Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Abortion as a Contraceptive"

Obama's Grandchildren a Burdensome Mistake?

One thing we know is Obama agrees with partial birth abortion. I explained once to a Dutch blogger what partial Birth abortion entailed and he said, ..." that doesn't go on!! No, Way!!"


I had to prove it to him with links, articles , and photos. I suppose I could have just sent him Senator Obama's abortion Voting record.

Yes, there are those like Obama who would promote Law to deliver a healthy child, leaving only the babies head in the birth canal, so no one can say the baby was ever BORN, obscuring it's life by this practice, by reaching into the birth canal with an implement of death to crush the head and suck the child's brains out. I won't even describe the disposal of the unwanted child's remains.

Obama even voted a Bill that allowed an aborted baby, born alive, to be removed to a room to be terminated.

Would Obama's accidental Grandchildren be a mistake? Punishable by death? A burden so great that even the grandparents wouldn't help out?

Referring to contraceptive and his daughters in a speech today, April 1, 2008, Senator Obama said…” if they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.”

Setting a mother's health issue aside, or that the child is alive, Obama's opinion asks us to understand the ultimate punishment to babies, is acceptable to him because of the burdensome, inconvenience, and responsibility that the woman will suffer without the choice of abortion as a contraceptive... at last a proponent slips up describing the inconvenient truth.

I'd bet , quite allot, that Not one of these principled pro choice -ers has ever walked into a room and exclaimed: "Guess what! I'm having a fetus!!"

The pro-choice blogs I have read over time have mostly discarded this myth that They must have the right because of the health of the mother...they are quite clear in today's advancement of slipperied sloped rights to choose, that , the choice now includes "mistakes", inconvenience, burden, and even 'retribution' towards a sex partner they are 'mad at'.
Just spend some time reading the 'right to privacy' and economic 'hardship' comments on the Net from the women who defend reasoning for abortion of "unwanted" pregnancies.
The arguments are no longer one of health issues of a mother...or can we even call one a mother if we can't even call her child a 'baby'? Proponents of abortion now believe that abortion for ANY reason, is justified.

As case in point Obama takes the abortion issue even a step further.

Babies were being born alive and put into back rooms, or utility closets to die.

Make no mistake ... Obama thinks that infanticide is A-ok.

Legislation was presented on the federal level and in various states called the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. It stated all live-born babies were guaranteed the same constitutional right to equal protection, whether or not they were wanted.

BAIPA sailed through the U.S. Senate by unanimous vote. Even Sens. Clinton, Kennedy and Kerry agreed a mother’s right to “choose” stopped at her baby’s delivery.

But in Illinois, the state version of BAIPA repeatedly failed, thanks in large part to then-state Sen. Barack Obama.

In a committee in 2001 and 2002, of which Obama was a member, Obama articulately worried that legislation protecting live aborted babies might infringe on women’s rights or abortionists’ rights.

Obama voted against the measure, twice. It ultimately failed.

In 2003, as chairman of the next Senate committee to which BAIPA was sent, Obama stopped it from even getting a hearing, shelving it to die much like babies were still being shelved to die in Illinois hospitals and abortion clinics.

Michelle Obama also came out with a letter calling for a luncheon get together to garner supporters to oppose the Born Alive Infants Protection Act.

Do you have to Wonder what was going on in Michelle's Chicago hospital utility rooms?

With views like the above it probably is a very fortunate thing for Un-Born, partially Born, and fully Born Americans that Senator Obama has been being paid to do a Job for the last 14 months that he hasn't been doing.


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