Saturday, June 28, 2008

Obama's party Smacks Down Lady Delegate

by greybeard

Hillary Clinton has not formally released her pledged delegates yet, but the DNC in another sweep to smack down any discontent to their selected nominee, Barack Hussein Obama, has voted to remove Debra Bartoshevich, a Wisconsin Hillary Delegate, from the Democratic National Convention in Denver this summer.

Debra Bartoshevich, said she planned to vote for Clinton at the convention, but in an Obama-McCain matchup in November, “I will not be voting for Obama. I will cast my vote for John McCain."

“I just feel you need to have somebody who has experience with foreign matters

She said a series of controversial Obama associations, including but not limited to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Chicago developer Tony Rezko, reflected poorly on his judgment. And she echoed the complaints of many of Clinton’s most ardent supporters that Clinton was treated unfairly in the nominating process and by the party.

In ObamaLand, freedom of speech and choice are quickly dealt with.

They 'voted' to replace her.

Five Bucks says she wil not be replaced by a Hillary Convention supporter.

I'd say the lady needs a re-instatement petition of her own right about now.

In one fell swoop this NeObama party has taken away one of Hillary's votes and thus given it, again, to Obama with a warning to any other HC supporters.

Nothing new here I guess. Especially as it's the scuttlebut that The unprincipled Convention isn't even going to allow a roll call anyway - out of fear that their fair-scared selection could yet be out voted.

The stage seems to be set that should anyone further question oBAMA'S racist associations, criminal friendships, party chicanery, and under da air-bus judgments (gottah make that bus bigger as we go along now) that they are not only not Welcomed in the party, but they will be eliminated.

The Republicans are already being labeled racist to try to squelch some of the upcoming rehashing of unanswered controversies already discovered and brought out by the - then- hateful racist democrats. (Obama's peoples words - not mine) That was then, this is now...

It's a no-brainer why Obama is frightened to appear at Town Hall meetings, with Senator Mccain, after so many people are now more fully armed with accumilated ammunition of information that the REAL unvetted Barack Obama would have to answer in an informal, unscripted, non-media adoring, forum.
Obama said he'd meet anytime, anywhere; and in his Book he stated how much he just looooooved Town Hall meetings - (refind his quote)-
Obama is avoiding Town Hall meetings now.

Barack's afraid.

This same fear of being 'outted' keeps the Leaders adjusting the outcome of the coming Convention so no questions are allowed and no descenting votes are taken.

After this choreographed Unity -*in Unity*- people are going to have to understand that, barring some miracle like Obama shoutin Yeee- haaaw, that the cards have been dealt from a stacked deck and you are going to be on your own now to Stop Obama.

Debra, is not alone in being penalised free expression and choice at the DNC's, "I am the one you and I have been waiting for," Convention.

There are reported to be Millions in the DNC's disenfranchised party who believe Obama is nothing more than a Chicago snake-oiled BOa constrictor that has squeezed every ounce of democrasy out of their party and turned its foundational substance into an immoral undemocratic mush.

Will their voices be allowed to be heard in Denver?

Ask the, "Man who Unites". . .

I applaud Debra Bartoshevich, a true American, for standing up for her Country's ideals first, and the DNC-party's unqualified bHo selection, second.


Anonymous said...

Debra Bartoshevich was smacked down alright, but she was lucky that it was only metaphorically.

On August 13th, Hillary Clinton super delegate and chairman of the Arkansas Democratic Party, Bill Gwatney, was assassinated by a man with no apparent motive, who was then killed.

Now, Democratic US Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones of Ohio, who was a pro-Hillary delegate has just died from a mysterious brain aneurysm. (Anyone want to guess it was an air bubble injected into the bloodstream?) And there are several other superdelegates who have died or been otherwise eliminated from the coming convention vote.

Multiple, multiple coincidences equal a pattern. Big time.

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