Thursday, November 5, 2009

Obama's UnConstitutional BRIBES to Harness the Education System

Every day I wake up to find the formation of the Obama nation moving more pieces into place for end around Congress and Constitutional take over issues.

Using taxpayer dollars Obama is dangling a 5 billion dollar stimulus bribe in 10-20 States to follow the Obama Education plan.

The $5-billion grant fund has been titled “Race to the Top,” and the money is part of Obama’s $787-billion economic stimulus package. States must compete for the money, which Education Secretary Arne Duncan will dispense at Obama’s pleasure with no Congressional control. Only 10 to 20 states are expected to actually receive some of the grant money.

Obama promoted the competitive grants while visiting a Wisconsin middle school. He was trying to influence a November 5 vote by state legislators about linking teacher performance ratings to student test scores. This effectively links a teacher’s pay to how well his students perform, based on what's being tested. Wisconsin lawmakers are expected to lift a ban on establishing this connection, presumably so the state can qualify for some of Obama’s grant money.

The Obama administration has said that refusing to link teacher performance ratings to student test scores would lessen a state’s chance of receiving federal funds. In Wisconsin, Obama wrapped the bribe he is offering in high-sounding language about the importance of education.

Any State who doesn't implement the Obama plan lessens chance of receiving funds- otherwise known as, No you Won't.

Teachers will be obligated to please the Obama people or be denied extended funds.

Keep in mind the news you have heard in the past years- whereby the hammer used to force participation in whatever plan the Feds want compliance in is always a threat to withdraw funds. Accept the bribe and comply or suffer punishment.

In this bearded Obama puzzle once you have accepted Fed funds, like a bank, they own you and become your voice by taking your voice away. And much like the Banks we have heard about - once they own you - they begin dictating what your policies will be- how much pay you will receive - who will be hired to replace who they fire...and much like the banks once they have their claws in, they turn their sights on the rest of the non government controlled.

In the recent exposures of this Administrations in your face maneuvers to control every sector of industry and private life 'changes' one has to wonder when it will 'force' non participating States into the Obama program.

Let's not forget who wrote this APPOLO Stimulus Bill from which this 5 Billion comes from. Communist Van Jones. Terrorist Jeffrey Jones.

Anything coming out of this Stimulus Bill must be held suspect and looked into. Anti-Americans writing policy for Americans has to have their agenda funded.

Re-education is a big part of their agenda.

Hitching the education system to the Obama Marxist wagon through play for pay tactics is another slick monetary enticement to surrender to Obama control.

This kind of bribery is an unconstitutional exercise of executive branch power over the states. The Congress is supposed to have the purse strings of the federal government, not the President or his staff members. There is no authorization in the Constitution for the federal government either to take taxpayer money, to borrow money, or to simply print money and use it to bribe states into compliance with the President’s wishes.


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