Saturday, September 6, 2008

Obama Supporters Trash American Flags

After the props have served their visual purpose, and Ceasars columns are hauled back to Hollywoodge, Obama-Democrats toss the American Flag in TRASH after DNC Coronation.

One rarely sees an American flag Hanging, waving or standing anywhere around Obama get togethers. He wouldn't wear one until his attitude buckled to his arrogant image being hurt. He removed the American Flag from the tail of his campaign plane to go greet America's critics abroad. Last month when I last checked there were ZERO American flags at his campaign web-site.

Do you see a pattern?

Perhaps if the Flags had an image of Obama on them then these greenie quacking patriots would have taken them home with them.

These 12,000 trashed flags, in 84 garbage bags, were rescued by Vendors & Boy Scouts and are being handed out by Vets at John McCain's events today.


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