Sunday, July 11, 2010

"We will Not Be Silenced" - Obama's Legion of Thugs -How the U.S. was Won

The recent reveal of the DOJ protecting the Black Panther Party thuggery at the polls is Not an isolated incident.
The stories of intimidation, threats, fraud, falsified delegate counts, falsified documents, destruction of property, and physical attacks has been documented since the primaries in 2008.

The 2008 blogosphere is filled with the damning information of how Obama's crews strong armed their way through precincts and terrorized voters and stole caucuses.

Blogtalk radio stations sprang up overnight, writers set their keyboards on alert, chat rooms and forums blazed a trail of investigation and reporting...but the peoples concerns and efforts were silenced because all of the government referees blocked standing, redress, and accountability, while the Media was on a "truth be told" time out.

I have a story written up here by Lynette Long about super delegate investigations - but my log account suggests of the 62,000 visitors here - not one person has ever read it. Meaning, under obstructionist News black outs, that unless one comes up with some correct keywords while searching, information stays buried and people stay uninformed.

The documentary "We will not be Silenced" has been around for 2 years. Have you heard of it? Read about it? Seen it?

Probably not- because the Media didn't report on it even though the information was passed to them.

The 'selected not elected' mob has never been made to answer for any of the disenfranchised voters complaints.

You can bet Obama's Department of InJustice has not, or will not, investigate any of the illegal activities we saw being reported in the blog pages of 2008 and in the videos below. Especially in light of the new Socialist party discriminatory policies in the DOJ that has been revealed by, X-DOJ Attorney, Christian Adams.

Today Fox News (finally) interviewed a Gigi Gaston who has directed this damning documentary "We will not be Silenced".

Hopefully Fox will bring us more of these peoples stories in the coming days.

Part 1-

You can view the videos in all of their 5 parts here.

This is not about sour grapes Hillary supporters. This is about the absolute contempt for the people, the corrupt DNC practices, and Obama thug organizers who would do whatever it takes to remove a persons right to one vote and install their chosen.

And if they did it before, and got away with it, they will do it again. And again.


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