Friday, August 28, 2009

Thank You Glenn Beck! Advertisers for Obamunism?

Don't Tread on Glenn Beck!

Finally someone with the research medium to expose what we all wrote about way over a year ago. By 'we' I mean the countless peoples who researched and exposed what the Obama "Change" would be.
It was simple too see just by looking at the Obama associations. Remember when we wrote about what the radicalized White House would look like with the socialists Marxists and communists in positions of power and decision making?

Infiltration. Trickle down.

Finally someone in the Media with the guts to stand up and tell the truth, about Obama and his Marxist restructuring of America, and the blueprints to prove it.

Finally someone with the resources to get the truths out.

But, for how long?

Listen America.

Never let it be said that "...when they (that nice lil civilian security force) came for (you) there was no one left..." cause you wouldn't listen.

If they succeed in shutting Beck up- who's next? who's left?

How do (they) stop you and I from speaking and hearing truth nowadays?

There's many ways other than flooding you with propaganda from agitation cells or having you reported for 'fishy' speech.

One way is to remove your freedom of speech and opinion by threatening your resources.

Be it by 'income' or by litigious 'outgo'.

In my mind 'freedom of speech' also should give me the right to HEAR the speech.

Yet, it's reported that twenty too/thirty-three Advertisers withdrew their dollars from the Glenn Beck Show. Some knowing, some hoping, that Fox News Channel would have to silence 'truth' and 'facts' by shutting down Glenn Beck's Show while pacifying card carrying authoritarian leftist agitators.

Sorry Glenn. We can't afford to keep you on.

Wait! hold the pink(O) slip-------- Beck's Show grew by 2-3-4 times, surpassing all other shows in ratings.

So let's see - just what was Glenn Beck's abusive inflammatory crime?

Well it seems if you refer to someone [Obama] as having a "racist" problematic background then apparently you yourself are a 'racist' simply for having said it.

As Obama said in an audio long forgotten - "That's just how white folks will do you." (see link above)

Hey, I'm not the one who wrote, "I knew as well that traveling down the road to self-respect, my own white blood, would never recede into mere abstraction". Or, finding himself ..."wrestle(ing) with distinction between good and bad whites and it's negligible meaning." Obama did.

I'm not the guy who sits in a Black Liberation Marxist church for 20 years...who's theological principle and pledge is that, "Black theology will accept only the love of God which participates in the destruction of the white enemy." Obama did.

So as I point out, and referenced, it sure sounds like a guy with some issues to me. But I guess, sigh, that'll make me a racist.

I'll tell you what - I don't see Clorox removing their Advertising on CNN while Sharpton and Jesse and Roland and Brown etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc call anyone they want a racist.
Hey, are they racist for referring to someone else as a racist?

I know, an unfair comparison...sorry Glenn.

UPS wants to shut down speech while being manipulated by Van Jones' Commie friends (Color of Change) organized to complain and 'change' America for Obamunisum while claiming to want off of Glen Beck's show because they are... 'non-political'?

Didn't I just see UPS on non-political MSNBC? or was it CNN? ABC? FBI? CIA? NBC? DOA?

I'll use FedX...
... or, uh hum, maybe use that other great financially successful government program, the USPO.

Wal-Mart wants to deny freedom of speech and access to Beck's truths because they want to appear to the tired, the poor, the huddled masses of victims as supporting what?
Oh that's right, another 25 moms n pops stores that just had to close their doors in another lil town up n down, n across the map.

Then we have Geico... let's face it- I luv the lil lizard ...but what kind of message do we show our children when the brains behind the brand have the lil guy stealing the CEO's dollar bill?

Progressive Insurance? Their contract reportedly states "NO GLEN BECK"...I guess they are non-political too. Or is their true SOROs backed politics showing?

Come to the rescue of the left of the left!!

Now American Patriots are being shut up, & sold Out by Advertisers concerns over lefty purchasing blocks???

Sure sounds like politicians to me.

heya, Clorox - hint hint - brown shirts don't bleach their shirts.

Here's the, hum, one thing :) - Who funds this guy's hate speech? I haven't had alot of time to track many down - a couple who sponsored one of Van Jones anti-imperialist gatherings were [ FairPoint Communications, IBM and Vermont Business Magazine ]

This James Rucker, Co-founder of Color of che Change says, "If we keep the pressure on, we believe we can seriously threaten his (Beck's) platform."

Apparently he has some 600,000 comrades, of which he reports 75,000 spammers are flooding Advertiser email boxes and complaining about something that you can bet the majority of these followers never even heard Glenn say.
But they're offended. Outraged!

I want my People's Comp for stress and trauma!

What's more, wanna bet a buck these same sheep never even saw the bloody commercials?

to ..."threaten Beck's platform"...

There is your true motive.

And what was Glenn Beck's true misstep that brought this color change cell down on him? Well he had the audacity to let America know that Obama had appointed Van Jones, a self-avowed communist, and FOUNDER of Color of Change, to the Green Jobs Czar position in our newly formulating government by the government and for the government 'party'.

So non-vetted Obama appointee, Van Jones, an exposed communist, strikes back at the Glenn Beck platform.

And, just what is Glenn Beck's platform that Advertisers have decided doesn't conform to their preferred targeted constituency?

"A Call to Action"

1.Question with Boldness. 2.Hold to the Truth 3.Speak without fear.

OMG!! We must stop him!

We must not endorse this kind of hateful inflammatory speech!!

Where's Mark Lloyd, Obama's new MARXIST FCC communist loving Diversity Czar when you need him?!?

FCC Diversity: We must have an Equal and opposite telecommunications point of view paid for 100% by the rich opposition (who now has no money left because the Advertisers don't pay them anymore.)

WOW! that'll work!
Reminds me of Pelosi's Childrens Health Care plan paid for by a smokers tax...Now there's a long term idea eh (Oh, don't get me started on the upside down pyramid Government Health madoff ponsi Care scheme)

Call me a drunk but there is this associative pattern we've all been warning about; and it just keeps right on growing.

Energy and Environment tsar - Carol Browner - a global government socialist.

Obama's "REGULATORY tsar" on free speech - A legislative effort to regulate broadcasting in the interest of democratic principles should not be seen as an abridgment of the free speech guarantee.--Cass R. Sunstein

One extremist after another.

Radical revolutionaries and wacko extremists holding positions of power.

Heya, have you heard there's gona be a new "INTERNET CZAR?"
yeah, Obama wants the power to shut down the Internet...and who knows, maybe Fidel Castro is looking for a job.

Shutting down free speech is indeed a party of the part of the government control plan. But as Obama would likely say, "It's only a sliver" - of the whole plan.

Meanwhile - yes- we are being distracted from delivering Glenn's message of the intricately woven Marxist take over.

That is the speech message they want to shut down.

Distraction by consequence of reaction.

Despite all the other things I have on this page very little is devoted to anything Glenn said in his 5 day exposure of the Obama thugocrasy, Obama's Commissars with non American Marxist ideals, it's tentacles of subversive organized spreading infection, and the radical transformation of Capitalist America in the guise of liberal Democracy.

"Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual" - Michelle Obama 2008

never 'allow me'?

Thank god for Glenn Beck.

For Socialism to maintain its hold against those who still aspire to liberty every guaranty of freedom - free speech, free press, assembly or a free legislative body, a free judiciary - ultimately must be suppressed.

HOOVER, HERBERT, The Challenge to Liberty, Chapter V, Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1934


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