make this up.
But they do.

Now don't go off half cocked. Revealing exploits are great catch. Even yfrog shut the application down until they've worked it out.

[update: Yfrog confirms that e-mail upload feature “has not been compromised in any way via HotAir ]

So, please, don't try to say the way this was done is explained and Mystery solved.

Because they miss a couple of points of IF.

IF someone guessed Weiners email addy/ PIN number.

An awful lot of things had to go on here for IF.

Somehow that part of the alleged exploit keeps getting swept away.

And then, you have of course, Weiner not being able to deny that it's a randy pic of himself... soooooooooo

Soooooooooo, Apparently the pic didn't just come from random space, someone Else's hard drive, or downloaded off

It's hard enough to believe that someone went to all the trouble to hack, guess, or dream up such a 'silly prank'and then out of ALL the images on the net a shockjock prankster could find to send & offend- it was THAT lame/tame/ image in shorts.

And because ole Tony won't confirm nor deny it is an image of him - we can be fairly confident in 'certitude'that Tony must have taken some pics of himself at some point.

Which means once again dear reader - either randy pants sent it himself, or someone Hacked into his personal image files.

Now speaking of IF.

IF Weiner keeps denying that he sent the pic (and "IF" actually did not) but is not denying that it's a pic of HIM - then someone had to breach a Congressman's files to get the image. An image Weiner had.
What else did they get IF so?

Are we to assume he/she/ knew right where to go to find a silly randy pic of Weiner and didn't take, or look at, anything else??
Are we to believe that someone went to all the trouble to whack INto Weiner's account and didn't change his password so he couldn't get back in?
To Believe that within 4 minutes of supposedly someone Else being in control of the Weiner account, Weiner was then able to log in and post?
Can 2 people be logged in at same time?
And 4 minutes? Weiner has stated that he SAW the post pop up and he immediately deleted it...(but doesn't post his faceBook was 'hacked' until an hour later? (note: recheck for exact time- i think it was hour)
He Doesn't bother to notify the girl, hey FYI I didn't send that. I apologize, I was hacked?

Why is Weiner shrugging security off? Why isn't he concerned and calling for an investigation?

It is obvious that Weiner can't deny image is of him because if an investigation were to be had and found he had lied he'd be in even bigger do. He wasn't able to stall long enough to discover if he was covered or would be further exposed.


There are other anomalies to this and I'll run updates.

I find it amazing [but certainly not out of character] that the Left ignores the subject of the story and the bottom line. They belittle and snort at those trying to figure out 'the IF mystery' while putting 2 n 2 together. Accuse them of making chit up, and then without fact, begin inventing an Alinsky rendition of camouflage, pointing fingers at others.

Refocus. Polarize. Freeze with Bullshit.

Get people fighting among themselves. Get people defending themselves. Make the Tweiner topic about 'others'.

One of the reasons we put time in on twitter is to Retweet information. Information that others find interesting or important.
We follow people who share our values; and in some cases we follow people who do not have same values so that we know what the other side of issues has up it's sleeve.

I like catching anomalies of logic and pointing out hypocrites.

Take for instance @jesseclee44- Obama's new White House Propaganda star. His job is to make you believe in Barry's Leninist projects and how they are working out so well; mine is to stalk his comment trial & repost, with comment, his lyin' Bull.

If, for instance, I repost something that Jesse puts out there moments after he posts something, it is twitter NORMAL having done so - and not an indication that if jessec is whacked tomorrow that it was "I" who did it.

Ohhhh, be afraid. Be very afraid...Who among you has no dirt. We will come for you if you report; So do not be the first, second or third, to Retweet anything. To do so will make you our refocused Joe the plumbered target.

What was it Obama said? I don't remember, something about wealth, but dang what's with Joe's taxes?

Weiner, who only followed back 98 people at the time, was being watched and his affinity for following young girls was noted and commented on. It's a fair comment.
We all make comments when something does/doesn't appear right or wrongo.
Weiner, himself, is on record that he likes to send zingout hash to others.

