Monday, July 14, 2008

The New Yorker - "Satire" or Tasteless?

Don't we get a third option?

I'd say "Perfect!"

I have read for 5 months now, on the metamorphosis of young Barry, the inventor, into this Onion Barack.

I have read volumes, hours and hours a day, tracing assertions, rumors, quotes and details back to sources- and generally, and with fingers crossed, all the way back to Obama himself.

I can say that everything in this picture, imo, other than Obama residing in the White House, are quite fair depictions of accurate characterizations. Though surely Wright and Farrakhan would adorn their own special Obama walls of infiltration over the fireplaces; behind closed doors.

I've read last night, and heard today, that a major complaint of viewers of this image has been of Our Flag burning in the fireplace.

Well, then I hope that this same majority take equal offense to the fact that when "The Flag Protection Amendment" came up for a vote - Obamasan, who has very little record of votes [other than "Present"] thought the vote was a waste of precious time, laughable, and voted to allow for the contemptuous right to desecrate and burn our American flag.

Michelle as an Angela Davis clone is perfect! Black nationalism. Black Separtism. Black community first and foremost. Black America. Black Power. Black Liberation. Black Panthers endorsing Obama. Farrakhan for our Messiah. Soldiers for Black freedom. Obama, our saviour.
Black America will wake -up and get it -
Bump bump.

Didn't someone tell us there was no Black or white America?

What was that guys name?

Ding-Dong - Trick or Treat...


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