Friday, September 10, 2010


Obamacare Czar Sebelius Threatens Insurance Companies who are raising premiums due to the Health care Scam passed by Congress.

The Sebelius letter to Insurance Companies warns them if they raise premiums or explain why the premiums are being raised then they would be locked OUT of future government controlled parsing out of the foretold 30 million new subscribers and their dollars.

Play to pay. Play or pay.

This heavy handed extortion is nothing new for the Obama thuggish crowd - do what we say or you will pay. Do not speak against us or you will regret it. Co-operate and be rewarded. Ask for information and we will deny you access. Dare use first amendment and we will find ways to deny your use of it.

Common sense tells you if the health care law imposes extra costs upon the insurance companies that they would pass the costs on to consumers. Of Course we all knew that but we were shouted down or ignored.

"Misinformation" is something Sebelius just won't tolerate...Ironic...The Obama crew could swipe 500 billion from seniors health coverage while saying it won't affect them at all.
BTW- in the 18 months that we have heard about the 500 billion that will - supposedly pay for nearly half of this national health care scheme and - come from Medicare fraud savings etc- HOW MUCH HAVE YOU RECOVERED?

If these Obama disinformation people continue to operate as they have in the past look soon for a "Turn in your Neighbor for HealthCare Lies Website" to be formed.

The Health care Insurance Industry and medical costs are out of line for sure but the Government socialist control of either is not the answer.

What can we expect next to come out of 1600 Red Square?


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