Monday, June 7, 2010

Conservative Chuck DeVore for California Senate: What a President Should have said of Israel!

Chuck DeVore At the Israel Solidarity Rally in LA!

Get out and get your vote in for this strong American patriot tomorrow!

(Thanks to Joshua S Trevino for this video.
I did my best to transcribe this powerful speech. This is a speech that Obama should have gave to tell terrorists and their supporters that Israel is not alone.)

My name is Chuck DeVore and I'm a Lt. Colonel in the US Army Reserve.

And I want you to join with me in saying the folowing:
“Free Gilad Shalit!”
“Free Gilad Shalit!”
“Free Gilad Shalit!”
“Free Gilad Shalit!”
(The crowd respondes; “Free Gilad Shalit!” )


We gather here to support Israel because we support America!
We know from our experience that Israel's enemies- are America's enemies.
We know from bitter lessons they hate Israel for the same reasons they hate America.
They hate a free society.
They hate religious liberty. And they hate people who will not bow down to their oppressions!

Make no mistake. Defending Israel is defending America.

If Israel disappeared tomorrow - who believes that the terrorists would disband?
Who believes that the target would not simply shift from Tel Aviv to Los Angeles?

We used to tell ourselves that what happened in Israel could not happen here.
That was before 9-11.
That was before Fort Hood.
That was before Times Square.
That was before a dozen Islamists plans and plots to slaughter Americans in their homes, schools, and streets.
Let us say this unequivocally and unashamedly and emphatically - What Israel did to the Gaza flotilla was right, it was legal, and it was Moral!

It is never wrong to blockade a terror state, it is never wrong to defend your existence, it is never wrong to stop a movement that thinks the Holocaust was
simply a good start.

The fight between Israel and Hammas is a fight between civilization and barbarism, it as simple as that.

Our Grandfathers left their homes and families to travel half way around the world to defend freedom. And it was on this day 66 years ago that they landed in Normandy Beach in their righteous quest to destroy the Third Reich.

If this generation of Americans does not fight Islamists who seek to complete the Third Reich's work we dishonor the memory and sacrifice of our grandfathers.

But I Know- I KNOW - that Americans love liberty and that our contempt towards tyrants burns bright.
That is why our very identity as Americans compels us to stand with Israel- and against Israel's enemies.
Americans stand against Israel's enemies for the same reason it stood against Nazism, and fascism, and Communism.

I say clearly that the enemies of Israel are just as genocidal. Just as tyrannical and just as savage as those defeated movements.

The defenders -the defenders - of the gaza flotilla say it was a humanitarian mission.
The SAY they were PEACE activists.

What humanitarian mission opens sea lanes to terrorists, to Hammas.
What Peace activist lynch Israeli soldiers.
What Humanitarian mission refuses to co-operate with lawful authorities.
What Peace activists chant about Mohammed's massacre of the Jewish tribe.
The Gaza flotilla was not about peace.
It was about War.

It was about establishing a supply route to Hammas.
It was about supporting the eradication of the Jewish state.
It was about seeking and (getting?) combat with young Israeli men who earnestly desire Peace.

The Gaza flotilla is in short- the greatest international fraud since the plight of the (garbled) Germans.

There is only one thing about the Gaza flotilla that contributed to peace, and that, is when the IDF, stopped it, Dead in the water!


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