Saturday, May 22, 2010

This week in the ObamaNation: Misplaced words-Misplaced laws-Misplaced Loyalties

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut received the Democratic Party's nomination last night for the United States Senate despite his lies about his military record.
Rather than own up to his past lies like a real man he pulls out the ole politician trade words "I may have misspoke"...I used "a few misplaced words".
To say you served in Vietnam when you didn't isn't a few misplaced words. It's a LIE.
He should fit right in with the rest of the dishonorable lieing stolen valor Democrat Senators like Kerry and Harkin.

San Francisco's, David Chiu, wants to allow illegals to VOTE.
S.F, who is already breaking Federal law by instituting a sanctuary city, now wants the illegal 'disenfranchised' non-citizens to have a say in how their kids will be taught in schools.
I would guess - probably
press 1 for democrats,
press 2 for social justice,
press 3 if for some reason you need to hear this in English.

Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker for the Democratic Unconstitutional Progressive Party (DUPP), wants to merge States and religion.
Pelosi to merge and urge Churches to turn their practitioners into guilt ridden slaves to Government Nudging.
You have to tell people from your pulpit what is good for them, she says. To those sitting there in congregations who are against legal immigration laws you have to tell them they are therefore against the manifestation of living the gospels.

Now if you follow our State givin' progressive social gospels we will reward you with special loans to green up your churches through our new faith based Environmental Protection Agency Bribery Department.

The EPA, headed by one of those Obama One World Marxist Czars, Carol Browning, is just itching to join forces with the likes of the thousands of Reverend Wright/ Pfleger churches out there.

If you don't think there are thousands and thousands of radical churches out there waiting to go political bent for a government buck then just plug in words like "social justice" - "churches" - "IAF" into your fav. search engine.

The Alinsky Marxist "IAF" rooted churches alone are staggering in numbers.

Remember one of Obama's quotes: "As an elected public official, for instance, I could bring church and community leaders together easier than I could as a community organizer or lawyer.”
Obama also wrote that doing so would be "a powerful tool for living the social gospel."

Now these progressive social engineers are working on bringing the separation of Church and State together.

You have to wonder if we'll get our evil Christmas trees back and will the free willed churches who resist be added to the endangered species list.

John Morton, the ICE big guy Boss, delivers his message to Arizona.
I won't do my job because it's bad government.
With 11 million illegals already here John I would say you sure haven't done your job anyway.
John must be waiting for comprehensive immigration reform...btw, the left keeps saying that.
We need comprehensive immigration reform.

Well what the heck does that mean if not following the laws, closing borders to invasion and finding ways to curb the lure?

This Marc Lamont Hill, a frequent fast talking pro socialist Castro lover on Fox News, Lies about Arizona's school book ban. (ever notice Marc's are usually Marx?)

The books being referred to are filling kids heads with racial hatred, segregation and revolution.
The New Law says there no longer will be kids taught from teachers and books that:
1. Promote the overthrow of the United States government.
2. Promote resentment toward a race or class of people.
3. Are designed primarily for pupils of a particular ethnic group.
4. Advocate ethnic solidarity instead of the treatment of people as individuals

I guess any blue blooded Guevara luvin' commie would find offense in these restrictions to free speech but I have a feeling that you get a bunch of them
together in a theater and they shout Arafat calling on one million children to join the ranks of ethnic cleansing. One wonders if Lamont has ever seen a kids Palestinian Math textbook where subtracting Jews from equations is the norm.

Marco writes that " stories of rogue ethnic studies instructors" are 'unsubstantiated' and untrue.

The stories are substantiated' and true, Marc.
These text books under question inspire revolution- teach kids that Mexico was stolen by white occupiers and that the US is still occupied - and these texts teach that these kids heroes should be the likes of Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, and other anti- American Communist mentors.
Generational ethnic indoctrination of hate in our schools.

Lamont goes on to say that even if such stories support an argument for regulating or reforming ethnic studies programs, Arizona has gone to far by eliminating ethnic studies altogether.

Another lie- or the man is like the rest of this Obama crew who doesn't bother to read laws.

The law ( HB 2281) specifies:
This section shall not be construed to restrict or prohibit…

(3.) Courses or classes that include the history of any ethnic group and that are open to all students, unless the course or class violates subsection A.
(4) Courses or classes that include the discussion of controversial aspects of history.
(5) Nothing in this subsection shall be construed to restrict or prohibit the instruction of the Holocaust, any other instance of genocide, or the historical oppression of a particular group of people based on ethnicity, race or class.

The man is either not honest or his, and others, reading comprehension needs work:
Nothing in this subsection shall be construed to restrict or prohibit the instruction of ...the historical oppression of a particular group of people based on ethnicity, race or class.

History is ok. It's the revolutionary, racist, segregationist, over-throw of US Government, ethnic teachings that are now prohibited Marc.


One has to begin to wonder how many generations of molded minds these society changers can keep right on pouring lies into without the conditioned liberal recipient doing his/her own research and breaking free to think on their own and recognize truth.


If we are to ever succeed in taking our country back then we have to take our children back.

Then we have the Democrats giving a standing ovation to a foreign Leader on our soil who condemns Arizona's immigration crack down (by Governor Jan Brewer with 70% State approval rating) and lectures us on trying to stop his countries source of Billions of dollars that his illegal trespassers send to Mexico.
Mexico has provided maps on "How To" best cross the border and Calderon's Mexican Government certainly wouldn't want that investment compromised. If the income stopped they might not be able to afford the 2-10 year prison terms they give anyone caught illegally in their own Country.

As I've wrote before - BILL MEXICO - for the USA costs of illegal immigration and see how fast Cadleron&Inc put some troops on his border.

In the Snow Mobile News- Polaris wipes out a Wisconsin town of American workers to move the Company to sunny Mexico. Five bucks says they won't be boycotted.

Then we have Texas who removes Thomas Jefferson from American History textbooks for the next 10 years.
Bet he won't be back. I wonder who the revisionists took out 10 years ago?
That's social gospel "Change" for ya.

Lastly, and not least, Snow and Collins show Scott Brown the Democrat-way.


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