Friday, July 23, 2010

Charlie Rangel Angry: Where's My Journalist Protection?

Rangel admits the nojourna-list left-media isn't supposed to expose democrats.


Disclaimer: Portions of this tape- before or after may be missing - this could be construed to mean the Media wanted to show just this part for the reaction of Rangel to the reporter.

Ok- here's my softball interpretation - this is not about the reporter, ok? ready?

Luke Russert: Are you afraid you may lose your job?

Charlie: What kind of DUMB question is that? What news station are you from? (ah, well - that must explain it)

Russert: MSNBC

Charlie: HUH? Yer kidding me right? (What? No Fox? - you trying to make a name for yourself?)

Russert: Sir,

Charlie: Where the hell's my protection gone? Don't you know whose side you're on? You don't sound like our political arm. Disgraceful!

Russert: But, sir

Charlie: No respect. You should be ashamed! Son, you need to go back to your office and find out how to do your job.

...end of free interpretation...end paraphrase...end partial tape...wouldn't want to be sued.


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