Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pete Stark-Raving mad Arrogant Ass selling Illegal ladders


California Congressman Pete Stark(D):
Our borders are quite secure, thank you ..."

Here we have Stark making fun of the serious border problems with snide comments and marginalizing and mocking his constituents concerns at a town hall meeting, about the Federal evasion of securing our border, with these over the top personal attacks.
Of the Minutemen Stark asks: “Who Are You Going to Kill Today??

I am not sure when I have seen a more pompous screw you "so what" smugly, arrogant, sarcastic, political elitist "jackass".

Stark would sell ladders so that the illegal invasion would continue?

Laura Ingram reported tonight that 52,000 non - latino border crossings occurred in 2009 - so just how many ladders did you provide to Al-Qaeda Congressman?

I have hundreds of write ups here and I have called racists racist and socialists socialist and communists communists but I have pretty much always avoided the liberal left hand slurs like moron and idiot but this Stark has me typing one handed while I use my right hand to look up a picture of a sanctimonious stupid ass.

This guy has been running California for 38 years??
No wonder we are broke and legals are moving out.

"hit the road jack."

note: check into candidates values in the Calif. 13th district to replace Stark and report.


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