Sunday, June 27, 2010

High Crimes and Misdemeanors: Corruption INC. - Obama Exposed in Blago Trial Tapes

As the Blago trial continues, and more tapes are heard, it becomes clear that quid pro quo haggling of acceptable replacements for Obama's vacant Senate seat originated from the White House.

First on that list appears to be Valerie Jarrett...but for some reason - maybe she felt the winds of the FBI on her wings - she decides she doesn't want the Senate seat. Who knows maybe she couldn't recommend sitting communist Czars from a Senate position.

After Jarrett's exit, Rahm Emanuel called to give a list of four people that Obama would find acceptable as his successor in the Senate.
They were Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.; Tammy Duckworth; U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky and Illinois State Comptroller Dan Hyne.

Somewhere in the mix other players get involved trading favors. SEIU gets into the game as a buffer go between.

SEIU Blananoff testifies that it was Obama who called him to suggest that Valerie Jarrett get Obama's vacated Senate seat.

Blananoff then relayed this message to Blagojevich.

Now you KNOW you are breaking a law when you do whatever is necessary to skirt it by using middlemen to appear distanced.

Yet when appearances seemed to point to Obama he had his White House council, Greg Craig, issue a statement that Obama had no 'direct' contact with any Blago staff.

Ah, another very artful Rear End around a fightthesmears.con story.

One would wonder if this Obama involvement will disappear, like the Congressman Joe Sestack, "I answered honestly" crime, after proven perjurer Bill Clinton was enlisted to pull Obama's scat out of the fire.

AS Liz Blaine writes at David Horowitz's "NewsReal Blog" ---

...the Obfuscator-In-Chief blathered to reporters at the White House...
I can assure the public that nothing improper took place.”

In other words, he did not have employment relations with that Congressman.

Why does the Media think that the big important scoop to report to us is that Blagojevich Wanted Oprah to Fill Obama's Vacant Senate Seat?

From the tapes we can see that the prosecution, as well as the FBI, knew that Blago was not alone in this illegal house trading but did these officials go after Obama or Emanuel?

Of course not.

Perhaps they thought that they would not have "standing".

No one else in America appears to.

Obama's slippery history makes the Teflon Don look like a third tier mobster wannabe.

Will Obama finally be held accountable for his felonious actions and impeached for something acceptably coined as 'politics as usual'?

One doubts it.
Certainly not with the majority, and equally corrupt, progressive democrats in charge who would never vote for removing Mr. Transformation of America.

But if corruption in politics is 'business as usual', and shrugged off as common practice, why then is Blago being tried for corruption crimes and not everyone else involved?
This unequal justice protection of some who are above our laws is still unbroken. The Blago judge will not even let the Obama FBI interview tapes be heard.

Why do ideologue Courts get away with obstructing full disclosure when it comes to Obama?

Meanwhile Resko, hopin' on hope for that one term presidency, is probably sweatin' out that promised presidential pardon for his silence and wondering why he didn't come clean or make a better Ambassador to the Antarctic.


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