To accuse others of having been involved in Weiners screw up just because they kept track of, and saw his posts within minutes of a post,does not make them a 'suspect'.
To ask questions of others to try to figure out the truth of something does not make them suspects. To repost something someone else has posted does not make them suspect. It makes them simply people using twitter as intended.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Is Florida Judge legislating Sharia law from bench?

How many times do we continue to read & hear that Sharia Law is NOT being implemented in the United States?


This example is precisely WHY many States feel the need to pass laws blocking PRESENT & future infiltration of Sharia.

The Lawsuits filed to try to STOP any blockage of Sharia should wake the left wing loon up to reality- but doesn't.

Despite what we are being fed thru media Sharia is indeed being melded into our system.

Sharia is totally inconsistent with US values.

By what legislative authority do Courts recognize Sharia law?

"Melting Pot" doesn't mean We submit and become dhimmitudes of Islam

Assimilate or- take your wife beatin', head whackin', daughter murdering honor crap back to the Middle East.

Be sure to write this Sharia enabling Judge and tell him Hell NO!

Judge Richard A. Nielsen
800 East Twiggs St.
Tampa, FL 33602-3500
(813) 272-5330
His email!

Above contact info provided via: @FreeWeThePeople & @cynjustin on twitter

see also:
Jihad Watch -- Florida circuit court judge allows case to proceed under Islamic law

Atlas Shrugs -- Sharia Becomes Law in Florida

Monday, March 7, 2011

Democrats attack Republican Candidate's Children

Art Robinson's kids under attack by Democrat faculty administrators at Oregon State University.

via: WorldNetDaily Exclusive Commentary

By Art Robinson (reprinted w/permission of Mr. Robinson)
© 2011

In an effort to do my part in rescuing our country from the out-of-control Obama administration, last year I ran for Congress in Oregon's 4th District against 12-term incumbent, far-left Democrat Peter DeFazio, co-founder of the House Progressive Caucus.

Although I won the nominations of the Republican, Independent and Constitution Parties and the endorsement of the Libertarian Party, a massive media smear campaign by DeFazio, paid for with money raised by and from special interests favored by DeFazio in Washington, resulted in a 54.5 percent to 43.6 percent victory for DeFazio in a race that was expected to be much closer.

Although I had never run for public office before, I immediately announced my candidacy for Congress again in 2012.

However, when you take a stand for what's right, sometimes there is retribution.

On Nov. 4, 2010, as soon as the election results were in and they were sure their candidate had won, faculty administrators at Oregon State University gave new meaning to the term "political payback."

They initiated an attack on my three children – Joshua, Bethany and Matthew – for the purpose of throwing them all out of the OSU graduate school, despite their outstanding academic and research accomplishments. OSU is a liberal socialist Democrat stronghold in Oregon that received a reported $27 million in earmark funding from my opponent, Peter DeFazio, and his Democrat colleagues during the last legislative session.

Thus, Democrat activist David Hamby and militant feminist and chairman of the nuclear engineering department Kathryn Higley are expelling four-year Ph.D. student Joshua Robinson from OSU at the end of the current academic quarter and turning over the prompt neutron activation analysis facility Joshua built for his thesis work and all of his work in progress to Higley's husband, Steven Reese. Reese, an instructor in the department, has stated that he will use these things for his own professional gain. Joshua's apparatus, which he built and added to the OSU nuclear reactor with the guidance and ideas of his mentor, Michael Hartman, earned Joshua the award for best Masters of Nuclear Engineering thesis at OSU and has been widely complimented by scientists at prominent U.S. nuclear facilities.

Meanwhile, faculty member Todd Palmer notified four-year Ph.D. student Bethany Robinson (OSU grade point average 3.89) that he was terminating her thesis work and taking all of her work in progress for himself. Some of Bethany's graduate work has already been used, without credit to Bethany, in the thesis of another favored student now recently hired on the department faculty.

