Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dede Scozzafava : Why the GOP will Continue to Fail

Keep Friends close, and enemies closer...
Does the GOP think they have to become the opposition in order to pander to the Dems-friends' money and votes?

Are Republicans now so without their own values that the only thing that matters in the end is (R)?

The GOP in New York has given us liberal Dede Scozzafava, sponsored by ACORNs Working Families Party (a Marxist offshoot of The New Party that Obama was a member of in his first Senate race).

Newt Gingrich, who endorses Scozzafava, would have us believe it is none of our business what goes on in New York politics.


I don't live in the district - I am thousands of miles away from New York - but I use the word "us" because what the GOP does there, supported by Newt -who also doesn't live there- eventually effects us all when it comes to a candidates agendas and policies, values and votes; of their principles that will change our lives no matter where we live. Sometimes by a single vote.

Never forget, as one example, that in 2006 a Flag Burning Amendment, to protect our Flag, the symbol of our proud nation, Failed to pass by One Vote in the Senate.

Mr. Citizen of the world, Obama, who must have felt that desecration of the flag was an expression of patriotic speech behavior, voted to defeat it's protection from abuse and contempt.
One vote.

Scozzafava, Dierdre, AKA, pro abortion, pro gay marriage, pro-tax, social progressive, married to a community union organizer...supported by DailyKos - Bertha Lewis Workers Family Party- ACORN ...I don't even need to go on.

The GOP isn't just trying to 'appear' liberal to liberals.
They are actively allowing and supporting infiltration and change of leftist values not shared by their base, WHILE also trying to convince the NY conservative base that Dede is 'conservative!'.

The ideological record speaks for Dede.

Republicans like Sarah Palin, Fred Thomson, and Pawlenty are supporting Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman. Principle and values before party.

Republicans, like Newt Gingrich, say conservatives are abandoning the GOP to support "Conservative Party" candidate, Doug Hoffman (C).

That statement says a lot. Conservatives aren't abandoning the GOP. Once again the GOP has abandoned conservatives.
How ironic, I guess, that a conservative might want to support a conservative. Especially when the GOP choice is a liberal Democrat.

The problem they hammer at is the vote numbers will be divided between Hoffman (C) and DeDe (R) and thus deliver the win to the democrat Owens(D)...Owens says that Dede is even further left than he is.

We are always told don't waste your vote.

I'd say don't give us people who are wasting our vote then.

Let's face it. It's already a split vote!!
The division was ordained by the GOP.
In this case, you either vote for the liberal Democrat values, or you vote for the socialist backed liberal republican values.

They are the same.

Had the GOP given the (R) ticket to Hoffman to begin with their wouldn't be a GOP fear of wasting a vote through division.

This seat shouldn't have been OPEN anyway. When the Republicans were already seat shy of stopping the coming Obama transformation votes what does John McHugh do?? He excepts Obama's Secretary of the Army offer opening the seat to Obamamania.

This wasn't a bi-partisan move from Obama. It was a deliberate removal of one more Republican vote.
John McHugh should never hold a Republican seat ever again for his abandonment.

Hoffman is a person with the Republican and/or/ Conservative values. Yet the GOP gives us DeDe.

Then the party tells you don't vote for the person with your values?
Vote for the person who has none of your values because with your added numbers then Dede can beat a (D).

The Seat at any means or way.

A little late to be worrying about numbers; ask Mr. Secretary of the Army which no one has ever heard of again.

They think they can hang on to the Conservative vote numbers by relying on the threat of a (D) getting the seat - while at the same time trying to assimilate radical voter numbers to their side by using a radical as bait.
And then, blaming the actual Conservative as the reason for a loss.

The GOP is the reason for the loss if it occurs.
Especially if DeDe wins.

This is why the GOP will continue to fail as they sell out values for an (R) seat that they give to people who are loyal to opposition ideals, and vote FOR, upholding their own leftist standards once they get into position of power to 'change' power right out of repubs hands.

An (R) seat, that in the end, gives the GOP no principled voice to retain or explain any difference between a Democrat and a Republican.
An (R) seat that serves the opposition's power base while leftist money takes this seat even further to the left.
And the GOP wants people in NY to vote for this absurd chair of numbers because DeDe says she's a paper (R)?

This GOP continues to support their own demise.

What is the GOP thinking??

Independent sounds better everyday. That's where many conservatives are moving.

Here's what I say to the GOP.

Enlist candidates without radical ties who care about our Country first!

Stop giving us candidates who have an (R) by their name only.


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