Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kagan Confirmed: The Usual Suspect Allies Come through for the Progressive Agenda

Once again it is Collins, Snowe, Graham, and self interest turn-coat Specter who aid and abet the Obama transformation of our republic.

In a vote of 63 Yea and 37 Nay - Elena Kagan was confirmed to The U.S. Supreme Court today.

Did you listen to Harry Reid's lil speech on Kagan and his vote of Yes?
(I'll have to wait to find a transcript) What I heard him say was how great Kagen will be for progressive advancement - 'the people vs Corporations'? - (more accuracy to be added when I get text) ... Reid actually revealed exactly who Kagen is and what they can expect of her (biased) voting future.

Kagan is anti- speech, anti- military, pro socialism and International & Shiria law, and this is the best Obama can come up with? Or mearly the best for his fundamental transformation...

This appointment is another "party within a party" Allied cog in fast tracking to a New Party ObamaLand reConstitution of "unequal distributive justice" and a major blockade to any Repeal Replace and Reform when the majority of American cases of resistance to unconstitutional mandates come before this activist - infiltrated - Supreme Court.

As seven million voters (why even vote??) in California have discovered a vote of ONE can, and has, overturned what the PEOPLE believe is best for them and their society. Again and Again these liberal federal judges, like the one in Arizona, ignore and override the will of the people, and even the Nation, and impose their own radical opinion.

Ironic that these progressives who fight so hard to change our republic into a 'democracy' - and work so hard to strip family and individualism into a societal collective of government controlled given liberties - ignore a collective individual majority vote when it suits their own agenda.

Thanks to some like Collins, Snowe, Graham, Lugar, Gregg, Specter, and consistently Lieberman, the Obama 'collective salvation' transformation has in place the radical Marxist management to proceed and the judges in place at every level to repel any obstruction of objection to this Obama "Dreams of my Father - and the Kenyan communist "change" manifesto of Papa O.

This support of the few is why Obama thinks he 'still has the keys' even if the Republicans get back on the pavement. The chess pieces are in place to check those who don't conform willingly.

Kagan should never have been confirmed; but her sober dreams of a rebirth of the 'left of liberalism' is on the way to our Supreme Court to make sure Obama's more-perfect historically failed-utopia is not threatened by American lawsuits.

Collins, Snowe, Graham, Specter, have consistently made it a much more difficult task to stop this Obama Regime no matter How Many of these politicians we replace in November.
And now this!
These transformational Newest Deal enablers - have not protected and preserved our Constitution nor defended we the people being removed from it.

They are still not listening - or caring.

Replace them we must. Repeal we must. Reform we must.
We must go on fighting for our individual freedoms of CHOICE (peacefully) and stopping Obama's usurpation of it.

We must get our VOTE back and make it count for something.

Stand up like they did in Missouri and tell 'em to stuff their seizure of our liberty and independence.
Do not let Missouri and Arizona and Virginia stand alone. Together we can take this country back from this socialist machine in pursuit of their transformation of America and restore the foundations of Old Glory back into the care of people who love America.


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