Monday, June 16, 2008

The Muslim Question Revisited: Obama's War Room

by greybeard

The question of weather Barack Hussien Obama is a Muslim, ever was a Muslim, is a good or bad guy brand of Muslim, is still haunting Barack Obama.

Obama has set up a website War room to counter what he calls e-mail lies and smears. Here he continues to deny that he was ever a Muslim, or that he ever went to a Muslim school. His dishonesty continues by using semantics and misdirection.

There is much information and photos regarding Obama dressed in Muslim gear. There is even more information, in Obama's own words, that belies his latest propaganda efforts.

Although the Obama Muslim-dressed images and the rebuked story go to the credibility of Obama, his integrity, honesty, and character, the media not only dismissed the images but helped Obama keep the story buried by accusing Hillary of cheap shots of racist, divisive, and shameful fear & smear tactics.
It got to the point where no information about Obama could be stated without a legitimate debate being silenced completely by using the 'racist label'.

Keep in mind, as much as Obama seems to want to distance himself from a Muslim branding, it is not so much a question of showing that Obama is a good , or bad guy type of Muslim. The problem is the 'image' of the brand. Or in today's view if there is such a thing, at all, of a good verses bad Muslim, given World Headlines of fundamental Islamic atrocities. This inclusive association is one Obama seems to fear most.

What is the issue is that Obama is a liar. To be, or not to be a Muslim is not the primary question.

Obama has told us in his first Book, that he went to a Muslim school and that he studied his Koranic verses. Period.

There is no argument that Obama can use to dispel his personally written disclosures.

Therefore He must recruit those who don't care what he has actually done or said, or those who haven't done their Obama homework and believe he is being honest with them, to spread the disinformation from his Help-UnSmear-Me website. He counts on these supporters to dispel his dubious background for him.

In Obama's covert denials he (surrounds) the truth with words that allow him to portray an obscured truthful statement as being a lie that must be dismissed.

His anti-Smear Troopers have declared, Obama did not go to a Wahhabi Muslim school...- and or -
Senator Obama did not go to a madrassa Muslim school.

The sentence stated as written, for that time period, is maybe the truth you see, or perhaps a non radical version of a Muslim schooling truth. These Obama statements are written in such a manner that his uninformed readers will never recognize the trees through the forest of camouflage.

When the Obama lies are repeated enough times, and it gets repeated by enough emailed peoples and their Links, well, then Obama's version (4.0) goes right up to the TOP of google's Page Ranking, effectively burying those other accurate and truthful "OBAMA Muslim" type of word searches.

As one can see, when printed in this way, Senator Obama did not go to a madrassa Muslim school, then this is The continuing Obama LIE he is still avoiding telling the truth about with his word tricks.
How easy it can be to decieve in the tangled webs we weave.

Patrilinealy speaking, Obama was actually naturally Born a Muslim of thine father.

Muslim or nay, it is not the Muslim question that should be haunting Obama, it is the Obama deceit.

Lest we not forget that any e-mails, or articles written, going out declaring Obama to be a Muslim, practicing or not, were generated by Obama and his own spokespersons way back when as they were denying that Obama was a Muslim, had ever been a Muslim, had ever gone to a Muslim school.
The facts, in Obama's own published words, showed this to be untrue.
So, people responded with their own research and providing the truth of the matter.
The Campaign, who apparently had not 'vetted' their Boss, came out several times to 'change' their stories in the past. Today, the Obama War room continues the illusion of 'change' and disinformation.

In Obama's Fighting the Smears website he asks you to Upload to us your family and friends email addresses ... the entire address book will do just fine. Thank You. (paraphrased)

With this, the bringin' a gun to a knife fight Obama webBrains (fighting against concerned Americans, with all their flaws,) will proceed to viraly infest and infect the net with unsolicited spam emails to all listed addresses with the Obama confabulated words of victimization and <sarcasm>truth </sarcasm>...and Please, don't forget to give us your email password so that we can generate the email content, and then we'll send it too them for you...this is just a small example of what we can do for you in the future of 'change' so that you won't have to do it for yourself. Cool, eh?
Oh, and Speakin' of 'change', if you have any, can you send it to us post haste. Just remember, "Yes, we can!"


Any Obama supporters who have been dumb enough to give out their password will probably Vote for Obama without hesitation despite any amount of exposure of Obama's masterful equivocations.

Meanwhile, back at the mosque...

In other News - Obama's over the pond half brother believes Obama will be a good Muslim to the Jewish people. (None of that bad person kind of Muslim despite Islamic sunnahs like -Get out ye from behind that tree! - and kill them where you find them, sayeth Mohammed, while conquering non-believers on his mystical horse, Baraq ...)

Malik Obama confirms his half-brother Barack grew up a Muslim
As the Jerusalem Post reports, "Barack Obama's half brother Malik said Thursday that if elected his brother will be a good president for the Jewish people, despite his Muslim background. In an interview with Army Radio he expressed a special salutation from the Obamas of Kenya."

Given Obama's history, and his inclination to repeat it, we can probably anticipate Obama will say something like: I only met my half brother once. We didn't know each other well, ( he may not even be half the brother I knew ) and he is mistaken that I am a Muslim, or ever have been a Muslim... I am of the Christian Wright...It's understandable that my family over yonder are proud of me but this is just more of this typical kind of politics of fear mongering smear tactics (this time of the McCain machine) that takes us away from the primary issues...

Obama needs to realize that primary issues for Americans include Character. Honesty. Integrity.

The brother, Malik, IS another round peg that fits the round hole -
... if it sounds like a duck...

Hopefully though, this newest Obama family statement can at least help bring back the dead issue of the already presented evidence that Obama is a chameleon candidate.

A man who Lies, will lie to you again. And again.
And again.

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Anonymous said...

You need to leave your bigoted hatred behind like most of us have. You are inciting the masses of uneducated fools just as has always worked historically. Times have changed my friend. Obama is the greatest thing to happen to this country since we stomped out the KKK and all your kind of hatred spewing scum. You and Mcain/Palin are a dying breed...thank one month it will we will have the greatest president in US history, OBAMA will drag us out of the mud we have been mired in for 8 years. This country has been destroyed by people like you, more concerned with you bigoted rants than the real issues. Go read a book you fool, get you facts straight and learn how to use words in their proper context or don't use them at all. Good riddance you racist biggoted scum, you end of days is near!....

Anonymous said...

Despite is spelled d-e-s-p-i-t-e.

Or does orthography have a liberal pro-Obama bias?

Anonymous said...

Such stupid logic, hateful hyperbole and outright lies.

Let me suggest - first, get a psychiatric evaluation and then an education. (Start with basic spelling.)

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