Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Obama DNC Party vs- Hillary Supporters for Mccain

by greybeard

When I first heard Obama speak in 2004, I said- OMGosh - You watch, this dude will be president one day!
I was mesmerized.

So several months ago, back in April, when I began paying attention to Obama's speeches I got this feeling something was 'wrong' with his words.
He seemed to be speaking some 'language' that didn't feel right.

Around the same time period I saw this Reverend Wright/James Cone challenge regarding Obama and his church. "Do you know Black Liberation Theology? Have you read James Cone?"

After reading only a few days on this invented racist political movement called 'Christianity' for neo-blackness, with the killing of the white God as one of it's mandates, I set to work researching Obama's hate inspired unchristian Afrocentric faith.

The Barack lifetime experience and 'stories' unfolded, and mostly in his own words.

Obama uses faiths as a tool for his 'collective' political agenda. The more he talks the more you will hear him link religion and State. This marketing lesson he learned from the Chicago Alinsky organizing mob.

I now know what that Obama "language" and philosophy is that made me feel something was wrong with his words...

I am not mesmerized now.

I keep wondering how all these millions can ignore the continuing controversies of Obama and vote for him. But then I have to remember that the media has crowned Obama all along the way and for the most part distinguished any fiery controversies surrounding him. I have mentioned this or that fact, about Obama's character and associates, while talking with acquaintances and they have looked shocked.
"No way!" they say. "He couldn't run for president if this (or that) was true."...
They haven't heard any bad press about Obama, but will vote for him because he talks well.

And so, as I sat and watched the DNC committee (who Know precisely what Obama is) decide that their 30 votes counted more than the millions in Florida and Michigan I was taken even further aback when they announced that they would also take an American fundamental right of, one person - one vote and HALVE it.

Has democracy for the DNC reverted to 18th century fractional politics?

It was clear that the panel needed to appear to be granting(?)FL and Michigan a seat in November, but they also needed to find a way to keep the race EVEN... And Obama still Ahead.
It was real clear to me.

Since when are Uncommitted votes assumed to be for one particular person and given to a single candidate?
To A candidate who wasn't even ON the ballot!
A candidate who (even thru all his ummms, and auhs) didn't want a re-vote and was preventing the seating because it gave Hillary an advantage.

A FULL 'uncommitted' voter proportion was simply given to Obama even when there were 3 others also Not on the ballot of whom those votes from voters could have been for?
Votes delivered to a Candidate who took himself OFF of the ballot?

Obama could have remained on the ballot. Like many of his bad decisions in life he made a choice. And like so many of Barack's 'bone-headed' choices in life, he once again gets away with bad judgment.

Obama just brushes Hillary off with that lil middle finger of his.

This panel gave the very same gesture to Hillary Clinton, and then took FOUR legitimate delegates away that had been earned by the candidate via the legitimate Hillary VOTERS.
The choice of the many was squashed by the few.

The DNC granted "uncommitted votes" in order to keep Obama in the lead, giving the person who actually won those 2 states, Hillary Clinton, no chance of catching up.

Obama, Kamu CURANG!!!

Facetious as it sounds, from now on perhaps the DNC can just give undecided votes to anyone they choose also!
You know, the polls say that 7% are undecided in this race. But, had the 'undecided' been able to decide, well, we think it's obvious that they probably would have swung over to choose Obama.
In fact, hummmm, you know, all those eligible Americans who didn't vote at all - well, we'll just add them in too!!

Meanwhile we are waiting for Lake County...

Kerry, Kennedy, Richardson, and so many more SuperDuper delegates, also defied the votes of their own constituency who voted for Hillary but then cast their lot to Obama.
Super delegate votes were supposed to be a 'representation' of the voters who cast their vote for a particular candidate in their state. They decided that their personal Choice outweighed the 10's of thousands of individuals that each of them represented.

I also have read many articles that point out that Super delegates are bought with promises, positions, and dollars.

One California Super delegate, Steven Ybarra, on Fox News stated he would give his loyalty to whichever one of the candidates gave him 20 million dollars. When asked if he would take 10 million, he said "NO!"

The Democratic vote was for sale under DNC policies?

Now, this (Super delegate B.S.)has never made any sense to me since the voter has already made clear their preference with their vote and a "regular" delegate count assigned to that vote.

So, it appears to me, that manufacturing SUPERDelegates in the first place, and making a FINISH LINE, not reachable by the 'regular delegate' count, is purely an insurance policy so that a few hundred of these elite Supers can supercede and install whomever they choose over the millions preferred choice.

Selected, and not elected.

I have to ask why they have just spent 250 million dollars on all these primaries when they could have just had these back-door comrades choose the candidate for the Democratic Party?
Oh wait- they DID!

