Friday, October 30, 2009

The G.O.P. : The Party of NO

The GOP is being labeled the Party of NO... meaning that many feel the party no longer stands for anything.

Eric Cantor, the No. 2 House Republican, hopes to change all that.

Cantor is convinced that taking the long view is the path to success: health care and global warming may be the topics du jour, but "the narrative next year leading into the election, will be all about the economy. It'll be about jobs, it'll be about people's economic security."

It's the economy stu...This is true - it is always true. All this money the dems are printing up and borrowing from china (while Obama lends 2 billion to Soros Brazilian Oil wells) has not produced jobs; except for the jobs in expansion of government.

By NEXT YEAR any economic recovery would be claimed by the democrats, so what the heck is Cantor thinking? WAIT til next year?

Much as Obama and crew have set a time-line for Healthcare to not even kick in until after the 2012 elections, the republicans fail to recognize how Obama has set up already for the economic improvement just before 2010 elections by having held back nearly all of the Stimulus Funds until then.Think about it. It's reported that nearly 700 billion is unspent - YET they already talk about another Stimulus Bill - that one would obviously need to kick in just about 2012.

IT is precisely the topics du jour that the republicans Should be addressing! Very loudly.
Which they are not doing.

Have you not seen the nations protests?

The GOP is missing their only chance to define themselves.

Cantor says about the economy, "But I do think with an eye toward 2010 that we do have to commit ourselves to the challenges that are not being addressed."

NO-sir. What you need to do is too challenge, in 2009, right now, today, what this Obama crew is doing to 'transform' America.

You may not have the Votes to stop them but you have a voice- and we aren't hearing it.

You give us people like this Dede Scozzofava (R) and think that she is the path to success??

If you can't beat 'em, get yourself assimilated?

This nutter Grayson (D) is followed around like a pop star because he creates controversy - when are any of you so called leaders going to create a counter platform to this Obama revolution?

Stand up and SHOUT Hell NO!

Shout it every day. All Day.

Next years economy my rear. By next year it will be Obama's economy and it won't have a structure that we recognize as free market capitalism.

If you can't yell hell No everyday and protest then you are not just the party of No - you are the party of Yes we can.

When asked about how he will pay for any initiatives, Cantor is quick to point out that the group is in a nascent stage: "We've identified the problems. And now we intend to bring in experts and look at solutions."

Though midterm elections tend to be referendums about the party in power, Republicans know that if they have any shot at regaining the majority, they have to give voters a reason to pull the lever for them.

Mr. Cantor- you haven't identified the problem. You want experts? Read the damned signs at Teaparty express gatherings.

You want to fill your coffers for re-election and get out the information? Then Stand up like Joe Wilson and call a liar and liar. Call this Marxist express a threat to America.

Cantor says the GOP has identified four areas of 'the problem'?
Only four? You want to give a reason to pull the lever for you?

How about these:

I won't join the ranks of any Obama unionized proletariat working party.

Take Obama's, to each his ability capped, job and shove it.

My grandchild will not be forced into AmeriCorps brown shirt servitude.

My freedom of speech and information will not be controlled by leftist localism.

My Constitution will not be changed without Amendment.

My path to information will not be stifled and silenced by threats of government retribution.

I will not be forced by Government to participate in a socialist health Ponzi scheme.

I will not be nudged into government behavioral modifications and taxed for my Pepsi sins.

I will no longer give up freedom for security.

I will not belong to the Global new World order.

I will not be dictated to by UN standards.

I will not agree to Obama's decree of too little government.

I will call a terrorist a terrorist.

I will never trade liberty in for what's good for me decreed and controlled by government.

I will not surrender choices.

My right to bear arms is my protection from invasion of tyranny.

My right to fail is my learning process.

My ability to succeed or fail is self-determination and not regulation.

I am an individual and not a brothers keeper of a collective body.

I will not participate in the Marxist brick by brick removal of capitalism and the opened pathway to communism.

International climate change agreement controlling Financial markets thru global government must not be signed.

Diversity does not mean that my own differences and objections will not be tolerated.

I will not have children being indoctrinated and modified in our schools.

I will no longer fear any label that allows political correctness to silence me.

I will not have Czars with UN_American values transforming America.

I will no longer be fooled by the words "social justice".

I will not have a President who is dishonest about where he is taking America.

I share sacrifice with whom I choose, I spread wealth through consumerism...If I want redistribution I will go to a garage sale.

Mr. Cantor, sir, You want an identity? You want reasons?

What the hell is the matter with you GOP people?

Don't you recognize the passion that moves people this last year?

You are not listening to the people. They have already developed the platform.

If you don't stand with the AMERICAN Obama resisters as their leader voices then you don't deserve to be re-elected by freedom seekers and they will continue to leave you and find people somewhere else who will stand up to the Marx model Obama is building every day.

I would rather be without a job than an apathetic employee of America's demise and a contributor to any leader who did nothing to stop it.

A Stimulus Bill written by communists...and we have to find out about it by Glenn Becks investigative researchers.

As more and more republicans drop out of registration the Party Leaders struggle to find an answer to what to DO to define themselves while trying to distance themselves from a label.

What to do...we've identified the problem that hasn't been addressed by the sitting Democrats...HEY! I know!! Let's think about jobs for next year...

That's the GOP delayed until 2010-plan as all this daily extremism of 'change' occurs.

As the GOP tries to figure a strategy out they are blind to the millions that would join them if they would actually stand up to Obama and say We are indeed the Party of NO!! and there ain't no dang way you are transforming America into a party of equally controlled have-nothing slaves.

A main Voice I hear objecting repeatedly to Obama's attack on America is:
Michele Bachmann


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