Friday, June 4, 2010

California's Governor's race - Consent of the Governed

Once again I am staring at a bunch of names of people running for California Governor who I have zero idea of who they are and what they think.

It is no longer (despite what people warn us about wasting a vote) sufficient to look at a list and check all Repubs or all Demos depending on your party.
Yes we can keep right on doing that and keep right on getting what we've got too.
We can continue to let parties choose people like Scozzafava and the Spector's, or we can try to choose some people who reflect our values.

To the argument that we must choose those who are "ELECTABLE", and don't waste your vote ...well look where that has got us.

We keep putting in office people who govern us who do not have our values because at least they are not the other guy. Lesser of the 2 evils we always say.

Over the months now all I have heard is Whitman- Poizner - Forina - Whitman- Poizner - Forina- Whitman- Poizner -'s like no one else exists as a choice because these have the TV bucks and clout.

Yes, I know, Fiorina isn't running for Governor. Her inclusion is the limited exposure of choices by whoever can afford our 15 second attention.

Calif. State Governor race...who is what

Whitman Whitman Whitman
Whitman may have the words right but she has shifted allegiance on issues faster than she could get on board a global governance power cruise.
from my readings she has Flip-floped as the political wind blows.
Loves Commie Van Jones? Why would you go on a climate change cruise if you weren't associating yourself to that crowds ideology? Do you think that there weren't any white polluters and suicidal gray capitalist Jonesy climate speeches on-board?

Then too, I always have to ask myself - why would anyone spend MILLIONS and MILLIONS of their own dollars for a $200,000 dollar a year job and tell us how
fiscaly responsible they are.

Poizner Poizner Poizner
Steve Poizner:
The TV commercials portray Poizner's record as soooo liberal that even a Scozzafava looks good.
If you were dying of thirst and all the mirage concessionaire offered you was piss in a crystal goblet you'd get Poizner.
His website declares differently though. The clear Conservative choice. 72% Tea Party choice.

I will have to do a lot more digging of his record to see if he is true or blue. And Time is so short.

Other less known Candidates:
David Tully Smith
I don't know anything about this guy- I read some of his website - his comments on California's Water problems didn't seem to say anything helpful to my mind for the Valley that HOPE forgot.
On Obama's health ponzi scheme he appears not to agree with it
but refers to the "Switzerland model" do you spell socialist??

The kicker for me was: Every resident of California must purchase an acceptable health insurance policy or provide other sufficient guarantees for their health-care coverage in a fashion similar to mandatory state automobile liability coverage ...


I Don't need to know a whole lot more ABOUT Tully and his positions.

NO way on Tully.

Bill Chambers, Railroad switchman

Well it didn't say <em>switchperson</em> so let's look at Bill.

What a shame - never heard of this guy in this race because he doesn't have the money to buy the office or let people know he exists - His positions and statements

I really liked the majority of Bill's positions. His words are reflective.

I'd vote for him except for one major concession.
He feels Republicans have fought the lefts presumed right to kill burdensome babies for far to long and that Republicans should except the inhumane contraceptive practice as it stands and move on. Get Over it.

I'd venture to say that a long ago 3/fifths of a human being law would never have been corrected by the bickering politicians with this kind of 'go along to get along' stance; or Get Over it.
Just because something wrong is on the law books for decades, like establishing when someone is less than a full human being, or not a human being at all, does not make it 'right'.

...if you have principles and beliefs stick to them-
it's what makes you different than the other philosophy that gives us 'choice' not to become one of them.

Sorry- no can do, Bill.

Ken Miller: Family Broadcasting Executive

Another person who I have heard nothing about.


Preserving the sovereignty of California:
"I will begin this process by resurrecting the California State Sovereignty Resolution,
Senate Joint Resolution No. 44 (adopted August 23, 1994), thus declaring the Obama "Health Care Bill" null and void in California.
Then I will order the Attorney General of California to proceed with nullification. As Governor, no longer will I allow the socialist
Federal Government to interfere when we have the ability to make our own decisions for the good of all Californians
"We will stand against the socialist regime in this state and in this nation. We will stand with the Founding Fathers of this great nation."

Am not sure what I think about Miller's proposed 'consumption tax' while eliminating State tax. I don't know what the affect would be on the average person. You can bet in a few years along with any consumer tax that State tax would reappear. Betcha.
Much like the Health Care repeal has disappeared from the News and views- The water issue in the Valley that Hope Forgot still lays fallow and must be addressed.

As I said then, and I repeat to Pelosi- When is the last time you sat down to a candle lite dinner and ate a nice fresh savory solar panel?

Overall I like his platform.

Douglas R. Hughes: Retired Business owner.

I can't put finger on it - something--- but no, not for me
Lawrence "Larry" Naritelli:

Conservative - Anti-Gay Marriage - Pro- gun - Pro-Life - Pro-Smaller Government - Married - Catholic - Straight -
Although he is a lifelong Republican, Larry became disenfranchised from the party in 2008 as it moved away from the conservative values of Ronald Reagan. In 2009 he joined the Tea Party movement as an American patriot to join others who believe in small limited government, low taxes, and free market capitalism.

Actively fought to stop the water restrictions on our farmers and the CARB regulations that are driving jobs and businesses out of state.

"We must never again develop laws and policies based solely on scientific hoaxes like the global warming fraud and climate change hoax."

"I support the Arizona Governor and the new law designed to protect our people from an invasion of criminal elements associated with those who do not want to follow our laws.
We must enforce our current laws and that means no to amnesty."

"We must not allow our legislatures to impose socialism on our health care system."

I really got a good feeling of taking our country back from Larry's website.

Robert C. Newman 11 - psychologist/Farmer:

On Social Services:
We who live in a civilized culture must do our part assisting with the needs of the dependent, sick, and elderly. We must empower others to advance themselves by, for example, teaching
the capable to fish, not by giving them a fish. Some are truly in need while others have come to think of themselves as being in need; the latter express the concept of learned
helplessness. My desire is to remove the undeserving and to remove the stigma from the deserving.

Redevelopment is a serious perversion of eminent domain and the right of property owners. Your local redevelopment agency (RDA) rules allow for private property to be seized by a government body, and sold or given to a private party...The ultimate goal is to generate greater revenues for the government...RDA’s must be stopped.

Has some good ideas but I do not get a feeling of motivating passion. Perhaps it's more like a tame non-feeling of outrage.
These people are our choices for California Governor...

Learn more about them and their 'alledged' or true positions regarding your values at their listed websites. I've only listed a very few of their views.

I think I will go with "Larry", or Miller.

Niether has got a chance in hell with the bucks and coverage of (M&M) Meg and Moonbeam but at least I'll know I stepped out of the primary pre ordained Consent box.


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