Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Barack Obama the military strategist!

Obama: “There is no military solution to Iraq Afghanistan.”

No military solution to Iraq- but there is a military solution in Afghanistan?

Politicians, I swear.

You know, only 36 hours InCountry and this guy is already a military expert!

Obama: "The same factors that led me to oppose the surge still hold true."
We'll never know what would have happened if they had followed my plan of no surge...

Yeah, and if only I would have drove the truck, instead walking, I might have had the card with I-18 on it in last weeks BINGO game! I'm gettin' rid of my legs.

This is the guy who says Iran is just some insignificant puny non dangerous piss-ant insect of a country.
But hold on cause you knew it was coming. Then sometime between Perrier and waffels he 'changes' his Iran rhetoric to:
"the danger from Iran is grave...and my goal will be to eliminate this threat."

The Iran change-up must have been driven by some "are you kidding me?" poll that came out that hadn't been stuffed by Obama phone banks.

It's not hard to tell if he is for something before he is against it, or vice versa.
But the Media let's him slide.
He simply has to come out with, "I never said that...what I said is..."

Generaly there is such a blatant contrast between what he had said, and -re-said, that you have to sit there with your jaw on the floor sayin', HUH?

Of course then all these redactions gets buried by the Media's Harry meets Sally tingle running up their legs, and people don't get to see the three sides of Obama before we are off to something new. Or revised.

It's impossible to keep up with the 'changes'... just yesterday he was a member of the Senate Banking Committee ...Nooooooooooope.

nOW Here's the Obama surge irony:
Obama will still tell you that the military surge didn't work in Iraq, even though violence is down, but at the same time he is telling you that what Afghanistan needs is more military because violence is up.

Of course Obama knows what would happen if they follow a plan of implementing a 'surge' in Afghanistan by using Iraq's military progress as the model.
Therefore, the "surge" must have worked, or else he is touting sending troops to Afghanistan for what reason?

From what I have read Obama does not make decisions from facts on the ground, and therefore does not allow for choices in the best interest of the United States.

He's made statements that he must take into account what is politicaly best suited on a global basis. (refind exact words)
My feelings about the corrupt and useless United Nations and what they think is best for Our Country is another whole EF-few write-up.

Obama doesn't give a rats behind what the facts on the ground are in Iraq or what the military experts tell him. Iraq is unpopular politicaly, Afghanistan is supported, so he plays on that base to get himself votes.

The facts that should concern Obama:
Whatever it takes to make Iraq safer makes the U.S. safer.
A successful non-chaotic Iraq is in the best interest of the United States.
Preserve freedom that allowed for those that held up those Purple Fingers.
Acknowlege the honorable troops on the ground as the providers of success & safety.

The facts that actually concern Obama:
Making decisions on what is in the best successful self-interests of Obama.

He has even Removed his previous "surge" won't work comments from his website.

This is still on the surge page though -"Judgment You Can Trust."-

The one thing you can count on is Obama's character.
Should Afghanistan, Israel, or even puppies become unpopular he'll abandon it like a hot potato(e).

Hopefully, we'll never know what would have happened in our own country if Obama had been voted in as Commander and Chief.


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