Palmer, until recently married to a member of the OSU psychology faculty, is now married to former OSU student Camille Lodwick. They are both faculty members in the nuclear engineering department.

It is also rumored that Higley, a long-time associate of Palmer's and who is adamant that Bethany leave OSU, may dislike Bethany because of criticism Higley received when department students complained of sexual assault at wild drunken parties of OSU nuclear engineering students during taxpayer-financed trips to scientific meetings. These incidents may have been more likely because Higley had failed to report to OSU authorities an earlier instance of milder sexual harassment against Bethany, probably because Bethany – a brilliant but very mild-mannered, conservative, homeschooled Christian young lady – does not share Higley's views.

My children and I attempted to counter all these actions against us as they unfolded, but were initially uncertain as to their ultimate intent. All became clear, however, when OSU faculty administrators abruptly took a further and very serious prejudicial action toward Joshua. At that point, OSU Professor of Nuclear Engineering Jack Higginbotham, who was privy to all of the meetings and actions, warned us and came to our defense.

Professor Higginbotham, who also serves as president of the OSU Faculty Senate and director of the Oregon NASA Space Science Consortium, has been a member of the OSU faculty for 24 years. He has held many responsible positions in the university and has received numerous professional awards. Moreover, he is very widely admired for the many instances in which he has given special help to students at OSU. This is a man who thinks always of his students and never of himself.

Professor Higginbotham warned us that faculty administrators at OSU were working to make certain that Joshua, his sister Bethany and, if possible, his brother Matthew never receive Ph.D. degrees in nuclear engineering from OSU, regardless of their examination, academic and research performance. Professor Higginbotham then reviewed with us the details of the plan to destroy the education of these students and advised me to do anything I could to protect my children.

Since November, a remarkable battle has been raging within OSU. I considered an immediate public exposure of this plot and warned the faculty of this possibility, but instead my family and I decided to try to prevent a scandal at OSU and save the students within the confines of OSU. We fought these unprincipled academics on their own ground and held them off for four months. That effort is, however, now failing, and Joshua and Bethany are both slated for dismissal from the department of nuclear engineering very soon. Also, unless action is taken immediately, Professor Higginbotham's career will be completely destroyed.

Indeed, in retribution for Professor Higginbotham's efforts to protect the Robinson students from these unprincipled attacks, he personally has become the target of a campaign of defamation, vilification, persecution, Star-Chamber humiliation and other career-destroying actions orchestrated by Higley and the other people who are attacking us.

Now nearing success is a disgraceful effort to strip Professor Higginbotham of his faculty position and his research grants. His career now potentially in ruins, he is fighting back in hopes of saving himself and the positions of the students and staff who depend upon him at OSU and who may also lose their careers as collateral damage in these astonishing events.

The attack on Professor Higginbotham, if not stopped, may also destroy the graduate work of his student, Matthew Robinson. Matthew (OSU grade point average 3.91) passed up a $57,000 per year offer from the MIT graduate school so he could join his brother and sister at OSU two years ago.

Demonstrating unanimity with the DeFazio cause, both responsible OSU deans and the president of OSU, Edward Ray, have so far failed to halt these dishonorable and illegal actions. Ray, a supporter of DeFazio on the campus, has refused even to meet with me or my son Joshua concerning these events. Knowledgeable observers have concluded that orders for the attacks on the Robinson students are coming from sources far above Ray in the Democrat political machine.

The department of nuclear engineering attracted the Robinson students to OSU during a better day when it was directed by distinguished nuclear engineer José Reyes, who has now moved to NuScale Power. The department was in the hands of a group of very outstanding nuclear engineers. The ranks of these engineers have unfortunately been thinned by retirements and departure to other universities, including Michael Hartman now at the University of Michigan, but still mentoring Joshua. The engineers no longer control the department.

