Sunday, May 9, 2010

Meg Whitman HUGE Fan of, Communist, Van Jones

I realize that this "Meg loves Van Jones" News is about a year old (but as the GOP seems not to learn while continuing to pick it's RINO candidates) it deserves repeating what with Meg Whitman running for Governor of California. A position she refuses to debate with other candidates at the upcoming Convention, btw.

One question I would like to ask her is if she still admires Van Jones?

While on a "Climate Change Cruise" (need I say more ?)
Meg says she got to Know, Obama's ousted Pinko Jobs Czar, Van Jones, very well.

Although Van Jones thinks Republicans are assholes
Meg thinks Jones is very articulate.

The goal of Van Jones, the self described revolutionary communist, uses the lucrative green climate platform as 'tiny push steps' towards transforming America's whole society, in stages, into one governed by Leninist/Moa/ principles and rule.

Apparently Meg, who thinks anti-capitalist Jones is very passionate and exactly right, is a HUGE Fan of the disenfranchised socialists revolution [now franchised and funded with your Stimulus dollars] and thinks Jones has done a marvelous job 'out there' California.

"You have to wonder whether her reservoir of common sense has deserted her completely..."

I have to question Meg's ability to surround herself with people who support America, let alone California.

As Meg has been heard to say over and over, The People Deserve Better.


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