On that note - I came away from watching the DNC Supreme Court proscription process thinking that America was lost.

Rules had reverted humans to objects.
Votes mean nothing.
Scurrilous elitist could rule.
Socialists, Racists and Marxist were in positions to outvoice millions...and revolutionize democracy at last. For that is what "CHANGE" actually is in the Obama message. I could hear the back yard organizers joking We won't even have to bus non documented dead people to the polls anymore.
To be Blunt. The Democratic Party had finally tipped over into a complete destructive Un-American evil thing for me.

I could almost hear Barack in the background saying, again: "Our individual salvation is dependent on our collective salvation..." and the zombies chanting, "Yes we can! YES we Can, YES WE CAN!"

I have both fingers up for your Obammunism-Marxist-mental-marketing salvation drivel, there buddy.

Then I saw a few very unhappy Liberal, Reagan democrat, and core Hillary supporter websites spring up.
Most of the Democrat postings give me HOPE that not all is lost for America.

Could it be that this new Obama DNC Democratic Marxist Party will have some America loving 'individuals' to silence that are resisting the BO(rg) collective-salvation of this germinating savior?

When so many of these poster comments, at these growing anti-Obama Democratic websites, say things like, My Country First and my party second - Vote No too Obama! - I had to crack a beer in salute! (and much relief - In Order For Evil To Triumph, Good People Do Nothing. I fear for this Country lately.)

I think it is Big news to read what disenfranchised Democratic Voters have to say and that they won't sit back and do nothing.
Unfortunately , most NEWS, will only report on how the dems are all coming together!
"They are upset, but they will fall in line."

This Donna Brazile doesn't think the Party needs these Hillary clinging, McCain totin', antithetical bitter people anyway.

Thankfully from reading these thousands of Dem. postings I can see they have done some Obama homework and haven't been bamboozled by Obama & Party.

an example post:
User Name jl
Comments If we are to [truly] become a color blind nation, absent of hate and prejudice, we must start with our children.

Hate is not hard wired into the human genome. It must be taught, repeated, and endorsed by a loved one or trusted individual.

Obama repeatedly exposed his children to the hate rhetoric spewed by his 'trusted man of the cloth', and by his (Obama's) presence, gave life and endorsement to it (the hate rhetoric).

Obama is not what he appears to be-Hillary is. We are far better off with McCain than we would ever be with Obama.

With Obama as president, we will do to ourselves from within what the world terrorists and radical fundamentalists have failed to do to us from without.

or another Democratic website example post:

Pledge to vote against Obama in the General Election

2:47 pm PDT, Jun 7, Name not displayed, Texas
The Democratic party is no longer the party of the people; they've gone back to the days of meeting in private and deciding who will be the nominee. Since my vote as a Democrat doesn't count any more I'll vote for McCain this fall. I bet that vote will count!

and then there's Cristi Adkins seen on Fox of Clintons4McCain and Just say no deal! , a coalition of millions sprung up overnight with one thing in common: NObama

Contrast Obama to John McCain, a man of integrity and honor, who has a record of bipartisanship and who, though Clinton supporters may not agree with on all the issues, believe they can trust.
We believe Senator Obama is a dangerous man, an inexperienced man, and yes, a racist and sexist man. We don't want him anywhere near the White House.

A CNN poll released Friday shows that the party is divided after a primary season that stretched over nearly 18 months and 57 contests.

Sixty percent of Clinton supporters said they would vote for Obama, but 17 percent said they would vote for Sen. John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee and Obama's rival in the general election. Nearly one-quarter, 22 percent, said they would not vote at all if Clinton were not the Democrats' nominee.

The poll's margin of error was plus or minus 7.5 percentage points. The poll was conducted after Obama clinched the Democratic nomination Tuesday.

17%-39%...That is 3 to 7 million voters.
Bush only won by 526 votes...

One has to wonder what the "we'll have everything fixed up fine in 100 days" Demo leaders where thinking.

Hillary: "Senator McCain will bring a lifetime of experience to the campaign. I will bring a lifetime of experience, and Senator Obama will bring a speech he gave in 2002."

Even after having been treated so improperly by her opponent, it is clear why Hillary had to make her gracious speech, or leave the party. You could see the strain at times.
"Our president", repeated several times, came out rather flat.

However, one really has to question how Hillary will now be able to explain to Hillary voters who were shoved out of caucuses, disenfranchised by Party leaders, denigrated by Obama bloggers, attacked by hackers, and called racists for not voting Obama, just how it is that this unseasoned inexperienced Obama is now suddenly qualified to be president too these very same disrespected core supporters whom Obama now wants and needs.?

I'd lay odds Obama dearly wants Florida and Michigan voters now though...and none of that Half a human being chit either.


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