Tuesday, July 1, 2008

McCain campaign pulls ads from some anti-Obama Web sites

Running a 'clean' campaign is very important to Senator Mccain.

But when does 'sweeping the dirt' under the carpet, so noone can be aware of the factual situation, enbody cleansing that has gone to far?

With the media having selected their Obama choice for president, for the viewing country, via biased reporting and refusing to investigate or report the outreageous facts regarding Obama, someone has to stand up and report it as it is. They bring in these biased pundits who excuse away every episode of Obama gaff and Lie and call it, no big deal- something that will be forgotten. (We won't speak of it again. SHhhhh! )

In the last few days even Google has got into the act of silencing the web writers who have provided researched intel on the questionable background of their favored Candidate, by shutting bloggers Anti-Obama sites down as "Obama Spam".

Control! Despots rely on information manipulation, propaganda, and lies.

When Obama's abismal voting record, his radical associations, his crooked dealings, his racist unchristian beliefs, his marxist platform, his black nationalist views, and his day to day redacted Lies, are silenced and re-writen by the media speak, it's then up to the 'people' to try to get the actual true information out there about this Obama charletan because we can't depend on this one sided media any longer to report the truth and let the people decide.

Knowing McCain's tendency to try to distance himself from 'negative' ads and 'negative' characterizations of his opponent/s, CNN decided to step in and see how they could further silence the internet media from opposing their choice by questioning McCains alligence to Anti-Obama sites...and McCain danced right into their waiting devisive arms.

McCain campaign pulls ads from some anti-Obama Web sites that are - particularly hostile to the Illinois senator.

SavagePolitics.com, an anti-Obama site that has run McCain ads, has called Obama a "bold faced liar, a thief, a sexist and a racist."

One Web site, called Stop-Obama.org, is a group blog written by disaffected Clinton supporters, some of whom are now supporting McCain.

McCain's ads have also shown up on a pro-Clinton Web site named "Obama WTF" that accuses Obama of being "spineless," having "communist influences," "courting Jew haters" and being "in the pocket of America haters."

"When we find stuff like this, we take care of it," said McCain spokesman Brian Rogers. He said the campaign has taken steps to block those sites from its online advertising network.

Mr. Rogers, sir... when you find stuff like what? People reporting the actual SOURCED truth about your opponent that none of you, on either side, seem to have the balls to inform the American people about??

That's some great, "I'm not going to get involved in referee-ing," back-tracking, son.

Not only a dum penalty, but one that takes your own players out of the credibility ballgame.

You just allowed CNN to dictate to you where you can advertise. Are you ready to pull your ads off of millions of websites that are trying to inform this country about the falacies of Obama? Do you think Obama will pull his ads off of sites that belittle McCain?

Let the free speech market work. Right now you are working with, and being manipulated by, Obama strategists.

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing."

It would be a good time, about now, for John McCain to support the people who are supporting him. If they are willing to put out his message he too should put out theirs.
Or at least say he fought for their right to say what they say, right or wrong.

There is no way in hell that the McCain intel doesn't know that these character flawed 'issues' regarding Obama, and reported by internet Obama research diggers, are 'negative' only in the sense that they are the 'negatives' of this man Obama and his history. Saying nothing does not expose Obama philosophy for what he is.

There are Oppossing-Obama web sites for a reason. Many, like those listed above, expose the Real truths about Obama. Uninformed People need to know what they will be getting from the Obamanation. The media has shown they won't do it.

Mr. McCain, sir, one of the priorities of being qualified for the position of president of these United States is to protect this land and her peoples from being infiltrated and controled by the likes of this Obama marxist and his legion of radical Anti-American comrades.

Do it!


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Obama will offer McCain the same courtesy? I seriously doubt it.

Okay, so we can't be critical of Obama, we can't invoke his middle name, we can't talk about his wife, we can't talk about his preacher, we can't ask how he plans on funding his radical agenda, we can't ask about his radical friends, we can't ask about his mortgage, we can't ask about his lack of experience, we can't ask about his America hating church or his pastor, we can't ask why he won't do townhalls with McCain,the list goes on and on.

I've never seen a presidential candidate handled with kid gloves like this before, it's ridiculous that the Dems want to elect this puppet to lead the strongest nation on the face of this planet, all because he gives good speech. Guess what, Hitler gave great speeches too, look how that turned out.

greybeard said...

Obama probably won't be touched until the media reports the truth. imo. [Or he creats a storm that their bias just can't ignore.]
The media went after Hillary Clinton by 'creating' their own "If it bleeds it leads" stories.
Why they did this when Obama had so much more juicier stories to be reported as casualties can only be put down to preference. That war may be over and the Media's pick won. We'll have another show come convention perhaps to see if they won the war- or just a battle.

McCain appears so anemic they don't even give him equal bleeding time. His 'kid gloves'approach to Obama is not only infuriating to me - it is bordering now on irresponsibility. If he wants to protect this country he ought to start with Obama and bring up all of the issues you list, and more, and then watch how fast he gets equal 'hits & misses' media time and people get informed finally.
I was at a bar b q last month and one Obama supporter knew nothing about any of the obama facts I brought up. All he could say was, after 8years of Bush we need a "change."
That's what most people think they are voting for. But they don't know WHO they are voting for or the character of the man they are voting for.
He gives a good speech with a teleprompter.

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