Friday, August 13, 2010

Bankrupting America: 3.2 MILLION for Turtle Tunnels - For the Literate amoung them


"Funded By: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Barack Obama, President."

Have our politicians gone insane or are they deliberately trying to bankrupt our country?
Two point six million dollars to train Chinese prostitutes, IN CHINA, to drink responsibly?

This stimulus Bill that was passed is just jam packed with frivolous bankrupting lunacy.

Cocaine Snorting Monkeys get 71k to a reported $144,541 bucks?
I read that Obama's people tell us that the chimps glutamate system - could teach us something about human addiction.
Dang if that shared teachable moment shouldn't at least create jobs in Obama's House of Addictive Disordered Spenders Caucus when hooked up to a PET scan.

We better hope the stimulated monkeys don't escape and tear down the forty-one $400,000 squirrel bridges to somewhere in Arizona!
Then there's $1.9 million to califurnyah to capture and photo ants in Southwest Indian Ocean Islands and east Africa-
Geeesh send someone over yonder a leftover chicken bone and you'll have all the ants and photos you need overnight. Two million bucks?

The list of waste just keeps getting bigger - 3.2 million for a Florida Turtle tunnel?

Your Tax Dollars at Work.

Someone in Washington needs to put a stop to the balance of the Stimulus Bill being wasted and reduce our deficit with the 340 billion not yet used & abused.

Bankrupting America

The Foundry -Real or Fake: $3.2 Million Turtle Tunnels

Senator Tom Coburn -The Pork Report -

America Speaking Out!




Anonymous said...

So it's fine for the drivers of Florida to kill our nation's turtles? These drivers are stealing turtles from us by so callously running them over! $3.2 million is a bargain compared to what you have already cost us in dead turtles!

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