Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Obama Breaks his Word: Champaign Financing

by greybeard

Has Obama really showed us any change in the way politics works, or has he done whomever it takes to win?

Barack Obama made a pact with John McCain that, if the two were to be their party’s nominees, each would accept public financing for the general election.

But, Barack discovered that those Sorros & Arab fueled boilerrooms could keep the internet paypal donations accumilating much more lucretively than taking the mere 84 mil public financing, draft beer budget, that he had agreed too.

So, Obama broke his word.

To most people, in this country, a man's word is a pledge of honor, and a pact is an oath to it.

If Senator(D)Obama can't even keep his word ,before being DNC selected to office, what can one expect when he takes an oath to it?


Anonymous said...

w/o a doubt he says and does whatever he thinks will make him a winner...just wait until all those rich politians in Washington have to start paying more taxes... Richard, Indiana

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