Saturday, August 7, 2010

Delaware's Christine O’Donnell: A Citizen's politician?

Running for the Delaware Senate seat against Cap & Trade Mike Castle (the liberal voting Republican) is Christine O’Donnell ( a reported common sense conservative.)

If you want someone who embraces what the Founding Fathers envisioned, a straight shooting, qualified citizen-politician to go to Washington and serve, then I hope to earn your support. -- Christine O’Donnell

We all know how a single politician (like a Snowe or a Collins) thousands of miles away can help shove down our throats unwanted 'changes' even when they do not represent us.

If we are to ever restore our country from insanity and dependence to common sense and independence then we must begin by paying more attention to who is being elected elsewhere also and helping to get people who represent our founding values elected.

People who are going to fight Obama's socialist machine and believe in Capital free markets. People who believe in limited Government. People who listen to the overwhelming will of the people. People who's 'individual freedom' isn't subject to collective salvation and ear marked entitlement poll numbers. People who won't burden, tax and regulate so excessively that you fall to your dependent knees begging to be saved and given relief.
People who believe in, and abide by, the Constitution and don't try every trick available to bypass it. People who not only represent what is best for their State but for the Country.

I don't know a lot about Christine O’Donnell yet - I am still reading and watching- but from what I have heard so far on camera she sounds to be just such a "people"...

Thanks Eric Odom - The Activist Traveler - for some heads up information on Christine.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, no. Rasmussen has spoken: Its ABC in Delaware. Anybody But Christine. That's one more campaign gone bust for Miss $13.00 A Day.

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