Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What the Communists' Think of Obama

Obama A Communist Revolutionary Mole?

an excerpt from the People's Weekly World...a Communist agenda:

(3)... Obama’s victory was more than a progressive move; it was a dialectical leap ushering in a qualitatively new era of struggle. Marx once compared revolutionary struggle with the work of the mole, who sometimes burrows so far beneath the ground that he leaves no trace of his movement on the surface. This is the old revolutionary “mole,” not only showing his traces on the surface but also breaking through.

Now why is it that the Communists can view Obama and his views, and his History, and recognize a comrade in charms, while the rest of the Democratic Party would exalt Obama as the best of their best,putting out his fires causing smoke screens for the committed and undecided?

Look what is hanging on the wall of the Obama's Houston campaign offices. It's the flag of communist Cuba, embellished with the face of terrorist Che Guevara.

Are the Democrats so desperate for the White House that they would choke this Un-American camouflaged racist down our throats?

What do the Communist recognize that the swooners don't?

What do the Communist recognize in Obama that we the 'typically average' non revolutionary do not?

Why do Communist think Obama has gone underground to obscure who, and what, he really is?

What message resonates with a Communist that you and I do not understand because we don't speak their language?

WHY These tentacled relationships and associates Obama has had are ignored by millions of Obama Democrats perhaps goes to their years and years of being groomed towards the same mindset of what is called "the far left"- - even left of Left Liberal.

Why people don't call things the way they are is disingenious - and dangerous for our Country.

Call "the far far left" what they are- Socialists, marxist, and Communist. Period.

Obama has the distinction of being the Number 1 lefty in The Senate.

The Senate knows Obama. The House knew. The Superdelegates know. The Media knows.

Obama has to have demonstrated the background in vernacular and writing a recognizable tone and model that gave him such a distinction.

Add in the formula that Obama has clearly defined his hidden self as a separtist concerned primarily with 'the black community' and their written racist bylaws, and their cradel of "Africa first motto", one doesn't have to be kicked by the donkey to question the Democratic Party Leaders patriotism, common sense, or intelligence.

Wake up Democrats. You are providing comfort and support for an Imposter.

NO! NO! No you can't!

I think the Democratic Leaders should be called to Task for trying to turn our Country over to Obama and his marxist/Communist/racist/ sympathizers because they are afraid of a violent reaction of the black community, or that they will lose the future black Vote and their jobs.

This is a Sell out and Fold much like the Europeans to the violent Muslims manual of progress.

I have a suggestion for controlling violent behavior. It's called break the law - go to jail.

This pacification going on all over the world is forcing peoples and Countries to give up their own laws, culture, and identities and being controlled through fear.

There's just so much 'tolerance' one can be asked of before tolerance becomes intolerable.

Communists aside - Wait for the Muslim blog and what they expect Obama to be able to bring to them "changing" America; a change Obama already began with the special Muslim "food laws" he passed.

This is precisely how muslafication begins. Tiny steps.

Taxi!! taxi! - - - No! You infidel! You have booze in your luggage? you walk...!

America can not exist, as is, with two - three - four - systems of pacifications and adjusting to everyone elses cultures.
Where does it stop?

This is America. We have fought decades of Communism worldwide. The graveyards are full of sacrifice to prevent the model of Communism from spreading.

We can not tolerate a marxist, nationalist, jihadied, Communist or a racist Agenda in the White House.

Superdelegates need to be written too, just as we do to our Congressmen and Senators,( most of which appear to BE Superdelegates) and point out that their vote for Obama will be a Vote for a "Liberation" racist, a marxist ideology platform, and probable Treason.


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