Sunday, June 29, 2008

Google is Shutting Down Anti-Obama Blogspot Sites

Well, forwarned is forearmed...

It is reported that Google has commenced a silencing treatment upon Blogspoters.
I have set up a back-up site in case this one goes down @ (there's nothing on it yet - just a tsun sue precaution)

It seems that Obama's fightthefears web terroists have started a new game called report negative Obama sites, and positive Hillary sites, to Google as "spam sites."

What a bunch of nice untiy 'uniters', eh?

So rather than investigate these sites first for an unknown reported violation, google (who contributed over 370k in bundeled dollars to Obama) has shut down these Just say No, No to Obama, NoBama, sites with emails to the authors that they will be under investigation for 'spamming' - probably to be released unharmed no later than November 5, 2008, would be my 5 dollar guess.

Now, of course this could just be google’s faulty sytem that allows for people with genuine knowlegable site content to be attacked and harrassed, but google knows this is a problem. Google has a history of censoring and the records show their moneys on Obama. So what'sa simple pinko hunter gona think?

Co-incidence my hide- It's one or the other.

To anyone with a Blogspot website I encourage you to make copies of your site and probably be prepared to move it.

Most sites still load up but the authors can no longer write new Obama / Hillary / content.

Google also now owns youtube and is responsible for all of these informative Obama videos that keep disappearing off the web too.

My advice? When you find one you like and embed/use/post/ it somewhere - Know that it probably will google-vanish quick as an Obama pledge.

If you like a particular video and think it is important information then make your own copy and upload it to a place like photobucket as your, or the web's, back-up.

For a much more in depth insight on this story see bloggasm.

I gottah go read up on how communism starts - I believe it gets a threshold thru suppressed votes - censored media - bludgeoning oppossition - and idol worshipping?


Beth said...

You can import your Blogger posts to sites, if you want to back this site up. Just go to Manage → Import → Blogger on the WP dashboard and follow the directions. :)

greybeard said...

Thank you very much, Beth!

I had saved everything but sure wasn't looking forward to having to transfer it all- your guide zipped me right through. It looks like a lot to figure out in order to get set up/ backed up.
Am playing with it's functions now.
It's alot different -- I HATE CHANGE! :)
Thanks -

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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