Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Obama: On Mediocre Whites

More Obama Documents Dissappear

I ran across an Obama image in google Top Student: “What Kind of Minorities Do Firms Want?

The image is kind of hard to read so I went looking for text here:

Top Student: What Kind of Minorities Do Firms Want?

By: David Rubenstein
Barack Obama, a Harvard Law School student
Photograph: Robert Lieberman
The Chicago Reporter
Issue 221
July, 1990

The last thing that Barack Obama will have to worry about next year when he graduates is job offers. Obama finished his second year at Harvard Law School this spring and has been elected to lead the Harvard Law Review, a prestigious position traditionally reserved for a top student.

“It’s a great time to be a young black law school graduate - if you’re from Harvard and in the top quarter of your class,” said Obama. “But the point is that there are a lot of talented young minorities who may not have been able to go to the top schools. For example, a lot of minorities go to state schools due to financial constraints.

“Until the minorities who are going to the good but not the most prestigious schools, those who are doing a good job, who are highly competent and have the intelligence and the energy to do terrific work - until those people are looked at and hired in significant numbers - I think you are going to continue to have serious recruitment and retention problems.”

Before going to law school, Obama spent four years in Chicago, working at the Developing Communities Project on the South Side. Currently, he is a summer associate at the firm of Hopkins & Sutter in Chicago. Last summer he worked at Sidley & Austin.

“Certainly, a lot of large frims are interested in hiring more minorities,” he said. “The issue you confront is: What kind of minorities are the firms looking for? I certainly wouldn’t have a hard time finding a job in Chicago. I have all the right credentials.”

Even firms that are making an effort to recruit minorities - and there still are not many of them, Obama said - are reluctant to take a chance on students who do not have the top credentials. It has been said, Obama noted, that it may be time to ask if minorities are getting the same right to be “mediocre” as white males.

I like to try to track things to their source (hoping other treasures will also be lying about) so I found that the blog text source came from “The Chicago Reporter”.


The Reporter has an archive so I went to it’s 1990 page (which is when Obama was a Harvard law student)

Here is the thing.

You can click on every back issue link on the page and they will load right up - but the July issue containing Obama’s reference to blacks time to be as “mediocre as white’s” in hiring statement is gone gone gone…

Humm, Do you think The Chicago Reporter is coverin up for Obama?

A lot of that goin round.

The Obama's didn't want you to know about Michelle Obama's college thesis either so that bitter racist clinging paper disappeared from Princeton's website too.

I love it when a hunt works out :)

update: October 31, 2009 - the Reporter page has been changed again ( I don't know when it changed) Now the link works - however if you pass your mouse over all other links at the JULY page you see the Obama link is the only one that has been encoded by adding a %3F at the end of the URL...the image above at freedomtodiffer of Obama and the article is now gone also- but can be seen here at


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