Saturday, June 21, 2008

Obama for Obama: New-est Presidential Seal

The News and blogs are ablaze with this latest Obamania/c "arrogance".

Yesterday, Obama displayed one of his ego-class changes for the American people. His very own, v2.0, facsimile of a Presidential Seal! I say Version 2.0 because I wrote some notes up on his Version 1.0 over 3 months ago. (See my write-up, at Obama's Presidential Seal?)
In this one, the shield is replaced with his Logo...tiny steps. Tick - Tick-

What's next? Obama's nose to the sky Leninist style headshot Poses draped on our Government buildings? Mother Farrakhan Uniforms?

"Vero Possumus";   Latin for, "Yes we can"?? or, Very Pompouspossum?

It's all about Obama.     I'd bet the Obverse says...

Obama   FOR   Obama.                            (Say! Now there's an easily remembered flip flop for yah!)


UPDATE: So they Admit it was a "SEAL"...6/23/08

Barack Obama’s presidential campaign is retiring a presidential seal that made its debut at a Chicago event last week.

“It was a one-time seal for a one-time use,” Obama spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

Yeah, right!... a one-time deal for the seal.

And, there goes the ole' posthumousoppossum under the bus like a flattened road killed hubcap.

Come on now, Who Knew?     Dang it, and I only won 50 cents in the pool.   Off by 3 hours!

I'd say the definition of may be illegal is pretty much clarified by their admission of - "It was"...

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LaBonBon said...

Love your blogs, Graybeard! Keep 'em coming. Good work!

greybeard said...

Thank you!
It's nice to have a positive posting.
Lately all I recieved were 7 hate posts. [Am I doing something right?]
A lot to dig up and try to keep up with for sure!

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