Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Michelle Obama's Whitey tape

Does it exist?

The thing is, exist or not, a whole lot of people do believe such a tape exists, because no matter what kind of 'make over' they try to give her, Michell's character exudes from her like a Cynthia McKinney Green scene.
Besides some of Michell's () comments, you get big clues when you read her racist-separtist views in her Princeton thesis.

Watching Michelle this last year I can imagine such a tape could exist. Especially having, reportedly, come out of that Trinty Farrakhan luvin' church where the white mans Christian god must be killed.

What amazes me though, as people wait for some savior to come out of the woodwork with a condemning whitey tape - is how her own husbands afrocentric views and condemnation of 'whitey' is completely ignored. Perhaps it is felt unsaviory character traits will stick to her since absolutely nothing on this planet seems to stick to him. Including his very own words.

In Obama's Book "Dreams from my Father" - an Inheritance of Race
Barack's racial views he tells us in page after boring page everything that some think a Michelle tape would say if it exists.

It is all there in Obama's own words.

For a man who has dual citizenship, both Kenyan and U.S., one has to question where such an unbalanced seekers loyalties lie which such views as Obama has expressed.

One passage that stands out to me in this Obama Kenyan-roots quest says that he was proud that his late Kenyan grandfather had converted to Islam because he saw it as evidence that he was anti-white.

During his visit to Kenya in 1988, Obama was distressed to discover that his grandfather, Onyango, had worked for many years as a domestic servant to British colonialists, and that he had gotten rich by introducing white ways on his farms. As Obama listens to the third wife of his polygamous grandfather tell the old man’s story, he writes (p. 406 of Dreams):

. . . I, too, had felt betrayed.
I had also imagined him an independent man, a man of his people, opposed to white rule. There was no real basis for this image, I now realized—only the letter he had written to Gramps saying that he didn’t want his one son marrying white. That, and his Muslim faith, which in my mind had become linked with the Nation of Islam back in the States. What Granny had told us scrambled that image completely, causing ugly words to flash across my mind. Uncle Tom. Collaborator. House n*****.

*****stars are mine

Obama felt Betrayed.

We know the feeling.

There is so much said in those few sentences that I doubt Michelle could have said it bitter, uh, ah, better.

The lofty image of granpa Onyango being an anti-white Muslim with his racist condemnation of Barack's own white mother marring a black man was a bolstered Plus for Obama's vision of his inheritance. A proud image shattered by his arabican granfather's domestic subserviant "Uncle Tom" collaboration to white mans ways.


This is America's dual-faced post-racial candidate for president.


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