Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama fond of Soviet Socialist Art?

This is a first draft about Obama’s Constructivism
-Soviet Socialist Realism -
-propaganda posters - commissioned and sold on Obama's website.
The artist is Shepard Fairey who advertizes, Manufacturing Quality Dissent since 1989:

Another radical to add to the Obama list.

I haven't pinned Faiery down to communism -so far- other than as symbolism that he likes…and he likes it mucho.

Then again it IS precisely this SYMBOLISM that is perhaps just one more image of who and what Obama represents and the ‘message’ he not only portrays but delivers with more of his arrogance .

Obama saw Shepard Fairey’s first "Progress" poster and Obama wrote Shepard a letter - and later Obama commissioned the "Change" and, "obey" "Hope" posters;

You will note in Obama’s letter that he has no problem with graffiti and defacing Americas public property

- of note the Lapel pin on the Progress poster-


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