Thursday, July 10, 2008

If ya can't get 'em with Honey - get 'em with Bullsh*t

Everyone who thinks Reverend Wright's last egomanical ranting appearance on TV was staged raise your hand.

It is just not 'typical' that the old Wright performer came out with yet another rant, that was sure to hurt Obamason, and then just evaporated into thin media-air.

It did however, give Obama the opportunity to come out and appear outraged finally, cause he blew it at the PA. "Wright is Old school" angry-excuse-race-speech where he blamed everyone else for his poor judgement, and Wright's poor-me-life on the stained & flawed nation.

So to try to quiet the repeated video broadcasts of his mentors hatreds towards whites and America, Wright needed to make one last appearance. And dry up and go away - and those ole videos did likewise.

Obama told us: "You can't associate him to me anymore"...(maybe paraphrased) and poof, no more Wright.

Ever since I saw Wesley Clark come out with his 'inartful' McCain comments I thought - humm- this is toooooo wierd.
I mean these people are smarter than that. Yet they keep coming out with dumb statments? Wright- Pflager- Clark -
It's like these people are lining up to volunteer for bus skid marks all over them.

But the beauty of it is that Obama gets "the opportunity" to come out with disassociative comments and patriotic speechs, all the while his opponent gets smeared anyway, and the pawns go quietly on their way.
Who knows what promise for the sacrafice.

Now we have Jesse Jackson whispering on a 'hot mike' that he wants to cut Obama's nuts off for some damnable slight to the black community involving being responsible parents and such - I guess this is a terrible put down in the Jackson camp who wants 'broader issues' from Obama. I assume that means to spread the guilt and or responsibilty more equaly and get off the poor black man's back. And certainly one can't force the Government to pay for programs that aren't in some part the Governments, and someone 'elses', fault. If Money stops coming in people Like the Jacksons have to find actual employment when their blame game coffers dry up.

So, Jackson has an Obama moment- where he doesn't quite agree with what Obama has to say - but he won't quite disown him.
Then we have racist pundits like Sharpton trouted out to remind us we need to remember all the good things Jesse has done...kindah sounds like he got the speech from Obama, on Reverend Wright.

But, to a whole lot of Americans Jesse Jackson represents a militant gadfly and for Obama this was a great centrist, distancing moment.
One in which Obama can pander to the un-Obam-decided caucasian & swing vote when it appears that Obama must not be pandering to the Jackson militant style black voter after all.
You know, the Sharpton style soldiers who couldn't care less if Jackson made a boo-boo, and will still vote Obama anyway.

No love lost.

So who is this phoney rorschach Hollywood production script written for when not for the black voter that won't care a blip or flip about Jackson's blooper, his apology, or Obama's long winded "I'm just a Lonely Boy" apology exceptance?

Well Jackson has helped draw attention to Obama’s “tough love” rhetoric which appeals to many conservative voters who are likely to regard Jackson's antipathy as a plus.

Do we really think there is not Alinsky style war tactics going on here to fool 'the enemy'?

Read up on it- it's classic.

And it is a blatant Obama con game.

Wright quieted the racism chessboard.
Clark worked on the patriotism flack while Obama served up 'artful' 4th of July hot dawgs.

And Jackson? Well he grabbed the undecided non-militant American who wondered if Obama had any balls.

What's next? Who's next?

Maybe Ayers burning a Flag on TV (The US Flag that Obama voted in the Senate that disrespectful America hating rats can burn) and then
Obama can tell us all how he doesn't agree with this Hammas branded 'notion' of burning, but he'll vote for your right to desecrate it just the same.

Afterwards Ayers can explain to us why Mr. Patriotism doesn't have a single American Flag on his website... Oh, we know Flags will appear left, right, and center if Obama ever gets questioned about it - but for now my townHall question is why do we need to keep teaching this 'change' up-con-artist how to appear to be an actual 'historical' America loving Citizen?

I won't be Governed by a racist Communist agenda and let Barack 'change' my country so I wake up each day saying, "this isn't the Flag I used to know".

Will you?

Obama - Get off the ballot and take all your phoney Bullshit and radical friends back to Chicago with you.

This Land is our land- Not Obamasland.


Anonymous said...

Great article! Wes Clark was a set-up to tank Obama, my opinion. Consider who he supports and his backup Carville. Staunch Clinton supporters. No one in their right mind could think Wes Clark actually meant to attack John McCain on his war record and no one could think that would help Obama. Wes Clark did that to hurt obama is my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Obama's tactics are very transparent, especially, the vanishing Reverend Wright. His tricks won't work. Americans are much smarter than he thinks.

Sound the alarm Greybeard, don't let this fraud into the White House!

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