Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Healthy Change: The Serving Obama ACT - lest We Forget

There is no blue - there is no red- there is no division... there is only America.


A not so funny thing happened on the way to the progressive non-divisive socialist polls - Mr. Unity is changing America into a Soviet style dictatorship.

Some changes are so subtle that none even are aware they have taken place. I digress a little here, but, I was asked the other day 'when do you think Obama will try to get his civilian security force set up?'

Gee- didn't you know? Congress already passed it's formation and funding while we were asleep.
Obama signed The GIVE- "Serve America Act" H.R. 1388 into law waaaay back in April- yep right down to UNIFORMS.
Our kids will be wards of the Obama state of infusion.

This SERVE Obama's Community ACT originally had MANDATORY servitude of our children as volunteers written in it. Mandatory.

Feeling that the mandatory language requirement might keep the first step of progressive slave advancement from passing in the Serve America Act the Mandatory text was switched to establish the Civic Service Act HR 1444...a Mandatory service and academy study.

It is of course a further indoctrination of our kids into the servitude of the liberal politic block during years of mentor processing and orientation.

Re-education camps.

Tiny obscured steps. Yet right in your face.

Millions of people are not laughing. Millions of people are still asleep.

Congress, who's approval rating is down to 22%, continues unabated to slam unpopular Marxist changes down our throats. For an entity with such little support their 'power' marches on as if the 88% mean nothing more than distraction. The locked and loaded Judicial branch swat every attempt to bring back order to the constitution and preservation of lawful grievance as if 'standing' is only reserved for those who can somehow survive amputation of their tongues, starting at their knees.
The media reports nothing on any of these UnAmerican changes and when they do report on Americans who stand up and say "NO YOU CAN'T!" they are labeled right wing terrorists, republican mobs, AstroTurf nothings, or Fox news extremists. If the left news shows up and reports at all on events taking place across the nation they seek out and show only what they think will bleed in their political biased favor. People carrying 'wacko' signs...even if they saw groups of them get off of ACORN buses.

Obama yesterday declared war on FOX news - the ONLY media outlet providing information on what is going on in Obama's nation. The newest Obama rabble rouser, Anita Dunn, says FOX is a right arm of the Republicans. Politically Biased...first off- are you kidding me? The other 20 TV stations aren't Obama swooning tentacles of lefty leg tingling bias? Second - FOX is the only station left/right/ that gives both sides of a story. Third- the ratings show that because the other stations are NOT keeping people informed, people come to FOX to keep up to date on the silenced behind the scenes transformation of America.

The community organizing, tax paid for, speech police attacks from the White House Compound upon FOX fails to understand that they are also attacking the people of America who listen to FOX. In multiplying numbers.

To punish FOX Obama says he won't be doing any interviews with them. Besides being tired of viewing his face on every channel I click through we all know the real reason Obama won't do any interviews is because he would be asked unscripted questions without his puppet props and pre-arranged propaganda.

Today is an important day in American life.

Today we find out how far down the soyent red road of government control will be enacted upon us by this in your face Congress.

This health Bill is not a reformation of Insurance Companies - this is a referendum on control and containment of free people.

The Bill contains expenses of 829 Billion dollars.
So if I get this right- 83% of Americans are now covered - and in order to cover just 11% more people it will cost 82.9 Billion dollars per year.
(Are the remaining 6% going to cost somebody 40 billion more per year in uncovered costs then? Isn't that figure more like 1.2 trillion over ten years?)
After all of the got to get it done, and cover everyone rhetoric - it is reported some 29 million peeps will be uninsured.

Phuzzy math. Phurry feeling. Phoney phonics.

In the words of a well known JAWS quote: We're gona need a bigger jail! Anyone know of a Montana Baucus jail with openings??

Leaving behind for a moment that government spending has us hundreds of trillions of dollars in debt, and they NEVER have balanced a checkbook with their excesses causing every man woman and child owing 343,000 dollars each and growing by the second - forgetting they have never properly regulated anything - what we keep hearing is another 829 Billion is OK so long as the cost doesn't add to the federal deficit...why do we, even IF an accurate amount, keep ignoring that it COSTS 829 BIILION?

Econ-101, someone still has to pay for the 829 BILLION and it isn't gona be Congress with their sweetheart health care.
Who pays?
Forget about the mandatory (free) 1900 fine, or one year in jail if you don't pay a 25,000 buck fine for not being able or willing to pay the fine; forget about the cost of the plan already costing you more than you are paying now by $2,700 too $4,000 a year; I mean why argue.
All these millionaires like Charlie Rangle get away with not paying fines, penalties, taxes, and serving jail time, so why can't you?

