Thursday, June 19, 2008

Obama, Sweety - the check's in the mail...

I recieved this e-mail (below) yesterday asking if I would help spread this idea and, or, publish it on my blog.
I went to look at the email writers site, and this old 'thug' decided that every idea, that will help keep this Country from the Obama Abomination of Marxist 'change' and it's radical UnAmerican take-over of the DNP and of it's peoples rights, is worthy of all efforts. -gb

John's idea too Hillary Supporters in answer to the requests from the DNC & Obama people for your money and support. (John, I edited it slightly and added link/s)

This is a protest we can do from our home.

Recently Obama said, "We Don’t Need the People. We Just Need the Checks."

So lets give him what he wants.
People I know you normally donate money to Hillary Clinton but this is a donation to America. The 4th of July is Independence Day so lets show our Independence from the Dem Party. I urge people to go out and buy a cheap box of envelopes, label each one with the following address:

The Democratic National Committee
430 S. Capitol St. SE
Washington, DC. 20003


Obama for America
P.O. Box 802798
Chicago, IL 60680

Then insert the following check:

(Click on Check for better image)

Also insert any of the following fliers from this PUMA website.

If we did this around June 30th they will receive our letters by the 4th of July and imagine the person who has to open all those letters of our Independence.


I hope this helps to get your message out, John. Good Luck!
Florida and Michigan peoples could tear their check copy in half. Send one half of zero to each address.

Remember in November.

"I am confident I will get her votes if I'm the nominee. It's not clear she would get the (92% race-based) votes I got if she were the nominee." ~ Barack Obama, February 1, 2008

...and for those peoples coming here from Ed's, See this hcfjm Compilation link . Hope this temp. hcfjm archive helps you to find your comments 'information' easier. -gb


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