Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Transparency Like You’ve Never Seen Before” The White House Visitor Log

The White House website for it's visitors list says:

"Transparency Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Almost choked on my Pepsi when I read that. My monitor is a dripping mess.

Another Obama misleading lie.

These visitor logs have been requested through the Freedom of Information Act for months and months...and Obama has refused to turn them over citing Presidential private privilege.
I won't go into the history of this bogus transparency propaganda -I'll just direct you to the stories already written.

Obama refuses access.

As with everything about Obama you must ask yourself WHY?

Why hide who you're meeting?

It is difficult to believe this is a full list for so many months of records of visitation when it is reported that thousands visit the WH each month.

The story for me is the names on the list and the Obama transparent response.

One sees the names of Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright on the visitors list- yet the WH says they are NOT THE William Ayers and THE Jeremiah Wright - .


Of course there is the Nazi collaborator and anti-American Obama Banker George Soros on the list.

SEIU, children of the corn branch, Andy Stern, on list 22 times - Big peoples Union making 'progress'.

Also reported is that domestic terrorist Jeffrey Jones is on the list having visited 7 times...that one I have to say is probably not a correct assumption by people...the Middle initial on the list for Jeffrey is "A."...
Jeffrey Jones, architect of the failing APPOLO Stimulus package ( written along with Obama ousted Communist Czar Van Jones) has a middle initial of "C." - for not Karl...Carl.

Haven't had time to look at other names on list but since the collective birds of a feather cluster together - I wouldn't be surprised by who's who on the list and their collaborative links to engineering transformational versions of unconstitutional justice.

Obama should rename the log- The Reverse Engineers of American Freedoms list.


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