Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another Obama minion: Alan Grayson wants you to Lie quickly

So what happened yesterday...other than Senator Alan Grayson(D) saying, “the Republicans want you to die quickly if you get sick."

Well first we had The Empire State Building flying the communist colors in lights celebrating communist China's 60th birthday.

Celebrating the birth of communism.

How many have suffered and died so that color symbolism would never be flown here?

What in hell is happening to this country?

It is as if we no longer have a say in it's direction and foundation.

Although 83% of people want the Baucus Bill to be put online so that they can read what is in it- the democrats voted the republican amendment down that would have allowed it.

Suppress - ignore- force.

Why vote against transparency unless there are things they don't want you too know about in it?

Although Baucus says there will be no federal funding of abortions in his bill - if his bill is anything like the others then one can not take any statements at face value.
Senator Hatch's (R) amendement, to make sure that federal dollars are not spent in the Baucus bill to fund abortions, was voted down by the democrats.


If it's not in there somewhere in an obscure manner why vote this amendment down?

Once again a republican amendment, to prevent fraud by requiring ID verification for illegl immigrants, was killed in this Baucus Bill by the democrats as well.

Now, remember, these are the same people who are going to garnish 500 billion from the older folks care, via waste and fraud treasure hunts, while voting against every measure to prevent fraud.

Makes sense?

So while the republicans are trying to build amendment protections from the fall-out sheltered in these bills, the nuclear 50 continue to threaten the American people.

Submitt - surrender- force.

Obama promised no tax raises on those making under $250,000 a year.

In an effort to continue to protect Americans against the democrats draconian forced insurance participation policy to pay $1900 to $3,800 a year - be fined $25,000 - and/or be jailed, Mike Crapo (R) and the republicans introduced an amendment to remove all fines, and penalties, on those making less than 250,000 a year.

The democrats killed it, with Baucuas saying the health plan is a "shared responsibility".

Marx would be proud.

The lights in the Empire building are shinning ever brighter in the HOPE for the first years birth.

All along the only thing saving Americans from already having a government Trap & Slave health run monopoly, controlling all of our lives, is the democrats themselves fighting back and forth within their own ranks.

If this isn't in it I won't vote for it- if that isn't included we don't have the votes - if this is in it I won't vote for it- etc. Back n Forth. Back n Forth.

Yet this disengenious Democrat from Florida, Alan Grayson, dances onto the floor of the Senate and states in premeditated flash card choreography that the republicans want you to die quickly. They have no plan. Don't get sick. The republican knuckle-dragging neanderthals , who think they can dictate policy to America, are responsible for the Holocaust and sufferage of the uninsured.

The last I looked 68% of seniors say NO to Obamacare, and the country at 56% say NO to Obamacare... so who is dictating unwanted socialist policy on Americans?

He actually implies that the republican delays in passing health care are responsible for a health care holocaust in America.


What holocuast??

The man must have forgotten that his side has been in complete charge for 4 years now? Certainly they have been in charge of the health care debate between themselves-since republicans are not invited to the debate - and if anyone is dying at all it's on their own watch.

Playing the politics division card, to democratic listeners, is what Alan Grayson is actually doing when applying his shell game. Democrats want you to lie quickly. I mean.......I mean

Go out and get in people's faces. Tell them it's the republicans fault people are dying.

What people??????

Uninsured people are taken care of every day, remember? They appear to be the excuse used that everyone else pays so high a cost for health care.

If they are soooo costly then they must be being treated... and living.

And since when do INSURED people not die?

The dems hurry up and Pass savior health plans don't even kick in until 2013 - so if the Bill were to pass today are the democrats, then, responsible for any deaths that occurred during this delayed time period?

Grayson's theatrics were dispicable and rediculous.

In the words of Joe "the stones" Wilson, Mr. Grayson - you Lie.

This show, by Grayson, was a deliberate dishonest delivery.

Everyone has a time when they have said or done something boneheaded and something slips out that upon reflection was just plain wrong, dum, or out of place.

Grayson had this 3 card monte ready. This was not an emotional outburst of the moment.

Grayson makes no apologizes for his behavior.

It appears Alan Grayson would say or do whatever it takes to be a follower of Obama stealth rather than a leader of truth.

The republicans do have a plan to reform insurance companies - and not America.


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