Saturday, March 19, 2011

Is Florida Judge legislating Sharia law from bench?

How many times do we continue to read & hear that Sharia Law is NOT being implemented in the United States?


This example is precisely WHY many States feel the need to pass laws blocking PRESENT & future infiltration of Sharia.

The Lawsuits filed to try to STOP any blockage of Sharia should wake the left wing loon up to reality- but doesn't.

Despite what we are being fed thru media Sharia is indeed being melded into our system.

Sharia is totally inconsistent with US values.

By what legislative authority do Courts recognize Sharia law?

"Melting Pot" doesn't mean We submit and become dhimmitudes of Islam

Assimilate or- take your wife beatin', head whackin', daughter murdering honor crap back to the Middle East.

Be sure to write this Sharia enabling Judge and tell him Hell NO!

Judge Richard A. Nielsen
800 East Twiggs St.
Tampa, FL 33602-3500
(813) 272-5330
His email!

Above contact info provided via: @FreeWeThePeople & @cynjustin on twitter

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