Friday, October 2, 2009

American police Force Update: Michael Hilton's prior prison Experience

An Update from my first findings on the APF:

from the Billings Gazette it's reported that the Montana Attorney General will be investigating
this Serbian American Police Force.

HELENA -(by Jennifer Mckee)
Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock launched an
investigation Thursday into American Police Force, the California
company founded by a Serbian immigrant with a lengthy criminal
history that is seeking to run an empty, 464-bed jail in

Bullock sent a nine-page demand letter late Thursday afternoon
to Becky Shay, the spokeswoman for APF and the company's only
Montana employee.

Shay did not immediately respond to phone calls Thursday.

(she's probably tryin' to get her old job back)

The Billings Gazette and Associated Press reported that Hilton has
an extensive criminal past with $1.1 million in outstanding civil judgments against him.
Hilton, who has a long list of aliases, left his native Serbia in
the 1970s and has served time in U.S. prisons

((so Hilton has experience to operate within prison walls after all -
still wondering whether that first check was to be drafted on Bank of Nigeria))

• [Aliases of Michael Hilton: Midrag Ilia Dokovitch, Midrag Ilia Dokovich and Michael Miodrag; Michael Hamilton, Hristian Djokich, Anthony M. Hilton, Michael Milton and more ]


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