Thursday, June 17, 2010

Obama Gives Away Part Of Arizona? Technicaly- Not Obama 2010

There are certainly lots of takings and give-aways going on with Obama and crew and Obama certainly is NOT PROTECTING the border, nor sending the requested manpower to patrol it, in fact he has removed funds to build additional fencing. So he is Not doing his sworn job to protect our border. But this report that OBAMA is giving away part of Arizona 80 miles and 3 counties deep may not be accurate. (This is hard to write since technically I feel he is giving all of America away.)

I try real hard to read up on things rather than just except words at face value so I am often days behind stories while reading and reading and (OK- beer breaks in there somewhere) reading.
On the other hand I am also reading and taking at face value that the Wildlife Service is being accurate when it states only 3% of the Park is closed.

On this one the Media (in this case Fox and a lot of web sites relying on Fox) have it wrong unless Obama closed the Park area along the border in 2006. And he didn't.

The area in Red depicted on the News video is the entire Park- but it is only the very bottom area in YELLOW, a 3/4 mile area, seven miles long, that has been closed since October of 2006 according to the Fish and Wildlife Service.

Now why it has remained CLOSED rather than being reinforced with manpower to protect it and make it Safe for American/Arizona citizens is a different question.
That question being, Why close the border area to American citizens but not do, instead, whatever is necessary to close it to illegal trespassers and dangerous criminal activity?

In not supporting Border States with whatever is necessary for their stability and safety Obama is certainly responsible for this.

There have been news reports in last weeks about videos of illegals taken '80 miles' inside the U.S. Border. Perhaps this is where this "80 miles in" comes from but I haven't yet found that the Park is closed to U.S. citizens '80 miles in'.

So are politicians giving away parts of our States when they do not protect the border?

Technically the News Report is probably inaccurate - but in a sense - still this land has been surrendered.

Is it any wonder that Arizona is "FED" up and must declare enough is enough and act on it's own?

UPDATE - I think I have found MY confusion on this story in digging deeper.

The Fox news lady did say "all along the border" and not 80 miles in as if it were the entire Park. My mistake.

Looking close at the last line in the sign below (it was very hard to read it in the video) I have now read these signs are located along Interstate 8 suggesting that visitors should avoid areas South of I-8. (Maps look to be about 50-60 miles inland to I-8? or so)
This would explain why people are saying parts of Arizona are 'closed' to citizens.

So if these signs are up along I-8 warning people of the 'danger' you have to bounce back up to the Wildlife Media Alert pdf above and wonder why they didn't admit a technical 'subliminal' closure when spanking the Media with their 97% 'open' memo.

If I go to the Beach and there are signs up warning of Shark Attacks or Rip Tides - I'd pretty much say those waters are technically closed if I use any "stay out of the water" common sense.

It is confusing- I don't know which part/s to retract - where's my redact button...


Capt-Dax said...

Is it any wonder that Arizona is "FED" up and must declare enough is enough and act on it's own?

A Well Regulated State Milita, With Law Inforcement..Cleare the Area!!.

Any Interferance From the Fed's...AREST THEM AT GUN POINT!!

greybeard said...

Hiya cap

Me thinks States are gona have to start taking their sovereignty back.

Obama would love armed conflict - such a 'crisis' would fall right into his National Emergency take over mold. But I would sure like to see the lot of them arrested.

We'll have to take the house and senate back to begin pushing these basturds into retreat.

Sean Yilmaz said...

When Barrack Hussein makes any promises, do NOT believe a single word he says. DON'T trust Obama, I repeat DON'T trust Obama! I regret being a liberal and voting for this criminal leader. Say no to Barrack Hussein Obama! While he is sending troops to other countries, we have Neo-Nazi Faschist Reconquista drug cartels 80 miles inside our country and they may even bring our country down the toilet and turn it into a 3rd World Pisshole.

To any Reconquista Latino KKK Faschists (no offense to good Hispanic-Americans like Lupe Moreno, Raymond Herrera, or Gabrielle Giffords. etc.) or Illegal Aliens (not just of Hispanic descent, but of all backgrounds), if you have any argument you want to present me with, I will counter your arguments with sources and cold hard facts, and you will just blabber hatemongering, cursing and other things w/o the facts and w/o sources. You pro-Illegal Aliens and pro-Reconquista Tan KKK faschists will fall.

America overcame the Nazis, Communism and Al-Qaida. We can overcome the Next Hateful Authoritarian Ideaology, which is Open Borders, MEChA and La Raza and it will be destroyed into oblivion. Btw Reconquista Nazis, I am not of White American descent, my parents are LEGAL immigrants from a predominately Muslim country in the Mid East.

I wish we had some troops stationed at this peace of land in Arizona and the USA army should just bomb this place into oblivion. Because smuggling these drug cartels is like smuggling Al-Qaida into our borders. We need to treat La Raza, MEChA and any other Reconquista groups as more of a threat then Al-Qaida and the Neo Nazis and pursue and punish them for harming our nation. No to MEChA, no to La Raza, no to Open Borders, no to Obama (who hasn't even given us a proper birth certificate yet).

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