Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Obama turns back on Pro-Democracy Again

First, Obama AIDS in Honduras Dictator to be returned to power by cutting off all AID to Honduras thereby forcing Their Congress to re vote their position - then rather than Aid Iranian freedom fighters with support, if only in words that matter, he turns his back on Iranian Pro-Democracy demonstrators in Iran. Again.

As Obama can't seem to make up his mind to support the troops that are presently in Afghanistan he seems to have little problem supporting American hating dictator regimes.

"Death to America" fanatics, today, celebrate the 30 years of Islamic oppression and take over of the US Embassy and imprisonment of US citizens as Carter sat on his undecided butt. Thousands of pro-democracy anti-Ahmedinejad protesters showed up and were attacked as they chanted "Death to Dictators"... and they had a message to Obama that they also chanted, "Obama, Obama — either you’re with them or you’re with us."

Obama doesn't want the dictators to conclude that these freedom from tyranny protesters are teabag mobs or Western influenced AstroTurf agitators and so has decided that non-support is the best message to send to the dictators.

Strength, might, and Right, through disarmament of encouraging words.

We wouldn't want to use words that the clerical regime could use against us, were the words of purple heart Kerry.

Accusing the U.S. of interference is a rant from Ahmedinejad anyway, like, there was never a Holocaust...but we will 'change' their minds to both by remaining silent.

Under any circumstances the Islamic regime will say whatever it takes to fire up their base.

Outbursts will only allow the status quo to continue with additional strength, says Obama.

Change won't come from the Top down!

Ironic, let us all begin to be fearful of the words dictators use against us was a point I was going to make against Kerry's argument...though it hasn't silenced American protesters it sure has been an Obama troops weapon.

As Obama uses tax payer dollars to fly around firing up his own base in '09 elections, and our generals still await a decision to support our troops, Obama dithers again rather than promote democracy and lend support to freedom seeking people.

"Obama, Obama — either you’re with them or you’re with us."

Obama has concluded that what the oppressed peoples of Iran need to do is to settle their own problems.

The poor chanting Iranian people have got it all wrong since the big effectiveness change in America.
Obama people don't support or encourage liberty and freedom -
If you're not with Obama - You need to change. mmm - mmm- mmmm


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