Thursday, July 29, 2010

Committee Statement of Rangel Violations -PDF / Rangel shrine costs 6 million bucks?

Committee on Standards of Official Conduct
In the Matter of Charles B. Rangel

More than two years late/r Charles Rangel was finally charged with 13 violations of congressional ethics rules.

And, how do you define a Nancy Pelosi - clean up of a - "swamp"?

Well - there's a saying, "you don't need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows" meaning : To understand what is happening in changing circumstances and to be able to anticipate the future.
So may I add here - you don't need to be a Congressman to know which way the vote goes...

Let's Make a Deal!!!

Isn't it strange that every one reports that at least one Republican, of the 10 member panel, would have to support any 'deal' to allow Charlie to rangel his way out of accountability for violating ethics and law. But it seems completely ignored that -that would mean that the 5 panel Democrat member votes are expected to act as Rangel's shield to any accountability.

All of us small-people who have to abide by laws, and suffer consequences of violating them, shall have to wait and see...

Remember now these folks aren't subject to the same laws they pass- like health care - and they don't lie- they mearly 'misspoke'.
As to ethics?? Well, it's just bad manners.

Imagine if these arrogant elites, under investigations, were not permitted to VOTE on the floor until they were cleared of ethics or corruption charges?
1) Charges wouldn't take 2 plus years to invegetate in limbo if their votes were needed...
2) Some of these recent laws shoved down our throats, by a vote or two, would never have passed.

[CBS News - By Sharyl Attkisson]

At the heart of the 13 counts is what critics have called Rangel's "monument to me," a presidential-library-like project called "The Rangel Center" at City College in New York. It was the subject of a CBS News investigation in 2007.

Rangel is charged with using public resources and Congressional letterhead to ask for big donations for the Rangel Center; that he solicited companies that had business before the tax committee he led at the time, including Goldman Sachs, Wachovia and dozens more; that he asked for $30 million from Verizon and New York Life, and $10 million from insurance giant AIG.

Rangel's attorneys responded that "The uncontroverted evidence is that Congressman Rangel never suggested that any donor to the Rangel Center would receive favorable consideration in legislative matters and never gave preferential treatment to any contributor."

In case we have forgotten, as new controversy erupts day after day from this Administration, Goldman Sachs and AIG has already received their "preferential treatment" and "consideration" in billions and billions in bailout funds.

Time to pay some of the slush fund consideration back to grantors?

Wouldn't it be unique if the Obama Government, who has stepped in to take over, manage, fire, and set pay scale boundaries for anyone who has excepted funds from "U.S. Taxpayers", also made it illegal for any Company or entity that excepted those federal taxpayer funds to contribute dollars in any way to preferential special interest -> politicians?

Now that would be 'monumental'.


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