Friday, August 27, 2010

8/28 Restoring Honor to America: Who's Against it?

MLK surely would not be...yet the left media sure seems to be.
The liberals sure seem to be.
The progressives sure seem to be.
The race-baiters sure seem to be.

Without any foundation whatsoever the folks who gather this week-end at the Restoring Honor to America rally, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, are being labeled maliciously and even threatened with violence and disturbance.

This is not a 'tea party rally' that has been so falsely maligned in the media. But still it is being attacked.

Why is a gathering showing pride in America so threatening to these who threaten?
Why are people coming together to speak of the positives of our history so negatively met by these revisionists?
Why is speaking of the greatness of our country met so angrily by apologists?
Why is a return to faithful foundations so feared by the changers?
Why are people who gather to celebrate honor, integrity, honesty, equality, and the pursuit of such, being labeled with untruths?
Why are people who cast aside apathy and travel hundreds and thousands of miles in belief of true change - spruned for their hope?
Why are Americans who are assembled together to honor our heroes and warriors, who secure our freedoms, being ridiculed and marginalized?

How is it even possible for the left to portray Americans - who come together to Honor America, and to restoring America's awareness of foundation, principles, charity and heroes - as 'extremists' and racists?

Why are these left of center people so afraid of Restoring Honor, value, virtue, history and truth that they can't even repeat the Title and must instead...freeze it...then rename it?

We'll have to see who is against it - and what tactics are used to obscure the message by ridiculing the messengers.

Speaking of messages and messengers:
Remember Obama's Czar- Cass Sunstein - Suggested that the Tea party assemblies could be infiltrated to cause chaos. That of course received no press from the state run media outlets. From PravdaPlanet ObamaNews Organizations such regressive divisional tactics are served daily without regard to consequence or conscience.

I don't recall the exact threat - but my recall is the 'kill the white babies' mouthpiece of the New and improved Black Panthers Party said he'd see Glenn Beck on 8.28...we are still waiting to see if this type of threat violates the new and Improved Department of Unequal Justice's protection policies.

To those going to the rally:
Glenn Beck asks you NOT to bring signs to this rally- this is not to be a "political rally".
He asks you not to be intimidated by those sent to cause trouble.
Do not give the bleeds it leads outlets the satisfaction they seek by being drawn into any confrontations.

To all you who support America and Honor her - have a great and safe week-end!

8/28/ watch the Rally Live on Cspan at 10 Eastern - 7 Pacific -



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