The department is now controlled by ideologues, most of whom do not have Ph.D.s in nuclear engineering. Nepotistic husband-and-wife combinations and new hires of their own graduate students have brought the department under the control of unprincipled people who have enthusiastically participated in the attacks on the Robinson students and Professor Higginbotham – attacks that have violated numerous OSU academic rules, several laws and the most basic professional ethics.

Professor Higginbotham, Joshua, Bethany and Matthew Robinson can still be rescued – but only by immediate, intense public pressure.

OSU administrators think they can violate ethical academic standards of professional conduct, break formal OSU rules and regulations, and even violate U.S. laws with impunity because, in any resulting litigation, they would be defended by lawyers from the Oregon Department of Justice, assuring that only students with huge sums of money and many years to invest in litigation can oppose them. The Robinsons do not have those huge sums of money, and, moreover, they want to complete their education – not receive money in exchange for the destruction of their education and opportunities.

If these people succeed, a delighted Peter DeFazio will be able to brag to the voters that the Robinson children were thrown out of Oregon State University. Why else but to favor DeFazio would the OSU administration condone seemingly irrational actions that are potentially so damaging to the reputation of the university? OSU dances to the tune of the Democrat machine, and DeFazio controls that machine.

As things stand today, Jack Higginbotham and his students and staff, along with Joshua Robinson are in immediate danger. Bethany Robinson is slated for dismissal soon after and without the Ph.D. that she has nearly completed. The dismissal of Matthew Robinson may not be far behind. And the danger to Professor Higginbotham's other students is likewise very high.

Please don't let this happen!

Please notify OSU of your interest in this matter and urge the university to stop its destructive actions against Joshua, Bethany and Matthew Robinson and against Professor Jack Higginbotham, the remarkable president of the OSU faculty senate who has risked his career to help them!

Contact information for the OSU nuclear engineering department is:

Phone: 541-737-2343
Fax: 541-737-4678

Mailing address:
116 Radiation Center,
Corvallis, OR 97331-5902

Please also contact the president of OSU, Edward Ray:

Phone: 541-737-4133
Fax: 541-737-3033

Mailing address:
600 Kerr Administration Building
Corvallis, OR 97331-2128

Here is the e-mail address of the OSU vice president for university relations and marketing, Todd Simmons.

For more information or to take further action, please visit

Please ask these people why the destruction of the academic work and careers of these students and Professor Higginbotham is so important that they are willing to sacrifice the good name of Oregon State University.

Please ask them to stop the attacks on the Robinson students and Professor Higginbotham.

Arthur Robinson, Ph.D., the 2010 Republican candidate for U.S. Congress in Oregon's 4th congressional district, is a research professor of chemistry and co-founder of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine. After graduating from the California Institute of Technology in 1963 and earning his Ph.D. from the University of California at San Diego, he served as a UCSD faculty member until co-founding the Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine with Linus Pauling in 1973. In 1981, Dr. Robinson, his wife, chemist Laurelee Robinson, physicist Martin Kamen, and later joined by Nobel-winning biochemist R. Bruce Merrifield, cofounded the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine. In recent years, Dr. Robinson has also directed the Petition Project, which has obtained the support and signatures of more than 31,000 American scientists for a petition opposed – entirely on scientific grounds published in peer reviewed journals – to the hypothesis of "human-caused global warming."

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

GOP Lawmaker Michelle Litjens Responds to Death Threat from Wisconsin DEM Rep.

via GateWayPundit:
Wisconsin GOP Representative Michelle Litjens appeared on Fox News today to discuss the death threat she received following Friday’s vote on Governor Scott Walker’s budget recovery bill. Dem Rep. Gordon Hintz threatened Litgens after Friday’s Assembly vote. Hintz screamed at Litgens, “You are F***king dead!”

Via Hope For America:

Tuesday, January 11, 2011