Forget about the 11 million illegals who will be conscripted into the Dem party when they pass amnesty expecting pay-back-
Forget about the open borders that will still allow millions more to step across the Obama health care freedom act zone - forget about the 3 million in jail who will actually get free zu zu and wham wham health care -
Forget about the 15 million unemployed who geeeee - can keep their insurance through COBRA even though it costs MORE and you don't have a blasted JOB to continue paying for it anyhow. Have i forgot to add in the millions of government healthy employees who get the special tax paid coverage that won't be contributing to our forced choice of a plan??
Forget about the millions of poor who will be subsidised by those who will have their own rates go up to cover those supplementals. Forget these are the very same poor who go to hospitals now whom we are told have driven medical costs up. Forget if you have ever tried to qualify as being poor enough to receive medical insurance with your clerk estimated $2,500 and one dollar vehicle (that you couldn't get 50 bucks for) that disqualifies you from getting any State help.

Forget about the intrusions into your Bank accounts and IRS filings.

Forget about your preconditional non covered malady that insurance will be forced to give you at a costs you still can not afford.
Forget completely that every amendment the opposition has written to protect citizens from these compulsory Bills have been voted down.
Forget the Conscience Clause that Obama will revoke forcing doctors to treat for abortions. Forget about the 45% of Doctors who say they will just quit if the Plan passes. Forget about the new doctors coming up through schools who Obama's Health Care Czar, Ezekiel, believes will need to be re-taught the non benefits of a do no harm Hippocratic OATH. Forget that the oath and the patient is disposable when that care is too costly; try to forget harm to the Obama system of cost containment outweighs the patients expectation of actual care.
Forget about a non capitalist system in which a doctors education costs can not be sustained by a gov system that reduces costs by reducing doctors pay.
Forget about a medical schooling system with reduced semesters to compensate the high cost of education giving us doctors prepared by third world training camps.

Forget about government run medical services like Medicare-medicaid-Medi-cal-Veterns Medical- all in the red tank. Broke and Broken.
Forget about Massachusetts(I'll spell it right later-maybe) mandatory health system that is broke and seeks federal help.
Forget about the Oregon State Run WE-CARE system who will assist you in a 50 dollar medication-suicide rather than expend capital to extend your life with treatment.

Come on, gather round like a good lil collective and forget that some things have to get done in small Monte steps. As Obama said in his "ME lie??" speech, "To my progressive friends"... Get your foot in the door and kick the competitive capitalist wall down later. Patience comrades. Or some such message.

Now, did I forget to mention MANDATORY participation? A lot of that going 'round.

Forget about the massive distributive bureaucracy to keep TRACK of, who does- who doesn't- who has- who has not- who will- who will not -
Forget they've told us how many zillions they will save on bureaucracy and paperwork.

Forget about that doctor who wants to yank your tonsils - you'll get to take some pills and keep them.

Forget about employers who will continue to have to get rid of people because health costs will continue to rise from this plan that doesn't address anything but TAX-FINE-PENALIZE_ to pay for a health system that

Oh wait, that brings me back full circle too Econ-101 which was my basis for all this forgetfulness...If the plan does nothing more, if it did NOTHING more at all, than to tax Insurance companies and medical labs and medical products then that industry HAS TO PASS the cost on to the consumer.
Premiums have to go up. In fact premiums have to go UP in EXCESS of whatever the natural-unnatural astronomical unaffordable BS costs that has been going up each year now.
The industry can not survive imposed regulations without passing costs on to health care payers. But you can go ahead and KEEP your insurance so long as they can survive. Right?
Regulated Forced Cost Increases (to what purpose one must ask) when the purpose we are fed for hurry up reform is to get costs down.

These Bills' proposals do no such thing. Health care costs are not lessened.

Freedom of CHOICE is not increased by mandate choices.

The only element of cost savings in any of these health care plans is the human cost effectiveness element. Rationing.

Remember Howard Dean standing there telling a crowd that the reason there is no tort reform in any bills is because the LAWYERS wouldn't have gone for it. A reported 400 Billion dollar savings that could reduce our premiums. NO-NO! This of course while they won't listen to everyday people who also say they won't go for it. For some weird reason Dems think all protests are republicans whose campaign dollars they won't get anyway - so screw you.

You think they won't take your DEM health care dollars, like they are taking the seniors, to pay for their other special social entitlements and bankrupt Health Care like they did Social Security?

When you stop looking at the talking head options and look at the body of this compulsory transformation of America there is no beneficial welfare to anyone except the progressive Marx agenda and Obama's redistribution of power.

It is the "change" Obama was talking about to those who understood the language.

Apparently while I have been writ ting this, this draconian Baucus Health Bill, which reportedly no one has read, because as code of guidelines it really hasn't even been written yet, has passed the Senate.
Olympia Snowe, who has become a servant of Obama Alinsky-nomics, voted in favor of Obamacare usage against the will of the majority of American people who said "Leave our health care alone".

Obama calls Snowe's cross-over support a bi-partisan victory.

I wonder what Hugo Chavez calls it?

Obama's transformation Change: Now is the time for all good comrades to come to the aid of the revolution.

Will we wake up in time?


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