Sunday, August 29, 2010

Restoring Honor Rally - Who is against it? Part II

Update: The rally was wonderful! The speakers- songs - and celebrations to ALL hero's was so great for our country and spirit.

The divisionist Media of course missed the uniting message and concentrated on a race card angle if celebrating MLK's dreams of all peoples uniting belonged only to the Al Sharpton's - who's comments have been -"...there is no way in the world that I am going to allow him (Beck) to have more people there than us. I hope every Black person in the country will help us to challenge this."

Challenge WHAT- AL? Honoring MLK??

The people gathered at Mr. Beck's rally celebrated Martin Luther King and his dream of 'content of character' while Sharpton and media worried over numbers and skin color.

It seems to be a big deal to the information speculation-sphere that it appeared to many that Glenn Beck was wearing a bulletproof vest...while Most worried for him, others mocked him for being careful.
None of the media that I have heard so far have produced WHY such a vest was necessary- IF he had one on.

For the nojournalist inciters - who look for SIGNS such as our LSPravda media does- they seem to have ignored reporting any of the the lefts signs popping up on the net where real communication gathers.
In fact the media comments that the people showed up without signs- so it was difficult to figure out what the rally was all about...

While the pledge and anthem and prayer and people being honored was being shown I kept track of what some people against Honor were saying on twitter @ (#glennbeck)...

KABOBfest Dr. Alveda King speaking now. How much was she paid?

streetmagix Where is a tactical nuke when you need one

RippDemUp Today is probably the only day that you wished that the DC Sniper was still alive and free.

lannedp @missbanshee Is it wrong that I spend my thinking there has got to be some crazy on the side of decency willing to take him out? #glennbeck

ofinfinitejest I'm kind of hoping Glenn Beck inspires a riot today so he can be imprisoned as a terrorist or treasonist or some shit.

ronaldjackson Glenn Beck's Messiah Complex: He Wants to Be a "Messiah?"— Cool, Make Him A Martyr!!

koolgiy You know those white semi-racist crazy christians people normally make fun of? Yeah, they're all in Washington today

danr RT @WadetoBlack Between #GlennBeck rally & Natl Read Comics Day, there's gonna be a shortage of white people inside their homes today.

SAWHEAT1 Well hello there ! Has that pink pig started speaking in tongues yet?

hbeeinc it sounds like #glennbeck is just begging to be assassinated. and if it happens, it will be well staged

soniafaleiro Fingers crossed #glennbeck will topple over while doing the Nazi salute.

cryptonomicon2 #GlennBeck does remind us of the Civil Rights Era -- that is, the people who hated Martin Luther King

tsytsma People are descending on the national mall like flies on shit for #GlennBeck 's #828 Restoring Honor Rally

hbeeinc ooops! #glennbeck forgot to put an asian into his multicultural choir

These are the type of representatives of people who celebrate the lefts hate, do not represent truth, and feel so threatened by values being restored.

These are the kind of people the media represents in silence and Obama instructs to go out and get in your face.

It doesn't surprise me that Mr. Beck may have been wearing protection when you read what these kind of jack-wagons had to say.


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