Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Obama's Approval Ratings Rise?? How is this possible?

It is being reported that Obama's Approval Ratings Rise...
A new Associated Press-GfK poll finds 56% of those surveyed approve of President Obama's job performance, up from 50% in September. It's the first time since he took office in January that his rating has gone up.

People also feel better about his handling of the economy and his proposed health care overhaul.

How in smokin' global mirror hell is this possible?

Unemployment continues to rise to a staggering 15 million and it's predicted to get worse - before it gets better.
We then have Joe the Biden exclaiming that he is amazed how well the Stimulus Bill has provided for the countries recovery. As Biden dines on his illusions and politic allusion recovery-stake perhaps the unemployed are far too busy trying to figure out how to make it day to day to participate in boiler room polls.

The Health Nut Bills have been completely rejected by the majority of non-jailed Americans. This newest pay or be fined version from the Finance Committee is no less draconian or costly than any of the other unconstitutional bills. There still isn't a freedom of no-choice consensus among the dems'- yet we are being told that polls show ObamaGovCare support, of controlling our lives from pre birth until death do ye part, has risen this week?
Must have been all those white coats that were passed out in the Rose Garden to Obama's propaganda doc-tured props.

Obama leaves his Generals' request for additional troops on his desk for a month as he trots off to Copenhagen to lobby for Valerie Jarrett's Chicago Real Estate Improvements and in the same week he gets his beret handed to him his approval polls go up?

Good patriotic Americans far out number the red radical left but Obama's approval rises during the time period he shuts down democracy in Honduras and hits them with aid sanctions to force them to return Communist bound Dictator Zelaya to power. How is this possible?

Obama has tried and succeeded in fascist take over of financial Banking and Lending institutions, Auto Companies, broken lien laws, forced people to resign private positions, enacted Wage ceilings, promised global collectivism and financial crates of dollars spread to the have-nots taken from the have's, and we are being told today that his approval ratings are on the rise?

Those that struggle to remain free in the media field are threatened to be silenced. Plans are in the works to muzzle Internet speech with Obama's individual power to shut down communications and I read from media feeders of such polling truth that Obama's new and improved statist Constitutional changes are chugging up the I love you charts.?

Obama is spending our country into a financial collapse, that in true Alinsky style, will open the door to the masses pleading to be rescued. To organize one must fundamentally destroy in order to reorganize. Americans from sea to sea have become aware of the Obama change and are resisting in droves and yet we are told Obama's collective agenda is being met with rising approval.

Obama's global buddies want to change the monetary system away from the dollar and are making oil deals that will shut us out, and shut us down. Obama sends bucks to Brazil for Soros oil exploration while keeping America's own oil independence beholden to submission too terrorist energy. Are these foreign people sitting at phone banks conducting their own polls? Cause I just don't get it.

Obama's WHO (White House Organization) answers to no-one. This round table of outed radical czars and fellow travelers have some of the most despicable backgrounds and extremist ideas for the fundamental change of America's social architecture and yet Obama's approval rating has taken a positive upward spike?

OBama refuses to meet with the peaceful Dalia lama but he'll meet with maniac Ahmadinejad without conditions. (gosh I'm tired of asking google how to sprell that iminnadinnajackets name.)

The real picture is that the majority of polls, of EVERY issue, except participation in the Afghan war which is even, has Obama failing.

Ask yourself, what has Obama done that brings his ratings up?


It is an illusion of the bogus co-operative manipulation-machines of staged white coat reality.


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