Thursday, October 22, 2009

Obama bans Fox News from Press Pool: The Press Pool Members Back FOX!

The Obama administration has made it clear that in order for Obama 'change' to occur freedom of speech and expression must be silenced by shutting down access too, and reporting of, information that citizens are entitled to know.
OH, and don't dare to assemble to protest or be ridiculed as insignificant astroturfers, racists, and domestic terrorists.

Alan Grayson (D-FL), who gets nuttier by the week, has stated that Fox news is the enemy of America and an enemy of peace.

Axelrod and Emanuel state Fox is not a News organization.

Following these type of (pre-positioned?) announcements this White House announced that the FOX News Network would not be able to conduct an interview of "Pay Czar" Kenneth Feinberg as a member of the Press Pool.
The Pool is a five-member group consisting of ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News and NBC organized by the White House Correspondents Association.

The Pool Members stepped up to the free press plate and told the White House (Obama-Dunn) if Fox is out, then we are out.
They wouldn't allow the WH to tell them how to behave and who was entitled to News and who was not.

Had the Obama House succeeded in enlisting these News organizations, in this media corp separation coup, you can bet the farm that FOX would have been excluded from any and all future interviews.

When you think about the Obama chess board of czars and their radical ideologies this move may have been more than a simple behavioral modification warning to Fox - as a functional test case it could very well have been a prelude to just how far Mark Lloyd would have been able to goose-step onto the playing field with his Marxist FCC changes without objections.

Obama wrongly identified his liberal media coalition as being pawns in the drool bag.

Do these Networks at last finally recognize that if they relinquish media control to Obama all is lost?

After years now of ignoring the best interests of the people in our country are they finally at least responding to their own selfish best interests? Or are they truly taking a stand for free undictated press?

We can only HOPE.

I will hold off on applause, and thanks, (though-I did shout YES!!) until I see the tingle is being replaced by an itch to uncover and transmit politicized truths too people and start being America's watchdogs rather than Obama's attack dogs.

Obama backed off and allowed Fox News to attend and interview his "Pay Czar" Kenneth Feinberg.


To keep the message clear that dissent will still be punished, much like a Humanna gag order, the regular 5 minute interview sessions were cut to two minutes each.

This is a small example of the Obama promised unity at work.

It does go to show- when people stick together - and say NO you CAN'T! that the Obama Marx locomotive can be slowed down. Obama has lots of unconstitutional engineered boxcars lined up, on track, and ready to roll.

This 'all fired up' Obama War on American values, and it's peoples', must be completely derailed.

"Our liberty cannot be guarded but by the freedom of the press, nor that be limited without danger of losing it." --Thomas Jefferson to John Jay, 1786.


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