Tuesday, April 29, 2008


by greybeard

..."E Pluribus Unum" is a motto found on the Great Seal of the United States. It also appears on the Seal of the President.

Does it appear to anyone but me that Obama seems to have designed his very own African style Presidential Seal?

See E Pluribus Unum Design at Obama's site. .

[E Pluribus Unum or - Z? a Paintshop blow up sure looks like maybe the "E" is a "Z" Pluribus Unum ?? ]

The Obama Logo (The Big "O" with the rising Sun symbol) is depicted on 2 African flags - the rising sun means 'a dawn of hope' ...
(the rising sun on 2 African flags- a coincidence?)

In the image, above, the eagle carrying a Spear - instead of the 13 arrows [see spear-tip behind left wing; follow a line to bottom of shaft - quite Clear is a spear]

As I was researching Obama's Trinity Church site I noted that the churches website "used too" display a Flag.
No, not a US of A flag.
You can view what it once looked like, before removal, here:
Or, if it disappears from there, here:

So, just what Flag is Red, Black, and Green?
The Black Liberation Flag
The Pan-African Flag
The Black Nationalist Flag

They are all the same flag. A Flag invented for the black race by Marcus Garvey.

When I take into consideration and context who Obama has been trying to emulate his entire life, his papa, and what Afrocentric message he has worshiped, Black Liberation, the Spear means to me an African Spear...(I do not believe a spear has ever been a symbol of particular American heritage- so what does the Spear symbolize?)

I believe the messages in Obama images are not a coincidence, but by design an obscured medium.

By itself I'm sure it would make any Black Nationalist a dreamy tattoo but when combined with the words E Pluribus Unum it appears to me a redesign of the Presidential Seal.

Isn't it illegal to create (change) a representation of a presidential seal? I looked it up and wasn't sure of the wording and it's application here. Not sure.

It doesn't feel 'racist' to me exactly - but it does feel like Obama keeps designing various symbolisms, in image and venacular, of separating himself 'and his race' while flam-boozeling a major proportion of voters with his One America jargon.

Is this one of those "changes" of Presidential ideas?

Even in the symbols of our Country - erie representations seem to revolve around Che Obama.

You have to wonder about, the Obambacity of Obama, and of course, Michell's new White House china.



Anonymous said...

I can't believe that people who prize their freedom and have pride in being American citizens are falling for all of Obama's nonsense. His ideas reflect the worst for our country's prosperity and security. He is a very repetitive and crafty politician whose only ideas are "hope" or "change" both of which will serve us to be for the worse if he is elected.SB

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